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Call for Applicants: Sijal Institute's Intensive Arabic Summer Courses

Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture invited applications for intensive Arabic summer courses in Amman, Jordan. Established by renowned scholars of teh Arab world, we offer enthusiastic students access to: Oustanding Arabic instruction at all levels Curriculum designed at leading US iniversities Hub for intellectual and cultural events Save and exciting location in the heart of Rainbow Street (old Amman) For more information visit as at www. About Sijal Sijal is an institute of Arabic language and culture founded by scholars of Arab culture, history, and society. We offer outstanding instruction for students of Arabic at ...

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Manufacturing Silence: On Jordan's ISIS War, Arab Authoritarianism, and US Empire

[Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon aircrafts fly alongside a US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft while waiting to connect for fuel over Jordan on 19 October 2009.]

On 24 December 2014, ISIS reported and the US-led coalition confirmed that a Jordanian fighter pilot, Mu‘ath al-Kassasbeh, had crashed in Syria and was now in ISIS custody. On 3 February 2015, ISIS released a video showing its own members murdering the pilot by immolation. The Jordanian regime vowed revenge. Some Jordanians took to the streets in grief and anger. The Jordanian Armed Forces, for its part, intensified its bombing campaign in Syria. Media outlets and Middle East analysts have expended considerable energy assessing whether and how Jordan’s war on ISIS in the aftermath of the Kassasbeh capture and death represents a game changer. It is difficult to find a ...

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Workshop: Carbon Democracy and Revolution: Perspectives from the Middle East and the Mediterranean

Social revolutions, civil war and crippling economic crises: What is going on in the Middle East and South Eastern Mediterranean? Are the revolutions and wars in Egypt, Syria or Libya connected to the economic crises in Greece, Italy or Cyprus? How do carbon resources and energy competition affect these tense social, economic and environmental inter-relations? What is the future of 'carbon democracy' and what are its geographic and political ramifications? Inspired by Timothy Mitchell's work Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil, this workshop will probe the relationship between energy, political power, history and ideology in the broad area of the Middle ...

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Amjad Nasser: Questioning Ibn Arabi

[Amjad Nasser. Image from author]

  Questioning Ibn Arabi Amjad Nasser I From Seville to Damascus where I plunged through the scents of Salhiyya’s kitchens and the voices of its persistent sellers until I found you. The sky might be one and the same. . . with clouds raining here and refraining there, with angels absorbed in arranging a mercy that does not arrive, or with migrating birds whose craws carry the shots of pursuing guns. Others carrying the hay of their original homes in their beaks, making winter meet summer. The stars Stay up guarding their dust-covered silver Someone is counting the money of wakefulness with his hands And someone is sleeping by the night’s full eye II The ...

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البحر من هنا

[من مشروع

[تنشر جدلية بالاشتراك مع مجموعة الـدكتافون ومؤسسة "آرت-ايست" نصوصاً تتناول الحق في الوصول إلى الشاطىء في العالم العربي تحت عنوان "من هنا البحر". نشرت هذه النصوص باللغة الانكليزية على موقع آرت-ايست. تنشر سلسلة "من هنا البحر" تباعاً على موقع جدلية خلال الأسبوع القادم.]     واقعية ما تراه تزداد طردياً مع خيالك. فالواقع الذي أعيشه الآن، أنا أراه وأنت تراه على خلاف، وسيتحول الى ذاكرة أو موروث، سيختلف باختلاف الناقل وباختلاف المكان. فما نحن بالمحصلة سوى نتيجة لما سمعنا وتلقينا، وما نظن أننا رأيناه. لكن خيالك سيجعل الأبعد دائماً أجمل، هكذا بدأ الحديث عن المسافات والزمن وفردية المتلقي له وتفسيراته، واختلاف المسافات والزمن ...

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حل لغز كتابة رُقَم دير علا من القرن الثالث عشر قبل الميلاد

يقع (تل دير علا) في الأغوار الوسطى شرقي نهر الأردن.  وفي الرابع عشر من إبريل 1964 أعلن H.J. Franken  مدير حفريات هذا التل عن اكتشاف عدد من الرقم الطينية في الموقع تعود إلى نهاية العصر البرونزي المتأخر، أي إلى نهايات القرن الثالث عشر ق.م. ثلاث من هذه الرقم تحمل كتابة خطت على اللوح الطيني ساعة كان طريا. أما الباقي فقد كان يحمل مجرد نقاط لا يعرف معناها، وإن كان بعضهم يعتقد أنها أرقام حسابية. اللغة التي كتبت بها هذه (النقوش) ظلت غير معروفة، كما ألفباؤها ظلت عصية حتى الآن. وفي حفريات عام 1994 و2004 جرى العثور على عدد آخر من الرقم (1). بالتالي، صار يمكن الطمع في فك ألغاز هذه الكتابة. صحيح أن النصوص ما زالت ضئيلة الحجم، حتى بعد المكتشفات الأخيرة، لكننا صرنا على الأقل ...

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عندما يكون اسمك على "القائمة السوداء"

[أمجد ناصر. الصورة من موقع ذابوتري ترست]

قرأتُ، مرةً، أنَّ عدد المسجلين على القائمة الاميركية "السوداء" يبلغ نحو مليون شخص. ولكنَّ ذلك قبل الحادي عشر من سبتمبر. بعده لا أحد يعلم كم بلغ العدد! قد يخطر في بال من يسمع بوجود هذه القائمة أن الأمر يتعلق بأسماء المتورطين بـ "الارهاب"، مشاركة ً وتمويلاً وتمجيداً، أو بارونات المخدرات الذين يدمِّرون شباب العالم، أو تجار السلاح الذين يسلّحون نزاعات الشعوب بأدوات القتل، ولكن كلا. فقد كان عليها عدد من أبرز كتاب وفنانين العالم ممن ساندوا نضال الشعوب ضد الاستعمار، أو حقِّها في تقرير مصيرها، أو حتى نضالها ضد دكتاتوريات محليّة، مثل بينوشيه في تشيلي، وغير ه في اميركا اللاتينية واسيا وإفريقيا، من هؤلاء يكفي أن نذكر: ماركيز، غراهام غرين، دوريس لسنغ، نيرودا، ...

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An Excerpt from Amjad Nasser's "Land of No Rain"

[Amjad Nasser. Image from Author]

[Land of No Rain, the recently published novel by Jordanian poet Amjad Nasser (b. 1955), describes the experiences, thoughts and memories of an ageing leftist who decides to go home to fictional Hamiya after twenty years in exile. The move makes him reflect on the effects time has wrought on him, on the world around him and on the ideals that have sustained him over the years. Much of the book is written in the second person, addressing either of the protagonist's two personae – the one that went into exile and a notional one that stayed at home. In this passage (from pages 58 to 63), which takes place in exile, the narrator has just run into Mahmoud, a former comrade ...

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Jordanian Government Blocks 7iber Again

[Image from a protest in front of the Jordanian Parliament against the Press and Publication Law in 2012, where protesters carried a symbolic coffin of Internet Freedom. Image courtesy of 7iber.]

Yesterday the Jordanian Media Commission blocked access to, the alternate domain we have been using for the past year after the Jordanian government first blocked along with around two hundred other websites based on the amended Press and Publication Law. Despite the ban, or perhaps in part because of it, 7iber went through some exciting changes and developments this past year. Our content and research teams have grown. We have produced numerous reports, multimedia packages, and photo stories on diverse issues that do not get much coverage in mainstream media. We expanded our research on internet governance and digital rights. We ...

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Fadwa Toukan: A Profile from the Archives

[Palestinian poet Fadwa Toukan, source of picture: Wikipedia]

["A Profile from the Archives“  is a series published by Jadaliyya in both Arabic and English in cooperation with the Lebanese newspaper, Assafir. These profiles will feature iconic figures who left indelible marks in the politics and culture of the Middle East and North Africa. This profile was originally published in Arabic and was translated by Mazen Hakeem.] Name: Fadwa Last Name: Toukan Father’s name: Abul Fattah Agha Toukan Mother’s name: Fawzieh Amin Baik Date of birth: 1917 Date of death: 2003 Nationality: Palestinian Category: Author Profession: Poet   Fadwa Toukan    Was a Palestinian national who held ...

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Beyond Emergency Assistance: Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Iraq

[Logo of Refugees International. Image from]

[The following report was published by Refugees International on 4 February 2014] Beyond Emergency Assistance: Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Northern Iraq In less than three years, the Syrian conflict has forced well over two million of that country’s citizens to take refuge in other states. Some 200,000 have fled to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, and 600,000 to Jordan, the two countries visited by Refugees International (RI) during its most recent mission to the Middle East. These refugees seem likely to remain in exile for a considerable amount of time. Even if peace returns to the country quickly – a scenario that seems highly unlikely – the level of ...

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البحث عن غابة في عمّان


  "والغابة الأَجمة ذاتُ الشجر الـمُتَكاثف، لأَنها تُغَيِّبُ ما فيها" - لسان العرب       ملصق على شبّاك يطل على عمّان صباح كل يوم، وفي نفس الموعد، يخرج ستينيّ ملتحٍ من منزله بملابس النوم يحمل كيس قمامة وحقيبة سوداء باتّجاه حاويات القمامة على زاوية منزل مهجور بحديقة كبيرة. وبالوتيرة والترتيب نفسهما يرمي الكيس على بعد متر ونصف من الحاوية الممتلئة، وينبّش في الأخيرة هاشّاً القطط التي تنتظر كيس قمامة آخر، ثم ينتقل ليبحث في الأكياس المتناثرة على الرصيف، وأمام مداخل العمارات من دون أن يأخذ شيئاً معه. كان خصمي السياسيّ يتمثّل في هذا الرجل: بلادته وروتينه القاسي الآتيان من امتياز لم يمنحه إيّاه أحد، احتكاره لحيّز عام بتهديد قوّة سريّة توجد ...

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Syrian Refugees Collectivizing in Jordan Becomes a Security Issue

Introduction I first visited the northern city of Irbid, Jordan in the summer of 2013 as an American undergraduate studying Arabic. By joining a youth volunteer group, I came into contact with Syrian social workers who mobilize resources and services among the Syrian community to assist new Syrian arrivals, including injured ex- fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). On my visits to Syrian neighborhoods, I heard a wealth of personal narratives of suffering and resilience that impressed upon me the ...

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Al-Wihdat Refugee Camp: Between Inclusion and Exclusion

Drawing on the influential writing of Arendt, Foucault, and Agamben, much of the literature on refugees and refugee camps has generally emphasized the liminality and extraordinariness of the space of the camp. Camps have often been juxtaposed to the city. Whereas the latter has come to represent normality, the camp has been portrayed as the site of hardened national identities and political ideologies or, conversely, as a place of confinement for speechless victims. This approach might result in ...

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Dead Sea Living

Dead Sea Living, directed by German Gutierrez. Canada/France/Palestine, 2013. Although the Dead Sea has no life, it provides living through the rich minerals extracted from it. Yet the flood of water into the Dead Sea is slowly receding. It has witnessed a ninety-foot drop in only thirty years on a lake that is just sixty-seven kilometers long and twenty kilometers wide. At this rate, the Dead Sea will bottom out as a small pond in about fifty years. German Gutierrez’s film Dead Sea Living depicts the ...

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Banning Halloween and Other Narrative Diversions in Jordan

We were just dusting off our annual “please observe Halloween responsibly” email message to students when bars and clubs began announcing via social media that they were cancelling their Halloween parties at the request of the government. Shortly thereafter, the Ministry of Interior confirmed this. It cited security concerns, such as some highly-publicized mob assaults on similar parties in recent years (invariably blamed on Islamists hurling accusations of “Satanism” and “homosexuality”). The ministry ...

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الانحناء على جثة عمّان

استيقظت على ظلال كبيرة وصغيرة. كانت الكبيرة تلكمني على وجهي وتتحدّث إلي. والصغيرة تتنفّس في وجهي وتسقيني لُزوجَتها. وعندما استطعت فتح عيناي، <

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When Your Name is on the Blacklist

[The Gallatin School of New York University invited Amjad Nasser, one of the major poets of the Arab world, to inaugurate its Gallatin Global Writers series on 30 September. On 27 September, US Homeland Security at Heathrow, London, interrogated Nasser and prevented him from boarding the plane without giving any reason. The bilingual reading will take place as scheduled in protest of this occurrence. Nasser will join from London via Skype. The following is the essay Nasser wrote after the incident. It is ...

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New Texts Out Now: Myriam Ababsa, Atlas of Jordan: History, Territories, and Society

Myriam Ababsa, editor, Atlas of Jordan: History, Territories, and Society. Beirut: Presses de l’Institut Français du Proche-Orient, 2013. أطلس الأردن - التاريخ، الأرض والمجتمع Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Myriam Ababsa (MA): Jordan lacked a synthetic book about its historical resiliencies and social dynamics. The Royal Jordanian Geographical Center published the first two-volume Atlas of Jordan in 1984, but this series was dedicated to the country’s physical geography and lacked any ...

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عن موقع حبر كمساحة للحوار النقدي: مقابلة مع رئيسة التحرير لينا عجيلات

في 30 حزيران سنة 2014، حجبتْ الحكومة الأردنية موقع حبر. كان هذا الحجب الثاني للموقع في العامين الماضيين.  نُفِّذَ الحجبُ الأول على موقع وهو الـ URL الأول للمجموعة. أما الحجب الأخير فقد نُفِّذَ على عنوان  وهو الـ URL البديل للمجموعة منذ الحجب الأول. أجريت مقابلة مع رئيسة التحرير لينا عجيلات منذ سنة من أجل معرفة المزيد عن طبيعة حبر كفسحة جماعية ...

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Mohamed Said Baalbaki: Fictional Museum

Mohamed Said Baalbaki: Fictional Museum May 2014 Viennoise Hotel, Cairo   In his two-part series titled Al Buraq (The Pegasus), Lebanese artist Mohamed Said Baalbaki questions the authority of the museum as an institution and the ways in which histories are written and presented to the public. The series takes the shape of a museum setting, with each gallery focusing on a particular moment in the region's modern history. Al Buraq I begins with the story of two German scientists finding ...

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Why is the Dead Sea Dying? An Interview with Muna Dajani

The famous Dead Sea, a salt lake between Jordan to the east and the occupied West Bank and present-day Israel to the west, has been shrinking at the alarming rate of 1.5 meters a year for the past forty years. So why is the Dead Sea dying? Malihe Razazan of "Voices of the Middle East and North Africa" speaks to Palestinian environmentalist, Muna Dajani, about the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project, a ten billion dollar World Bank program attempting to ...

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رائد زعيتر


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المحاكمة العسكرية في الأردن والمعارضة الزائفة


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