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Egypt Elections Watch

Egypt: What Elections?


With a final turnout of less than twenty-six percent, voting for the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections ended on 28 October across fourteen governorates, including Giza, Alexandria, Suez and Fayoum. The poor election turnout came as a shock to many observers. The ongoing elections are viewed as the third and final step of the transition “roadmap” that the current political leadership announced following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi two years ago. Yet the majority of those interviewed for this story greeted the vote with a mix of indifference and skepticism.  

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انتفاضة الدفاع عن الرسول بين لوع جماعة الإخوان ومقاومة الاستعمار

(جانب من مظاهرات السفارة الأمريكية يوم الثلاثاء الماضي-المصدر: وكالات الأنباء)

 لا يسع من يتابع تطورات الأحداث المترتبة على الفيلم المسيء للرسول في مصر والعالم العربي إلا أن يشعر بحسرة شديدة على ما آلت إليه أحوالنا، بعدما كشفته عبثية الأحداث من تدني مستوى الوعي المهيمن في البلاد ومحدودية قدرات القائمين على الأمور فيها. وقد استفاض الكثير من الزملاء في تحليل ردود الأفعال على هذا الحدث بالفعل. منهم من أشار إلى أن مجريات الانتفاضة التي أعقبت الفيلم ساهمت في نشر فيلم تافه يعيب في الرسول في كل أرجاء العالم تحت إدعاء مناهضته. فلا أظن أننا شاهدنا فيلماً راج بهذا الشكل في خلال العقد الأخير، بما في ذلك الأفلام الجيدة والمثيرة، فما بالنا بمقاطع فيديو شديدة البلاهة. ومن هنا فلابد وأن منتجي هذا الفيلم المفترض يشعرون بالإمتنان الشديد لانتفاضتنا الغاضبة ...

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Egypt After the Election: An Interview with Mona El-Ghobashy and Joshua Stacher

[Election sticker on scooter in Hawamdiya in Giza on 18 June 2012. Image by Sabri Khaled via Flickr.]

Both fresh off of field research trips to Egypt during the presidential election, political scientists Mona El-Ghobashy (Barnard College) and Joshua Stacher (Kent State University) discuss the state of the political transition on Wisconsin Public Radio's Kathleen Dunn Show. Professors El-Ghobashy and Stacher debate the election results and the prospects for a Mohamed Morsi presidency with SCAF lurking in plain sight. They also discuss the state of the revolution, the judicial system, the role of US foreign policy towards Egypt since Mubarak was ousted in February 2011. Listen in for the latest analysis ...

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On Mubarak's Trial, Presidential Elections, and the Return to Tahrir: An Interview with Sharif Abdel Kouddous

[Tahrir protests on 2 June 2012. Banner reads:

In the following interview Egyptian journalist Sharif Abdel Kouddous discusses developments in Egypt in the wake of last Saturday's verdict in the Mubarak trial. The interview begins with an overview of the verdict, the legal process that led up to it, and the erruption of protests in its aftermath. It then tackles the broader context within which the trial and verdict unfolded: the struggle to define the scope of revolution in Egypt. Sharif discusses the (re)emergence of Ahmad Shafiq (Mubarak's last prime minister and retiured air force general) in the context of the presidential elections and what this represents about the these elections as opposed to the ...

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Egyptian Electoral Time Machine

[Egypt's 2012 presidential elections. Image by Jonathan Rashad/Creative Commons.]


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Sabbahi To Seek Election Suspension, Cites Voting Irregularities

[A woman putting her finger in the ink bottle. Image originally posted to Flickr by Nehal El-Sherif.]

Hamdeen Sabbahi will file a lawsuit calling for the suspension of Egypt's presidential election because of alleged voting irregularities and a pending case over the right of former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq to stand, Sabbahi's lawyer said Saturday. Sabbahi is a leftist presidential candidate who did not make it into the run-offs by a very small margin. "We will present an appeal on behalf of candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi ... to the Presidential Elections Commission, citing a series of irregularities ... that have affected the outcome of the first round," lawyer Essam El-Islamboly told Reuters. Islamboly said the appeal, to be lodged on Sunday or Monday at the ...

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Why Did Abul-Fotouh Fail In The Presidential Elections?

[A long line of Egyptian women voting. Image originally posted to Flickr by UN Women Arab States.]

After seen as one of the frontfronners in Egypt's presidential race, with many expecting that he would make the runoff, Abdel Moneim Abul-Fotouh's poor showing in the as yet unfinalised results placing him in fourth place has contradicted the expectations of both observers and analysts. The failure to secure enough votes to make it to the runoffs is a surprise given that his campaign was seen to represent a cross-section of the Egyptian political powers from extreme left to extreme right in what Abul-Fotouh called the project of "Strong Egypt." Many people had expressed doubts about Abul-Fotouh and his ability to unite everybody from liberals to Islamists, ...

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Unofficial Egyptian Election Results: Morsy First, Shafiq Second

[A polling station for the presidential elections on May 23rd. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

Al-Masry Al-Youm has compiled a comprehensive tabulation of results from the first round of presidential elections, which ended yesterday. The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Mohamed Morsy, looks set to lead Egypt's first presidential election poll following the uprising that deposed Hosni Mubarak last year, taking 5,446,460, or 24.9 percent of the votes. Ahmed Shafiq, a former civil aviation minister under Mubarak who was appointed during the president’s last days in office as prime minister, is a close second, with 5,338,285, or 24.5 percent of the votes. Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi has surprised many observers by coming in third, with 4,616,937, or 21.1 ...

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Egypt Elects its President While in Crisis

[Millions of Egyptians went to vote May 23 to May 24. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.]

One cannot say that most Egyptians sense a political crisis. However, large sectors of activists from across the political spectrum feel the existence of a crisis in Egypt’s political scene. That is why the presidential race is intensely competitive in a manner perhaps incommensurate with the importance of the election itself. This article is an attempt to answer the following questions: What caused the crisis? How has the crisis developed in the past months? How has it been reflected in a general state of intense frustration? The Legitimacy Crisis It was not only the issue of hereditary transfer of power that caused Mubarak’s fall. In fact, the transfer of power was ...

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Suez, Which Stoked Flames of Uprising, Lukewarm on Election

[A man from Suez supporting Abu El Fotouh. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

The first post-revolution presidential election has attracted much hype in local and international media, but that excitement was not reflected in Suez, where the first protester was killed in the 25 January revolution. During the early hours of Wednesday and up until the afternoon, polling stations across the city were mostly empty and queues were hardly visible outside polling stations. At mid-afternoon, Suez Security Director Adel Refaat estimated the voter turnout was fifteen percent of the governorate's population. However, increasing numbers flocked to polling stations towards the later hours after finishing work and before polls were closed. “In ...

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In Labor Stronghold of Mahalla, Vote Split Between Morsy and Sabbahi

[A man casts his vote in Mahalla. Image originally posted to Flickr by Nehal El-Sherif.]

The city of Mahalla, which some call the "Industrial Citadel of the Nile Delta," conducted its first day of landmark presidential elections Wednesday amid a lower-than-expected voter turnout, witnesses and observers said. Mahalla is home to the largest textile company in Egypt and the Middle East, the Egyptian Spinning and Weaving Company, which has consistently been at the forefront of labor struggles and strikes. This Nile Delta city also boasts a number of other textile mills and factories. On 6–7 April 2008, Mahalla was the scene of a localized uprising against the Mubarak regime. This revolt was widely perceived to be one of the preludes to the 25 ...

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Egyptian Presidential Elections, Day One: Turnout and Trends

[The voters check if they are registered at the Orman school polling station. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

The first day of Egypt’s historic presidential elections appears to have passed without incident. Rising voter turnout throughout the day led Hatem Begato, secretary-general of the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC), to extend voting hours by one hour to nine pm to accommodate the increasing numbers. Out of thirteen official candidates, leading contenders belong to three principal ideological fronts. The principal secular candidates include Ahmed Shafiq, ousted president Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, and Amr Moussa, a Mubarak-era foreign minister and former Arab League chief. The two key Islamist candidates, meanwhile, ...

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Sisi Mania in Photos

Expressions of support for former army chief and the presumed presidential election winner Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have reached new heights during the lead-up to the 26-28 May 2014 vote. His name and image can be found on billboards all over the buildings, posters plastered on the walls coffee shops, and photos on display at street vendors’ stands. As I covered the elections over the course of the past week in Cairo, I encountered pro-military songs everywhere—coffee shops, driving cars, public ...

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The President, SCAF, and the Future of Egypt: Interview with Sarah Sirgany

The following Skype interview was conducted on 29 June 2012 with Sarah Sirgany, an Egyptian journalist and editor at Egypt Monocle. In the first video, Sirgany discusses the presidential election outome while situating it within allegations of deal-making between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Surpeme Council for the Armed Forced (SCAF). She also identifies the key challenges facing the new president. In the secon video, Sirgany identifies the challenges facing revolutionaries in the wake of the ...

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Latest Egyptian Presidential Vote Count [Updated]

Below is the latest vote count in the 2012 Egyptian Presidential Elections. These numbers will be updated as more information becomes available.   

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In Disappointing Transition, Analysts Say Mubarak's Verdict Mocks Justice

The only trial that has taken place against one of the fallen dictators of the Arab revolutions ended today. The verdicts in former President Hosni Mubarak's trial may have symbolic importance for the region, but many feel they have mocked the hundreds of martyrs who died fighting against a thirty-year-old repressive and corrupt regime, analysts said. Conducted in a transitional period that has been presided over by an unaccountable military body, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ...

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Analyzing Egyptian Presidential Election Vote

    Ahram Online presents a detailed visual breakdown of the results from Egypt's first free presidential elections.         [Developed in partnership with Ahram Online. Ahmed Feteha, Basse

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Why Did Sabbahi - 'One of Us' - Do So Well?

During revolutionary times, remarkable social, cultural and economic changes occur. Each phase potentially carries new surprises as a reflection of these emerging changes. The emergence of Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi in third place, so far, behind the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamed Mursi and Mubarak-era Ahmed Shafiq reveals the significant portion of Egyptians thirsty for social justice. After Islamists – the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists – successfully campaigned for a 'yes' ...

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How Did Mubarak's Last PM Make It To Egypt's Second Round of Presidential Elections?

Egypt’s landmark presidential race looks to be headed to a decisive run-off round between Mohamed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, and Ahmed Shafiq, a veteran loyalist to the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak and with strong ties to the military. While it was highly expected that Mursi would make it to the second round, or even win the first round, because of the firm support of millions of Muslim Brotherhood members and other Islamist elements, the same was not true for Shafiq. ...

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Mursi First, Shafiq Second in Egypt President Race With Two Governorates to Tally Up

Results in twenty-five governorates aggregated by Ahram Online shows that with about 41.8 percent turn out, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi is in the first place so far, followed by Ahmed Shafik, Mubarak's last prime minister, while the leftist candidate, Hamdeen Sabbahi, who proved to be the main surprise so far, fell back  to the third place. Still waiting for Cairo and Giza results. Will we witness more surprise? 1. Mursi 4,406,782 (26.48 per cent) 2. Shafiq ...

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Nazlet Al-Semman District: 'Not Everybody Loves the Revolution'

On the second day of the presidential elections I went to Nazlet Al-Semman, the village adjoining the Giza plateau just outside Cairo – home to the majority of those pro-Mubarak thugs who waged the Battle of the Camel, taking their camels and horses over to Tahrir Square to attack protesters with a view to disbanding the sit-in. The event was crucial to toppling Mubarak after thirty years in power. Nazlet Al-Semman is best known for tourism – they provide tourists with horse and camel rides in the ...

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Vote Counting Begins in Historic Egypt Election

Following two days of voting, vote counting began Thursday at nine pm in the election that will determine Egypt’s next president. Unless one of the thirteen candidates achieves more than fifty percent of the vote, runoff elections are expected for 16 and 17 June. Polls conducted before voting began varied widely, with the election appearing to be a toss-up between five leading candidates. The results are still extremely preliminary because votes are being counted and can later be appealed, but ...

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Class Divisions Emerge in Alexandria Vote

Despite long lines and hot weather, people in Egypt’s second-largest city, ventured to polling stations to vote in the country's first free and fair presidential election. In Old Alexandria, where much of the city's working class lives and works in the downtown area, many voters told Egypt Independent they would vote for Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi or moderate Islamist Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh. There was a strong deployment of military police and naval forces across the city, especially ...

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Reading The Tea-Leaves: Early Indications of Egypt Presidential Poll Results

With the opening of polls in Egypt's first post-Mubarak presidential election, five frontrunners have a reasonable chance of making it to the runoff round of voting on June sixteenth and seventeeth. According to most opinion polls, the favorites are Amr Moussa, Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, Mohamed Mursi, Ahmed Shafiq and Hamdeen Sabbahi. Campaigners for all five presidential hopefuls have said their respective candidates would make it to the runoff. Informed sources, however, say the runoff is likely to ...

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