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An Excerpt from Amjad Nasser's "Land of No Rain"

[Amjad Nasser. Image from Author]

[Land of No Rain, the recently published novel by Jordanian poet Amjad Nasser (b. 1955), describes the experiences, thoughts and memories of an ageing leftist who decides to go home to fictional Hamiya after twenty years in exile. The move makes him reflect on the effects time has wrought on him, on the world around him and on the ideals that have sustained him over the years. Much of the book is written in the second person, addressing either of the protagonist's two personae – the one that went into exile and a notional one that stayed at home. In this passage (from pages 58 to 63), which takes place in exile, the narrator has just run into Mahmoud, a former comrade ...

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Jordanian Government Blocks 7iber Again

[Image from a protest in front of the Jordanian Parliament against the Press and Publication Law in 2012, where protesters carried a symbolic coffin of Internet Freedom. Image courtesy of 7iber.]

Yesterday the Jordanian Media Commission blocked access to, the alternate domain we have been using for the past year after the Jordanian government first blocked along with around two hundred other websites based on the amended Press and Publication Law. Despite the ban, or perhaps in part because of it, 7iber went through some exciting changes and developments this past year. Our content and research teams have grown. We have produced numerous reports, multimedia packages, and photo stories on diverse issues that do not get much coverage in mainstream media. We expanded our research on internet governance and digital rights. We ...

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Fadwa Toukan: A Profile from the Archives

[Palestinian poet Fadwa Toukan, source of picture: Wikipedia]

["A Profile from the Archives“  is a series published by Jadaliyya in both Arabic and English in cooperation with the Lebanese newspaper, Assafir. These profiles will feature iconic figures who left indelible marks in the politics and culture of the Middle East and North Africa. This profile was originally published in Arabic and was translated by Mazen Hakeem.] Name: Fadwa Last Name: Toukan Father’s name: Abul Fattah Agha Toukan Mother’s name: Fawzieh Amin Baik Date of birth: 1917 Date of death: 2003 Nationality: Palestinian Category: Author Profession: Poet   Fadwa Toukan    Was a Palestinian national who held ...

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Beyond Emergency Assistance: Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Iraq

[Logo of Refugees International. Image from]

[The following report was published by Refugees International on 4 February 2014] Beyond Emergency Assistance: Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Northern Iraq In less than three years, the Syrian conflict has forced well over two million of that country’s citizens to take refuge in other states. Some 200,000 have fled to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, and 600,000 to Jordan, the two countries visited by Refugees International (RI) during its most recent mission to the Middle East. These refugees seem likely to remain in exile for a considerable amount of time. Even if peace returns to the country quickly – a scenario that seems highly unlikely – the level of ...

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البحث عن غابة في عمّان


  "والغابة الأَجمة ذاتُ الشجر الـمُتَكاثف، لأَنها تُغَيِّبُ ما فيها" - لسان العرب       ملصق على شبّاك يطل على عمّان صباح كل يوم، وفي نفس الموعد، يخرج ستينيّ ملتحٍ من منزله بملابس النوم يحمل كيس قمامة وحقيبة سوداء باتّجاه حاويات القمامة على زاوية منزل مهجور بحديقة كبيرة. وبالوتيرة والترتيب نفسهما يرمي الكيس على بعد متر ونصف من الحاوية الممتلئة، وينبّش في الأخيرة هاشّاً القطط التي تنتظر كيس قمامة آخر، ثم ينتقل ليبحث في الأكياس المتناثرة على الرصيف، وأمام مداخل العمارات من دون أن يأخذ شيئاً معه. كان خصمي السياسيّ يتمثّل في هذا الرجل: بلادته وروتينه القاسي الآتيان من امتياز لم يمنحه إيّاه أحد، احتكاره لحيّز عام بتهديد قوّة سريّة توجد ...

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread? The Politics of Flour in Hashemite Jordan

[Various breads laid out at a local bakery in Amman, Jordan. Image by José Ciro Martínez]

The recently concluded winter storm recovery efforts provided the Jordanian regime with a welcome respite from the array of issues that currently occupy center stage in public debates. These include—but are not limited to—the Syrian refugee crisis, parliamentary corruption, and proposed “political reforms.” Nevertheless, there is another issue that eludes the notice of journalists and analysts, one significantly more sensitive than the topics capturing daily headlines. As the kingdom’s citizens and residents look tentatively towards the future, they wonder whether the state will continue to provide them their daily bread. A Brief History of the “Bread Subsidy” Jordan ...

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What Do You Miss Most? Syrian Refugees Respond

[Editor’s note: The following statements and pictures are part of ongoing research on the Syrian refugee population conducted by Rochelle Davis, Associate Professor at Georgetown University and a team of researchers. Click here to read an article published in the summer of 2013 by Rochelle Davis and Abbie Taylor which provides greater context and background on the refugee crisis in Jordan and Lebanon ] Text by Rochelle Davis and Abbie Taylor. Photographs by Andrew Farrand and Abbie Taylor. Editing and translation assistance by Louie al-Hashimi, Hussam al-Joulani, Grace Benton, Emma Murphy, and Nicholas Griffin. Accomplished with appreciation for the work ...

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الأحداث القانونية الأردنية في أسبوع

[نقلاً عن موقع عمان نت ]

النواب يصرون على عبارة "من أين لك هذا؟" تمسك مجلس النواب بعبارة "من أين لك هذا" في اسم قانون "الكسب غير المشروع" المعاد من مجلس الأعيان مخالفين بذلك تعديلات الأعيان. وأصر مجلس النوابعلى شطب دائرة منع الكسب غير المشروع ووافقوا على قرارهم السابق الذي يقول “تنشأ لدى المجلس القضائي هيئة قضائية أو أكثر برئاسة قاضي تمييز وعضوية قاضيين اثنين لا تقل درجتهما عن الدرجة الخاصة بقرار من المجلس القضائي لمدة سنتين يعاونهما في ذلك العدد اللازم من الموظفين تتولى المهام تلقي الإقرارات الخاصة بالأشخاص المشمولين بإحكام هذا القانون وأي بيانات وإيضاحات وشكاوى متعلقة بها". النواب يتمسكون بـ ” من أين لك هذا” على وقع التصفيق ويعززون مكاسبهم المغطاة ...

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The Pursuit of Heroes in Palestinian Cinema: An Interview with Annemarie Jacir

[Still from

["When I Saw You" is being screened at the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival this week. The next showing is Thursday 3 October 2013 at 8:30 PM at the Goethe Institute.] Where do young Palestinians today look for real heroes—individuals who are brave and noble and inspire others to be brave and noble? This is a recurring theme in current Palestinian art, particularly in two of the past year’s most decorated Palestinian films, one a documentary and one a narrative feature. Annemarie Jacir’s narrative When I Saw You [Lamma Shoftak] and Mahdi Fleil’s A World Not Ours [Alam Laysa Lana] have overlapped and shared the awards stage on the international film ...

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Eye-Witness Account of How Some Syrians Treated at Airport in Jordan

[The new Queen Alia International Airport in Amman Jordan. Image from]

[The following is a recently published annoymous eye-witness account. It documents the experience of one self-identified Syrian individual as s/he attempted to enter Amman, Jordan via air travel, and what that person witnessed in terms of the treatment of other Syrians traveling through the Amman airport. The text has been slightly edited for typographical errors.]  How Jordan Treats Syrians at the Airport I arrived to Jordan yesterday at 9:30 a.m.. I stood in line at passport control, I noticed that there were some people turning back and going to the back of the hall. I looked back and noticed quite a few people, but I thought to myself that perhaps there was ...

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ملايين الأغوار في الأردن

ملايين الدنانير لمحاربة الفقر في الأردن تتبخر تاركة خلفها أطلال مشاريع على الورق. تحقيق استقصائي لـ عمّان نت وشبكة أريج يكشف عن هدر رسمي لملايين الدنانير من أموال المنح الاوروبية لمحاربة الفقر في الأغوار الشمالية

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Palestinian Agency And New Campaigns In The Arab World: An Interview With Zaid Shuaibi On The Fourth Annual BDS Conference

[Image from the Fourth Annual BDS Conference. Zaid Shuaibi pictured far left.]

  On 7 June 2013, the Boycott National Committee (BNC) convened the Fourth National Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Conference at Bethlehem University. Comprised of three panels and one set of concurrent workshops, the daylong event targeted local Palestinian communities. While the organizers anticipated four to five hundred participants, seven hundred people showed up. In addition to evidencing its popular character, the Conference’s overflow capacity indicates increasing ownership among Palestinians over the international movement that an overwhelming majority of Palestinian civil society launched in 2005. The panels, conducted in Arabic with ...

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عن موقع حبر كمساحة للحوار النقدي: مقابلة مع رئيسة التحرير لينا عجيلات

في 30 حزيران سنة 2014، حجبتْ الحكومة الأردنية موقع حبر. كان هذا الحجب الثاني للموقع في العامين الماضيين.  نُفِّذَ الحجبُ الأول على موقع وهو الـ URL الأول للمجموعة. أما الحجب الأخير فقد نُفِّذَ على عنوان  وهو الـ URL البديل للمجموعة منذ الحجب الأول. أجريت مقابلة مع رئيسة التحرير لينا عجيلات منذ سنة من أجل معرفة المزيد عن طبيعة حبر كفسحة جماعية ...

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Mohamed Said Baalbaki: Fictional Museum

Mohamed Said Baalbaki: Fictional Museum May 2014 Viennoise Hotel, Cairo   In his two-part series titled Al Buraq (The Pegasus), Lebanese artist Mohamed Said Baalbaki questions the authority of the museum as an institution and the ways in which histories are written and presented to the public. The series takes the shape of a museum setting, with each gallery focusing on a particular moment in the region's modern history. Al Buraq I begins with the story of two German scientists finding ...

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Why is the Dead Sea Dying? An Interview with Muna Dajani

The famous Dead Sea, a salt lake between Jordan to the east and the occupied West Bank and present-day Israel to the west, has been shrinking at the alarming rate of 1.5 meters a year for the past forty years. So why is the Dead Sea dying? Malihe Razazan of "Voices of the Middle East and North Africa" speaks to Palestinian environmentalist, Muna Dajani, about the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project, a ten billion dollar World Bank program attempting to ...

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رائد زعيتر


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المحاكمة العسكرية في الأردن والمعارضة الزائفة


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قليلنا كثير وكثيرنا ليس واحداً

قليلنا كثير وكثيرنا ليس واحداً... في انتظار الحرب كلّ شيءٍ آنيّ والضوء مسألة نظر. في الحرب تخلع الأشياء معناها وترتدي الانتظار. والانتظار غيبوبة تسرقك من الآن وتهبك للترقب فتحيا على أرجوحة الربما بين ماضٍ وغد. نحن اللاجئون نصبنا فوق حبال الأرجوحة خيمتنا ورحنا في الظل نراوح. قبل أربع وستين سنة عشنا ما نكرّره اليوم وانتثرنا في البلاد غبارَ طلعٍ بمورثات ذاكرة. حملنا الوطن حكايا وامتزجنا بتراب شقيق لتأتي ذاكرة هجينة. كلّ وريحه. فمنّا الفلسطيني السوري والأردني واللبناني والمصري والليبي فالأشقاء ...

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حبيبي بيستناني عند البحر

يفيض كتاب "حسن في كل مكان" عذوبة ورمزية يصف بها الفنان الراحل حسن  حوراني (1974-2003) فلسطين ورحلته مع شخصياتها وكائناتها وأمكنتها كمسافر حالم لا يخاف الوحوش، وينام على ورق الورد أو في حضن مدينة القباب، ويركب جسراً معلقاً بين بيوت الزجاج، ويحرر النجوم، ويغلق عينيه وقت السفر، لأنه يرى كل ما يحب بالقلب. غيّبه بحر يافا، "كان ذاهباً نحو البحر، ليختفي تحت الأفق، .. فرفعت الموجة نفسها وشدت على مائها كي ترفع المسافر نحو القمر. ولأنه حسن يحب الليل والسفر، فقد حمل القمر الصغير ومضى". ...

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Mais Darwazah's "The Dinner"

The Dinner. Directed by Mais Darwazah. France/Palestine/UAE, 2012. In Mais Darwazah’s film The Dinner (2012) a portrait of Amman is composed through the lives of its inhabitants: streets are bustling; stairways serve as meeting points; and doors lead to hidden worlds. As a life-long resident, Darwazah approaches her muse with a series of interviews that gradually unpack her own reservations about the small Levantine city. The filmmaker enters its environs with the subject of local cuisine, a topic that ...

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The Geography of Public Lighting in Arab Cities

Recent research shows that lighting in cities has become a salient public policy issue. I will argue here that this is also the case in numerous cities in the Arab world, using some original field observations and raising several research issues—namely the inequalities of service provision in urban areas, citizens’ claims for lighting and how this issue is put on municipal agendas, and who pays service costs, at a time of increasing energy needs, and pressure for electricity savings. Beirut Under the ...

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Shaking the Silence

The river has two banks—A Palestinian-Jordanian Art Intervention The identities of Jordanians and Palestinians are intricately linked. Some liken the relationship to that of a majority towards a minority; others say it oscillates between oppression and companionship. Whatever the case, and despite the shared history, the lack of a deeper exchange between the two banks of the River Jordan continues. Under the title The river has two banks, three visual artists and curators from Palestine and ...

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الإنترنت والديمقراطية الهاشمية


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دائرة المطبوعات والنحر في الاردن

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