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Egypt Elections News Updates

In Search of a New Political Language

[Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi announced Egypt's president. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.]

In the first round of the 2012 presidential election, more than thirty-nine percent of Egyptians voted for candidates representing neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor former President Hosni Mubarak's regime. The combined vote of Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, the biggest winners in this category, together with those of leftist candidates Khaled Ali and Abul Ezz al-Hariry, is substantially more than those who voted for Mohamed Morsy or for both Ahmed Shafiq and Amr Moussa combined. Some have argued that this sector of the electorate comprises a “third bloc”—a political force representing the “revolutionary” alternative to the game of “Islamists vs. the ...

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Elections Commission: Morsy is President

[Mohamed Mursi supporters in Tahrir Square. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy will be Egypt’s next president, the Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) announced on Sunday. Morsy will be Egypt's first civilian president since the foundation of the modern republic. Morsy took 51.73 percent of the vote, compared to Ahmed Shafiq's 48.27 percent, Farouq Sultan, the head of the PEC, said. 26.4 million of Egypt's 50.95 million eligible voters cast ballots. Nearly one million votes were counted as invalid. The confirmation of Morsy’s victory comes a week after the run-off vote between Morsy and Ahmed Shafiq, a former air force commander and the last prime minister under deposed President Hosni ...

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Elections Commission to Announce Presidential Poll Result on Sunday at Three Pm

[Supporters celebrate Mohamed Morsi's initial victory in the Egyptian presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

The results of the presidential election will be announced on Sunday at three pm, Presidential Elections Commission Secretary General Hatem Bagato said Saturday. Bagato said in a statement that Farouk Sultan, head of the PEC, will be the person who will announce the result at a press conference on Sunday. Earlier on Saturday, Sultan said that no date has been set by the commission to announce the results of the elections, state owned news agency MENA reported. Sultan told MENA that all news about the results being announced today, Saturday, is baseless because the commission is still dealing with appeals over local voting irregularities. On Friday, Al ...

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Islamists Dominate Tahrir Sit-In Against SCAF

[Egyptians in Tahrir Square, Cairo. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim.]

A few thousand people from across Egypt responded to the Muslim Brotherhood’s call for a sit-in and protest in Tahrir Square today, though numbers were low compared to the major protests the epicenter of the revolution has witnessed in its history, and comprised mainly of Islamists, despite calls for a united front with Christians and liberals against the ruling military junta. The Muslim Brotherhood, its Freedom and Justice Party, the Salafi movement and the Nour Party, are calling for an annulment of the constitutional amendments issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on 17 June, which limits the authority of the president and tips the balance of ...

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Egyptian Military Source: 'SCAF Won't Let Brotherhood Seize Power'

[Both campaigns for Mursi and Shafiq claim victory in the presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rasad.]

A military source who spoke to Ahram Online on condition of anonymity spelt out the ruling military council's position on Egypt's current uncertain political situation, in which the Muslim Brotherhood appears to stand on the verge of winning the presidency. "The military council is determined not to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to seize power," said the source. "It will not relinquish the reins of power until a new constitution is issued and the arena is set for a balanced political process." "There are political forces that want to discredit the political process by making people believe that matters are being decided by political ...

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Mursi, Shafiq Campaigns Both Claim Victory in Egypt Presidency Race

[Mohamed Mursi supporters support his initial victory in the presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

Both presidential campaigns – those of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi and last Mubarak-era PM Ahmed Shafiq – continue to claim victory. Final results of Egypt's contentious presidential election will likely be announced on Saturday or Sunday, according to a Wednesday statement by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission. The announcement had originally been scheduled for Thursday. According to a Shafiq campaign source, their candidate is confident that he will be named Egypt's next president, based on information received from "top state authorities." A Mursi campaign source, for his part, pointed to an announcement by a ...

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Al-Masry Al-Youm's Count: Morsy Wins Presidency with 51.13 Percent of Poll

[Supporters of Mohamed Morsi celebrate his victory in Tahrir Square. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

According to Al-Masry Al-Youm's count, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsy garnered 51.13 percent of the vote, securing the post of the president, after a fierce runoff that pushed former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq out of the race with a slim difference. Morsy gathered 12,322,549 votes, while Shafiq got 12,201,549, or 48.87 percent of the vote. Morsy consolidated gains in most Upper Egyptian cities and villages, where he led in the first round of the presidential race. Shafiq came in first in most of the Delta cities, where he also established himself in the first round of the polls. Morsy secured the first position in eighteen governorates out of twenty-seven, ...

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SCAF Expands Its Power with Constitutional Amendments

[Flyers for the second round of presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.]

As vote counting got underway in the second and final round of Egypt's presidential election, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) issued amendments to the Constitutional Declaration that will limit the powers of the coming president and expand the military's role, notably giving it a heavy influence over the writing of the country's next constitution. The amended Article 60 gives the SCAF the power to potentially appoint a Constituent Assembly to write the next constitution if the current assembly fails to complete its mandate. The current assembly was elected by a Parliament that was dissolved last week by court order. The Constituent Assembly is required to ...

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Egypt's New President and the Military: Who's in Command?

[A protester outside the Supreme Constitutional Court holding a sign that says

An emergency meeting of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is expected very soon to issue an appendix to last year’s Constitutional Declaration with the objective of establishing political arrangements for the coming period. Informed sources say that SCAF leaders have held a series of intensive meetings with groups of constitutional law professors in recent days to tackle two urgent issues: detailing the powers and duties of the new president; and forming a new Constituent Assembly tasked with writing the country’s new constitution. Concerning the first issue, legal experts agree that the existing Constitutional Declaration, issued 30 March 2011, ...

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Many Egyptians Skip the Polls, Out of Hopelessness or Protest

[An Egyptian polling station for the past presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

Saeed sits in front of his butcher shop in the Cairo district of Manial, a few feet away from a polling station where only a few citizens cast their vote in the runoff of the first post-Mubarak presidential election. Saeed says he has lost faith in both the political elite and the state. He won’t be voting. “Corruption is back. Neither of the candidates deserves my vote. We should save our effort for a second revolution,” he says, before taking a drag of his cigarette. Enthusiasm for the electoral process has dwindled throughout the last year and a half of a confusing transitional period, throughout which many Egyptians have grown disenchanted with the ...

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Mursi, Shafiq or Boycott: A Voters Guide to Egypt's Presidential Runoff

[Voting ink used in Egyptian elections. Label reads

Egyptians return to the polls on Saturday for the runoff round of voting in the country's first post-revolution presidential election. Ahram Online has collated all the arguments for and against both candidates – the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi and Mubarak's last premier Ahmed Shafiq – as well as the arguments for and against boycotting the election. Mohamed Mursi Engineering professor, former MP until 2005 and head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc at the time, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and current head of its Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), and “backup” candidate to now-disqualified runner Khairat El-Shater. He came in first ...

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Roundtable: The Presidential Poll, Unpacked

[Roundtable participants from left to right, Heba Morayef, Akram Ismail, Ahmad Shokr, and Zeinab Abul-Magd. Photo by Virginie Nguyen.]

On 29 May, Jadaliyya, in collaboration with Egypt Independent, hosted a roundtable discussion on the Egyptian presidential election. The discussion featured a group of our columnists and commentators. Moderated by Ahmad Shokr, the discussion featured American University in Cairo political science lecturers Ashraf El Sherif and Mohamed Menza; columnist Akram Ismail; human rights activist Heba Morayef; independent analysts Mohamed Naiem and Mohamed Said Ezzeldin, in addition to historian Zeinab Abul-Magd. The advancement of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsy and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq to the presidential runoff scheduled for 16 and 17 June has created ...

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And The Winner Is...

Many observers have declared that last week marked the death of Egypt’s democratic transition. First, there was the dissolution of an elected Parliament, ordered by a court and enforced by the army. Then, an arbitrary military decree gave the ruling generals control over the new constitution and restricted the powers of the next president. With this “coup by judicial means” casting a dark shadow over the fate of Egyptian politics, one wonders how much the presidential election result actually ...

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Shafiq Supporters Demonstrate Against Brotherhood

Tens of  thousands of supporters of presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq gathered in Nasr City on Saturday, one day before the election results are expected to be announced, chanting against the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamed Mursi, Shafiq’s runoff rival.  Protesters, holding aloft banners branded with Shafiq's image, chanted “Down with the rule of the Supreme Guide” and “No to Brotherhood, no to Salafists; they market in the name of religion." The demonstration blocked Nasr ...

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A Deal Could Be Reached to End Current Confrontation: SCAF, Brotherhood Sources

Sources close to both the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed the two sides were heavily engaged in high-level talks that could produce "a political deal", which is likely to include announcing the Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi Egypt's president elect. According to a source close to the negotiations, the SCAF wants Mursi to desist from proclaiming himself president-elect, which he came close to doing at a press conference earlier on Friday. They ...

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Shafiq To Be Named President on Sunday, Claim Govt Sources

Egypt's electoral body is set to announce Ahmed Shafiq as the country's new president on Sunday evening, several government sources claimed. Western diplomats in Cairo also said they have heard similar predictions from Cabinet members over the last three days. A source in the current government said that Shafiq will be declared victor with 50.7 percent of the vote, in an outcome that is likely to be strongly disputed by the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamed Mursi. Mursi's campaign has previously ...

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Presidential Election Results to be Announced Sunday

The final results of the presidential runoff will be announced on Sunday, said Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) Secretary General Hatem Bagato.  “There are nationwide vote-counting errors and after the appeals are considered we will recount the votes, and then the final result will be announced on Sunday," Bagato said in a phone call to media personality Amr Adib on the Orbit satellite TV station. The commission had initially said it would announce on Thursday the final results of ...

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Islamists Threaten SCAF with New Revolution

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis Nour Party have called on the Egyptian people to go to Tahrir Square on Friday and take part in the "Return of Legitimacy" demonstration in protest against the supplement to the Constitutional Declaration issued by the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces earlier this week. They are threatening the SCAF with another revolution, say party representatives. Freedom and Justice Party MP Essam al-Erian told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the party’s ...

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Shafiq's Campaign Claims Candidate is Winning Egypt President Runoff with Fifty-Two Percent

In an electric atmosphere, members of Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign have said that their candidate is leading the race, frustrated with what they referred to as “facade” results of Mursi’s winning. “We’ve spotted massive violations from Mursi’s campaign, and according to our counting, our candidate is leading with fifty-one to fifty-two percent,” said Ahmed Sarhan, spokesman of Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign. Sarhan further said that Mursi’s campaign should drop all their allegations of vote-rigging against Shafiq, ...

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Electoral Violations Mar Egypt's Presidential Runoff

The first day of Egypt's presidential runoff has seen substantive reports of electoral violations on both sides of the divisive race. The supporters of Mubarak-era premier Ahmed Shafiq and the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi have both found themselves accused of trying to garner votes in underhanded ways. Reported practices range from outright vote-buying and herding citizens to polling stations, to violating bans on promoting candidates on polling day and arranging votes for military and police ...

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First Day of Presidential Runoffs Reflects Egypt’s Troubled Transition

The last round of Egypt’s presidential elections kicked off Saturday amid speculations that the results may deal the last blow to the January 25 revolution and tighten the grip of the military junta on the helm of state. Nearly 14,000 polling centers opened their gates at eight am to millions of Egyptians, who had to choose between the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy and Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister and a former commander of Egypt’s Air Forces Ahmed Shafiq. Each had garnered almost ...

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A Fork in The Road for Egypt's Political Forces: Who Will They Choose?

On the eve of the historic Egyptian presidential elections run-off vote — slated for 16 and 17 June — political parties, revolutionary groups, and activists each have different postures towards the poll. While some have decided to boycott the run-off, refusing to vote either for Mohamed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, or Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister under deposed president Hosni Mubarak, others have announced endorsing one or the other. While many fear Shafiq, who ...

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A Third Bloc?

Since the first round of the presidential election ended, there has been much talk about the emergence of a third bloc of voters, distinct from the bloc of supporters of the ailing regime on the one hand and from that of the Muslim Brotherhood on the other. Discussions about the third bloc have been characterized by a high level of optimism after around forty percent of Egypt’s eligible voters opted for revolutionary candidates in the first round of the vote. But there is a need for caution before ...

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ماذا يعني الحكم لصالح حازم صلاح أبو اسماعيل، وماذا نقرأ في عودة الإخوان للميدان؟

أتت التطورات الأخيرة على مدار الأسبوعين الماضيين من تصعيد الإخوان ضد المجلس العسكري، إلى تقدمهم بمرشحين لانتخابات الرئاسة، إلى ما أعقب ذلك من ترشيح عمر سليمان، إلى قرار الإخوان بالعودة إلى الميدان، إلى الحكم الصادر لصالح حازم صلاح أبو اسماعيل، وإن توقعها البعض، لتعكس تقريبا كل التصورات التي كانت دارجة حتى وقت قريب عن شكل المرحلة القادمة، ولتؤكد كذلك للمرة الألف على صحة كل ما كان يقال عن إدارة المرحلة الانتقالية بما يعيد السلطة كاملة إلى احضان النظام السابق. لنبدأ بالحكم الصادر لصالح حازم صلاح أبو ...

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