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Equality-Social Justice

Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat “Debates” Senior Advisor to Israeli Ambassador on Democracy Now!

[Screenshot from video below.]

Israel’s brutal aerial onslaught on the population of the Gaza Strip continues. As of Saturday 12 July 2014, Israel has killed 127 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip alone, not including the nearly dozen killed during its Operation Brother’s Keeper. Hamas has responded by firing crude rockets and mortars into Israel that have killed zero persons and have injured nine Israelis, at the highest estimate. Media outlets have nonetheless disproportionately focused on the impact of Hamas’s response. In this episode of Democracy Now aired on Friday 11 July 2014, Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat debates the Senior Advisor to the Israeli Ambassador on who is responsible for this ...

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An Institutionalized Disregard for Palestinian Life

[A mother and daughter in the in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, February 2011. Image via Shutterstock.]

One either rejects the killing of non-combatants on principle or takes a more tribal approach to such matters. In the case of Israel and the Palestinians, the global outpouring of grief and condemnation over the killing of three Israeli youths in the occupied West Bank constitutes the moral equivalent of Rolf Harris denouncing Jimmy Savile.One either rejects the killing of non-combatants on principle or takes a more tribal approach to such matters. In the case of Israel and the Palestinians, the global outpouring of grief and condemnation over the killing of three Israeli youths in the occupied West Bank constitutes the moral equivalent of Rolf Harris denouncing Jimmy ...

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Migrant Workers and Labor Unions in the Gulf: An Interview with Karim Radhi

[Screenshot of

[In this Migrant Rights interview, trade union activist Karim Radhi focuses on the cultural attitudes toward migrant laborers in the Gulf, which he sees as the primary obstacle to their integration into any workers’ movement there. The interview first appeared in Arabic and was later translated by Saqer Almarri.] In this interview, the poet and trade union activist Karim Radhi, of the Secretariat of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions, speaks on the situation of migrant workers in Bahrain and the efforts and difficulties of including them in the workers’ movement. Radhi calls for a revision of cultural attitudes in order to stop excluding migrants from ...

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Eksik kalmis hayatlarin kelimeleri: Keske Bir Opup Koklasaydim

[Cover of Eylem Delikanlı,

Eksik kalmış hayatların kelimeleri: Keşke Bir Öpüp Koklasaydım “Geleceğe dair umutluyum, kitabı da bu umutla yazdık” 12 Eylül 1980 askeri darbesi, Türkiye’de toplumsal ve iktisadi yapıyı köklü biçimde değiştirmesinin yanında son otuz senedir yaşananların anlamlandırılmasında sıkça referans verilen bir olay/an olması nedeniyle de şüphesiz Türkiye tarihinin milatlarından biridir. Resmi rakamlara göre 1 milyon 683 bin kişinin fişlendiği, 230 bin kişinin yargılandığı, 7 bin kişi için idam cezası istendiği, 517 kişiye idam cezası verildiği, 4 bini öğretmen ve akademisyen olan toplam 40 bin kişinin işten çıkartıldığı, 14 bin kişinin yurttaşlıktan çıkartıldığı, 171 kişinin ...

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International Arts Censorship by the Turkish Embassy: The Case of 'Here Together Now' in Madrid

[İz Öztat,

Last year, a case of censorship occurred in the course of Here Together Now, an exhibition held at Matadero Madrid, Spain from January to March 2013. The event was curated by Manuela Villa, and realized with the support of the Turkish Embassy in Madrid, Turkish Airlines, and ARCOmadrid. In the exhibition booklet, the explanatory notes to artist İz Öztat’s work, “A Selection from the Utopie Folder (Zişan, 1917-1919),” was censored at the request of the Turkish Embassy in Madrid; the expressions “Armenian genocide” and the date “1915” were taken out. You can read the details of the event below, in our interview with İz Öztat. This case of censorship offers us important ...

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After Ugur Kurt’s Murder in Okmeydani—A Conversation with Ayfer Karakaya-Stump

[Ayfer Karakaya-Stump. Photo provided by the author.]

Emrah Yildiz (EY): Especially after Gezi and Berkin Elvan’s death, and as you explain in your article titled “Alevizing Gezi,” Okmeydanı, signified by Erdoğan's Hanafi Sunni regime, security forces, and the overwhelming majority of the domestic media as "Alevi," was transformed into a space for dissident political practices and an open-air execution zone in which state violence was used to silence these practices. What would you like to tell us about the historical relationship that Alevis’ spaces, neighborhoods, villages, and cities have with state violence? In the context of this history of violence, which stretches from Gazi to Gezi, how can we analyze the ...

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Angela Davis and Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat on Mass Incarceration in the United States and Palestine (Video)

[Left to right: Angela Davis and Noura Erakat during the Q&A. Image from screenshot of below video]

The following keynote addresses by Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat and Scholar/Activist Angela Davis were given at The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice PEACEWORKS 2014. Entitled "Yet Again As Captives: Mass Incarceration in the U.S. & Palestine: A Conversation with Angela Davis and Noura Erakat," it was recoreded on 19 April 2014 at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, Washintong.

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Keep Your Eye on the Wall

[Taysir Batniji,

There were an impressive number of Palestinians at the 19 May opening in Ramallah of Keep Your Eye on the Wall, a photographic exhibit. “The Wall” (aka Apartheid Wall, Separation Wall, Security Fence, Barrier) is such an omnipresent feature of Palestinians’ lives, it is surprising they would voluntarily choose to look at photographs of it. But they did, and many seemed entranced by the large artistic images. “The striking visual impact is critical,” explained Olivia Snaije who conceptualized the project along with Mitchell Albert in order to raise awareness internationally. “Because even people who have heard about The Wall through the media don’t realize the meanings ...

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Egypt: Dozens of Disappeared Civilians Face Ongoing Torture at Military Prison

[Logo of Amnesty International. Image from]

[The following reports was issued by Amnesty International on 22 May 2014] Dozens of civilians have been subjected to enforced disappearance and held for months in secret detention at an Egyptian military camp, where they are subjected to torture and other ill-treatment to make them confess to crimes, according to shocking new evidence gathered by Amnesty International. Egyptian lawyers and activists have a list of at least 30 civilians who are reportedly being held in secret at Al Azouly prison inside Al Galaa Military Camp in Ismailia, 130km north-east of Cairo. Former detainees there have told Amnesty International that many more – possibly up to 400 – could be held ...

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Quick Thoughts: Keane Bhatt on Human Rights Watch’s 'Revolving Door' for US Government Officials

  [On 12 May an open letter published on AlterNet to Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth urged the organization to close "what seems to be a revolving door" for US government officials, warning that the appointment and employment of such officials "call into question its independence". The more than 130 signatories included two Nobel Peace Prize laureates, senior current and former UN officials, and prominent lawyers, academics and journalists. Jadaliyya asked Keane Bhatt, the letter’s initiator, to explain his motives and objectives. Click here to read the letter and list of signatories.] Jadaliyya (J): ...

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Nobel Peace Laureates and Others to Human Rights Watch: Close Your Revolving Door to US Government

[The following open letter was issued on 12 May 2014 by the below signatories, and originally published on] Dear Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch characterizes itself as “one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.” However, HRW's close ties to the U.S. government call into question its independence.  For example, HRW's Washington advocacy director, Tom Malinowski, previously served as a special assistant to President Bill Clinton and as a speechwriter to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. In 2013, he left HRW after being nominated as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, ...

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Soma Katliami Tanikliklari (Interview with Selcuk Kozagacli with English Subtitles)

[Still image from the video]

Soma Katliamı Tanıklıkları Çağdaş Hukukçular Derneği Başkanı Selçuk Kozağaçlı, Soma'daki madenin çalışma prensiplerini, olayın neden kaza değil cinayet olduğunu anlatıyor. Rödovans sistemi nedir, Soma'da olanlarin sorumluları kimlerdir, katliamı hazırlayan düzen nasıl bir şey, hükümet sistematik problemleri nasıl örtbas edebilir, bunları merak edenlerin izlemesi gereken bir röportaj. Selçuk Kozağaçlı, President of the Progressive Lawyers Association (ÇHD), was among the lawyers violently detained in Soma by the police on Saturday. Here he speaks about the conditions that paved the way for last week's mining disaster and explains why it should be referred to as a ...

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The Perils of American Muslim Politics

This Ramadan, many American Muslim leaders are anxiously awaiting to hear whether they have made the cut for the annual White House Iftar. An invitation to this iftar, as with similar events the State Department and the Pentagon hold, serves to symbolize recognition in the halls of American power and a degree of success for those Muslims who have sought active engagement within the political arena. Rewarded by a chance to break their fast with President Obama, they have been formally recognized as ...

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Details and Statements On Federal Court Dismissing All Charges Against Sami Al-Arian

[The following statement was issued by Sami Al-Arian's attorney, Jonathan Turley, on 27 June 2014. Below it is a short statement by Al-Arian's family that was included at the end of Turley's statement.] Statemeny by Jonathan Turley It is with a great sense of relief and thankfulness that I can now report that all charges have been dropped against my client Dr. Sami Al-Arian. Minutes ago, United States District Judge Anthony J. Trenga signed the order dismissing the indictment against Dr. Al-Arian. The ...

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12 Eylul’le Hesaplasmaya Bir Mahkeme Yeter mi?

12 Eylül’le Hesaplaşmaya Bir Mahkeme Yeter mi? Kenan Evren ve Tahsin Şahinkaya isimleri kimileri icin 12 Eylül davasında adı geçen iki generalin ismi iken benim gibi çocukluğunu darbenin sıcak günlerinde geçirenler için biraz daha fazlasını ifade ediyorlar. Mesela babaların ansızın evden alınıp götürülmelerini, amcaların Fatsa’da öldürülmelerini, annelerin intiharını, kardeşlerin işkencelerini... Diyarbakır’ı, Mamak’ı, Metris’i, bütün zorba işkencecileri…Davanın dünkü karar duruşmasında ‘iyi ...

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Gezi Platform NYC & GEZIniyoruz First Year Summary (Video)

Over the course of the past year, Gezi Platform NYC and GEZIniyoruz Network stood in solidarity with our friends in Turkey for our shared struggle against the oppressive neo-liberal police state that has been taking root under the AKP rule. We rose up in unison, we talked in unison, we recalled in unison, and we demanded in unison. Our resistance will continue in unison, as we know that people united will never be defeated. Together, we will!

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On Perpetual State Violence in Lice

[The following statement was issued by Gezi Platform NYC on 8 June 2014. On 8 June 2014, the Turkish military killed two Kurdish civilians, Ramazan Baran (twenty-six) and Baki Akdemir (fifty), who were protesting against a military post construction in Lice, a small town located near the city of Diyarbakır. Military posts in Turkey’s Kurdistan represent torture, intimidation, assassination, and mass graves perpetuated during the civil war of the last forty years. People of Lice have been peacefully ...

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Gezi at One: Rethinking the Legacy of the Protests

One year ago, I asked the question: “Can the ‘Spirit of Gezi’ Transform Progressive Politics in Turkey?” As a sympathetic observer oscillating between optimism and despair in the aftermath of the brutal crackdown on Gezi, I offered a qualified response: “The question has two interrelated aspects: on the one hand, it is about transforming social interactions hitherto marked by social, cultural, and emotional gaps; on the other hand, it is about imagining the possibility of a new progressive politics that ...

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One Year Since the Gezi Uprising: A Timeline

Sometimes journalists report. Sometimes we analyze and comment. Sometimes we investigate. But sometimes we just provide context. As the author of one of the first English-language articles providing in-depth background on the Gezi Resistance movement, I have had a lot of friends and colleagues ask me what I will be writing for the one-year anniversary of Gezi Park’s occupation. It is tempting to write a grand sweeping analysis about what happened to the movement, where it went wrong, how it still exists ...

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هذا البحر لي: قطعة صوتية وكتيب البحث

"هذا البحر لي" هو عرض حيّ جرى في بيروت خلال صيف 2012 تضمَن رحلة على متن قارب صيد من ميناء عين المريسة حتى ميناء الدالية. اعتمد هذا "العرض الإعتراضي" في مضمونه على بحث مديني عن شاطىء بيروت كاشفاً للجمهور ملكية هذه الأماكن وممارسات مستخدميها والقوانين التي تحكمها. "هذا البحر لي" هو جزء من جهد مستمر تقوم به "مجموعة الدكتافون" للربط بين البحث المديني والفن الحيّ من أجل فتح نقاش عن علاقة الناس بحيّزهم العام في لبنان وإمكانية إعادة تصور المدينة. ...

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Ugur Kurt'un Okmeydani'ndaki Katlinden Sonra—Ayfer Karakaya-Stump’la bir Soylesi

Uğur Kurt’un Okmeydanı’ndaki Katlinden Sonra—Ayfer Karakaya-Stump’la bir Söyleşi Emrah Yildiz (EY): Özellikle Gezi’den ve Berkin Elvan’ın ölümünden sonra, senin de “Gezi’yi Alevileştirmek” adlı yazında ele aldığın gibi, Okmeydanı, Hanafi Sünni Erdoğan rejimi, güvenlik güçleri, ve yerel medyanın ezici çoğunluğu tarafından “Alevi” olarak işaretlenen muhalif siyasi pratiklerin mekanına ve bu pratiklerin devlet şiddetiyle susturulmaya çalışıldığı bir açıkhava infaz mahaline dönüştürüldü. Bize Alevilerin ...

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International Petition to Egyptian NHCR and Regime: Stop the Death of Abdallah Al Shamy and Mohamed Sultan - Transfer and Release Them Now

[The following petition is being circulated internationally both to raise awareness and solicit signatures. Click here to view the signatories and add your name to the petition.] To the Egyptian Human Rights Council: Transfer Abdallah El Shamy (Al Jazeera Journalist) and Mohamed Sultan (son of Muslim preacher) to a hospital before they die in prison and release them urgently We, citizens of the international community, are demanding that you take immediate action to ensure the safety and welfare ...

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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (May 20)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] Regional and International Relations Obama fails to protect gay Saudi diplomat Ali al-Ahmad and Matthew Mainen argue that the United States should grant asylum ...

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On Erdogan’s ‘Ordinary Things’: The Soma Massacre, the Spine Tower, and the Corporate-State’s Fitrat in Turkey

On 14 May, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reached Soma, the site of the coal mine explosion that has so far killed 321 people—an already horrific number feared to surpass 350. In his first public appearance, twenty-four hours after the explosion, he seemed sultanically informed about the dates of previous coal mine explosions and their resultant deaths, not only in contemporary Turkey, but also across time and space. After having thanked the media “workers” for their “responsible” coverage ...

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