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Filming Revolution: An Interview with Alisa Lebow

[Image from the

[Alisa Lebow, a filmmaker and film scholar who teaches at the University of Sussex, is the Creator/Director/Producer/Writer of Filming Revolution, an interactive data-base documentary archive about independent and documentary filmmaking in Egypt since the revolution, which was launched in October 2015.] Anthony Alessandrini (AA): Could you talk a bit about what made you put together this project: when did you decide to set Filming Revolution in motion, how did the specific form of the project come together, and how did you go about choosing filmmakers, archivists, activists, and artists to interview? Alisa Lebow (AL): In 2012, I curated a screening program for the ...

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الكهرباء في الحقبة الأولى للاستقلال في لبنان

[هذا الجزء الثاني من مقابلة أجراها المركز اللبناني للدراسات مع محرر جدلية والباحث زياد أبو الريش، وهي  تركّز على قطاع الكهرباء ومسائل تتعلق بمؤسسات الدولة في بداية عهد الجمهوريّة اللبنانيّة. وتجدر الإشارة إلى أنه تم إجراء هذه المقابلة قبل انطلاق الحراك الكبير في بيروت في شهر أيلول 2015. أما الجزء الأول فناقش خلاله تاريخ مؤسسات الدولة في بدايات الاستقلال في لبنان وبعض الموروثات التي خلفتها. يمكن قراءة الجزء الأول هنا] *** تحدث المركز اللبناني للدراسات مؤخّرًا مع الدكتور زياد أبو الريش لمناقشة تاريخ مؤسّسات الدولة خلال المراحل الأولى للاستقلال في لبنان، واستقاء المعلومات والاستفادة منها في التحاليل والنقاشات الحاليّة المتّصلة بالخدمات التي تقدمها الدولة في ...

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On Hitler and the Mufti: Jadaliyya Co-Editor Mouin Rabbani Participates in Al-Jazeera International Discussion Show

In this interview on Al-Jazeera International's Inside Story, Jadaliyya Co-Editor Mouin Rabbani, forensic scholar Norman G. Finkelstein, and Greg Roman of the Middle East Forum discuss and debate Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's widely dismissed and derided statement that Adolf Hitler had no intention of exterminating Europe's Jews until persuaded to do so by the exiled Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. 

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إلياس سحّاب، منذ وُلد في يافا

[إلياس سحاب في سبعينيات القرن الماضي، مصدر الصورة جريدة السفير]

إلياس سحّاب، الكاتب والصحافي والناقد الفنّي، هو رجلٌ تعرفه بيروت والعالم العربي كلبناني الجنسية، فلسطينيّ الهوى، ووهّابي الموسيقى. وله في كلّ تعريفٍ من هذه التعريفات قصةٌ، وتاريخ. ولد في يافا، وله فيها ذكريات. حنّ إليها طويلاً، وعمل من أجل التحرير. تركها وهو لا يزال في العاشرة من عمره، لكن السنين لم تقو على أن تمحو ولو الشيء البسيط منها في وعيه، وفي لاوعيه أيضاً. يقول إنه يحلم أحياناً بها. تزوج في العام 1968 من ابنة خاله، سونيا زباني، وأنجبا ثلاثة أولاد هم: ندى، مروان وغسان. • ما هي قصة تنقلات العائلة بين فلسطين ولبنان؟ ـ يعود أصل عائلتي إلى قرية عرمون، الواقعة في قضاء كسروان. لكن جدي انتقل للعيش في فلسطين في أواخر القرن التاسع، حيث استقر في يافا إلى أن توفي ...

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Shady El Noshokaty: Colony - Latitude

Colony - Latitude is the first in a fifteen-part art project by Shady El Noshokaty. It consists of a sculpture, drawings, diagrams and an animated video. Like his previous multi-faceted projects, it takes an intimate personal experience as an entry point to explore the relationship between minds, physical existence and the imagination. Latitude began from exploring the form of a skin discoloration that marks the artist’s hand. He conducted an extensive online research to locate 15 existing towns, cities and islands that match the contours of his birthmark. He then began collecting and ordering primary information about these sites, their history, language, arts and ...

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Beyond the Exotic in Ottoman Baths

[Thomas Allom,

Bath houses or hammams were fundamental fixtures of cities and towns throughout the Ottoman world. Western travelers and writers were drawn to the exotic allure of bath houses as spaces associated with leisure and eroticism, which featured prominently in orientalist tropes concerning Europe’s Islamic other. This legacy of exoticism notwithstanding, new scholarship on Ottoman baths demonstrates that the hammam can serve as a site for fruitful and fascinating historical inquiry into the social transformation and dynamics of the Ottoman world. On Ottoman History Podcast, we have featured a number of scholars whose work concerns the hammam and its changing place in Ottoman ...

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Jadaliyya Co-Editor Mouin Rabbani on AJE Inside Edition Panel on Escalating Violence in Palestine

Amid escalating protests and violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and Israel, Al-Jazeera English Inside Edition interviewed Gideon Levy of Ha'aretz, Sari Bashi of Human Rights Watch, and Jadaliyya Co-Editor Mouin Rabbani on the subject of Israeli policy in the occupied Palestinian territories. Against a background of summary executions and a shoot-to-kill policy, the discussion considered Israel's obligations under international law as an occupying power and the prospects for the application of these principles.

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Loeterman’s Documentary on Palestine (1913): Seeds of Conflict

Photographs courtesy of Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc.

This interview was conducted following the national airing of 1913: Seeds of Conflict on PBS in the United States. 1913 is an hour-long, educational documentary based on the book 1913 Jerusalem by Amy Dockser Marcus. The film explores the social and cultural climate of Palestine during the waning years of the Ottoman Empire, and the experiences of both indigenous Palestinians and the earliest European Jewish settlers in the region at this pivotal moment in history. This interview engages a number of themes, including history and historiography, accessing and researching in archives, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, and the relevance of nationalism and ...

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Netanyahu at the UN: Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat Interview by Al-Jazeera America

On 1 October 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu addressed the seventieth session of the United Nations General Assembly. His speech came one day after Palestine President’s Mahmoud Abbas’s speech to the Assembly where he indicated that a lack of adherence to the Oslo Accords would render them null and would revert the Occupied Territories to complete Israeli control. In his address, Netanyahu dedicated most of his time to decrying the Iran Deal and highlighting the threat Iran poses to Israel and the rest of the world relying on Islamphobic tropes, such as sleeper cells in the United States. Netanyahu attributed the demise of the peace process to the lack of ...

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NPR's 'Here and Now' Interviews Jadaliyya Co-Editor Rosie Bsheer About Redevelopment in Mecca

In this interview with NPR's Here and Now, Jadaliyya Co-Editor Rosie Bsheer discusses urban redevelopment in Mecca following the tragic stampede that killed over 700 pilgrims in Mecca on 24 September 2015. Bsheer explains the political and economic motivations behind the nature of redevelopment there since the 1990s, and some of its consequences to both Mecca's residents as well as pilgrims. The interview was conducted on 25 September 2015.

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Roznama 4: A Competition for Upcoming Egyptian Artists

Roznama is an annual exhibition for Egyptian artists under the age of 30. It is organized by Medrar to encourage experimentation in the field of visual arts vis-a-vis orthodox approaches taught at local art academies. Starting 2014, Medrar developed Roznama into a competition, where an independent jury selects artworks through an open call to include in the show. Medrar organized Roznama 4 in collaboration with the Contemporary Image Collective.  This year's jury comprised: artist Ahmed Badry, curator Bassam El Baroni and artist Shady El Noshokaty. The group selected exhibited artworks, as well as prize winners. The following artists took part in the ...

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ما آلت إليه الثورة المصرية: لقاء جديد مع الروائي المصري صنع الله ابراهيم

[الروائي المصري صنع الله إبراهيم]

 كان الروائي الكبير صنع الله ابراهيم قد تحدث لـ "جدلية" في ربيع 2011 بعد أشهر من اندلاع ثورة  25 كانون الثاني/ يناير عن حلم الشعب المصري بالتغيير وإجباره الرئيس الأسبق حسني مبارك على التنحي عن الحكم. بعدها انقضى عامان عرف المصريون خلالهما حكم المجلس العسكري ثم حكم الرئيس الأسبق محمد مرسي وجماعة "الإخوان المسلمون". تناول الكاتب اليساري هذه الخبرة في محافل مختلفة. وفي عام 2014 صدرت آخر رواياته "برلين 69" عن دار الثقافة الجديدة. واليوم، وبعد ما عاشته الثورة من هزات وقلاقل يوجز لنا صنع الله ابراهيم رأيه فيما اَلت إليه الثورة، وما تحقق أو لم يتحقق من مطالب الذين احتشدوا في ميادين مصر حينها يهتفون للعيش والحريّة والعدالة ...

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City Talks: Timothy Mitchell on the Materialities of Political Economy and Colonial History

[City Talks provides a platform for conversations around the social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental transformations that define the historical and contemporary geographies of the Middle East and beyond. Bringing together voices from critical scholars, activists, and artists, it seeks to explore the ways racialized, gendered, and class-based social orders come into being, materialize, and are resisted through the fabric of bodies, space, and time.]  In this first installment of ...

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Men of Capital in Mandate Palestine: An Interview with Sherene Seikaly

Historians of the Middle East have long ignored the middle class in general and the activities of Arab capitalists in particular. For many, capitalism is synonymous with colonialism, and prevailing narratives have not been able to accommodate entrepreneurs who resist characterization as “comprador” allies of colonial projects. Sherene Seikaly’s new monograph Men of Capital: Scarcity and Economy in Mandate Palestine rectifies that “resounding silence on Arab capitalist practice” by bringing the politics ...

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Misprints: An Interview with Paul Qaysi

The beginnings of this conversation took place over a year ago when I met Paul during my Architecture of Memory exhibit at the Middle East Center for the Arts at MANA Contemporary in New Jersey. Paul came out to see the exhibit and we spent a long time talking about our works, shared experiences, and relationship to Iraq, war, displacement, photography, video, and issues of mis/representation.  I invited Paul to participate in my next performance piece, which brought together a ...

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Cairobserver's 5th Issue Launch: University

Cairobserver's 5th issue, titled 'University' reflects on architectural education, reform of higher education in Egypt, the evolution of alternative education, the relationship between authorities and university faculty, the representation of university life in Arabic literature and cinema, the development of fine arts education in Egypt, and the relationship between campuses and their surrounding neighborhoods. For the launch, editors Mohamed El Shahed and Shaimaa Ashour invited some of the writers ...

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Navigating the Law and Misuse of Title VI: A STATUS/الوضع Special Segment

In this second episode of "Reclaiming Academic Freedom," host Tareq Radi speaks to Omar Shakir, Yaman Salahi, and Nadia Ben Youssef, three lawyers who discuss the legalities of academic freedom and the legal challenges they face both in the United States and the Palestinian 1948 territories.    The special segment below includes four parts that you can click on separately. Please find the transcript below the player. Listen to the first episode of Reclaiming Academic ...

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مقابلة مع الشاعرة العراقية لميعة عباس عمارة

"قد لا أكون شاعرة كبيرة ولكني لم أكن يوماً إنسانة صغيرة" الشاعرة لميعة عباس عمارة تستعيد مسيرتها الشعرية ومحطات مهمة في تاريخ العراق الأدبي والسياسي والاجتماعي اتسم شعر لميعة عباس عمارة بجرأة ورومانسية مرهفة، ولغة محكمة التراكيب والمفردات،  مما جعلها تحتل مكانة في خارطة الشعر العربي كإحدى أهم الشخصيات الشعرية النسوية. عُرفت أيضا بعذوبة إلقائها، ذلك أنها تبدو وهي تلقي القصيدة كإلهة سومرية تختزل كل أزمنة وأطياف العراق.  ولدتْ في بغداد لعائلة جنوبية عريقة من الطائفة المندائية ...

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Ankara Bombings: Democracy Now! Interview with HDP’s Hisyar Ozsoy and Turkey Page Co-Editor Asli Bali

As many as 128 people died in Turkey Saturday when nearly simultaneous explosions ripped through a pro-peace rally in the country’s capital of Ankara. More than 245 people were injured. The bombs went off just as Kurdish groups, trade unions and leftist organizations were preparing to begin a march protesting the resumption of fighting between the Turkish state and Kurdish militants. Earlier today, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu blamed ISIL for carrying out the attack. But march organizers ...

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Battlefield Syria: An Interview with Omar Dahi

Last week, Russian jets began carrying out airstrikes in Syria. With the military buildup in Bashar al-Assad's western coastal heartlands, Moscow’s military intervention has brought a new dimension to an already catastrophic civil war driven by internal and external state and non-state actors. This week, we talk to Omar Dahi about the latest military intervention by Russia and the future of what remains of the Syrian nation-state. Omar Dahi is an Associate Professor of Economics at New Hampshire ...

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LCPS Interviews Jadaliyya Co-Editor Ziad Abu-Rish on Electricity in Early Independence Lebanon

In the following interview with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), Jadaliyya Co-Editor Ziad Abu-Rish discusses the history of electricty in Beirut during the early independence period, and some of the legacies and insights of the period. The interview was conducted over email, and first published on the LCPS website. It follows up on an earlier interview on the history of state instutituions in the early independence period. Lebanese Center for Policy ...

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The Arab Center for Architecture (ACA): Interview with George Arbid

The Arab Center for Architecture (ACA) was established in 2008 to raise awareness about contemporary architecture and urbanism within civil society. In an interview I held on 25 June 2015 at the offices of the ACA in Beirut, George Arbid, the co-founder and current director of the ACA, discussed the work of the ACA and modern architecture in the region. Arbid explained the activities and aims of the ACA, including the establishment of an archive, a library, educational programs and the formation of the ...

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The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, the first of its kind in the region

This summer witnessed the graduation of the first class from the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, founded by acclaimed dancer Karima Mansour. Despite facing a number of hurdles over the years, including the Culture Ministry withdrawing its support halfway through the program in favor of a series of non-specialized workshops, Mansour and her students have succeeded in maintaining the center, establishing the first standard dance education program in the region and fostering collaborations with a range of ...

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Ali Abdel Mohsen: This is not Sci-Fi

Ali Abdel Mohsen (b. 1984) is one of the most exciting artists coming out of Cairo over the past few years. Through three solo drawing exhibitions and several experiments with sound, installation and video, he managed to develop a signature style. Much of his work is inspired by his hometown, but the details in his drawing are anything but representational and take viewers on endless possibilities. In this video, we invited Abdel Mohsen to have a chat with visual artist Hany Rashed about his ...

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