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Resisting Amnesia: Twenty Five Years After the Al Amiriyah Attack

[Al-Amiriyah Shelter--Transnational Collective Campaign Poster]

On 13 February 1991, the United States Air Force deliberately targeted the Al Amiriyah bomb shelter in Baghdad, killing 408 civilians, mostly women and children. It was a brazen act of terror that has left permanent scars on Iraqi society. The Iraqi Transnational Collective issued a statement commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of this catastrophic act of brutality and has initiated a global campaign to raise awareness about this attack. Dima Yassine of Status spoke to Nazli Tarzi and Zeena al Jawad about the tragedy and their efforts to keep its memory alive. Both are active members of the Iraqi Transnational Collective, a grassroots nonsectarian ...

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Speaking Truth to Power: A Panel on Academic Freedoms and the War Against Kurds in Turkey (17 February, CUNY Graduate Center, New York)

February 17, 2016 6:00-8:00 PM The Graduate Center, CUNY 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY Room C198 (Concourse Level) Reception to follow. Please bring ID to enter the building. More information can be found here. A panel discussion with David Harvey, Nazan Üstündağ, Aslı Iğsız and Kamal Soleimani, moderated by Anthony Alessandrini. Following the June 2015 general elections, Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) renewed the state’s forty-year-long war against Kurds. This move ended the peace negotiations that had been taking place between the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and the government since 2013. The resurgence of the war has led to increasing ...

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الحبّ هو الذي يحرّرنا

[صورة للشاعرة الأميركية من أصل أفريقي مايا أنجلو]

قصائد مختارة توفّيت الشاعرة الأميركية من أصل أفريقي مايا أنجلو Maya Angelou عن عمر ناهز 86 عاماً حفل بالإبداع في ميادين أدبية وفنية كثيرة. كانت شاعرة غزيزة ومقروءة على نطاق واسع، وقد عبّر شعرها دائماً عن جمال السود، وقوة النساء، والروح الإنسانية. انتقدت أنجلو حرب فيتنام، وطالبت بالعدالة الاجتماعية للجميع بدون استثناء، وعبّرتْ في شعرها أيضاً عن معاناة السود في أميركا وألمهم وإجبارهم على الخضوع وعن الشعور بالخطيئة الناجم عن قبول معاناة كهذه، وعن الاحتجاج وقوة الحياة. استفاد شعرها من أدائها له: غالباً ما كانت أنجلو تلقي قصائدها أمام جمهور مسحور بها. ذلك أن شعرها تأثر أيضاً بالتقاليد الشفهية الأفريقية ـ الأميركية كمثل أناشيد العبيد. وبالإضافة إلى فحصها للتجربة الفردية ...

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Turkey Media Roundup (February 2)

[Silopi, 19 January 2016. Image by Fatih Pinar]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Turkey and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Turkey Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] English Violence in the Southeast Ambulances Halted as Turkey Besieges Kurdish Town Frederike Geerdink describes the efforts by lawyers to secure ECHR support for Turkish citizens in Cizre denied access to ambulances. The ECHR, however, maintains that Turkish courts have precedence. A Country on the Edge of Europe Increasingly Looks like War-Torn ...

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New Texts Out Now: Haytham Bahoora, Writing the Dismembered Nation: The Aesthetics of Horror in Iraqi Narratives of War

[Cover of Arab Studies Journal (Vol. XXIII No. 1), Fall 2015]

Haytham Bahoora, “Writing the Dismembered Nation: The Aesthetics of Horror in Iraqi Narratives of War,” in Arab Studies Journal (Vol. XXIII No. 1), Fall 2015: 184-209. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this article? Haytham Bahoora (HB): The article came out of a conference at Haverford College, organized by Professor Zainab Saleh, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, titled “Shades of Occupation: Iraq After Ten Years.” I was interested in how Iraqi fiction and art have represented the 2003 US invasion of Iraq and its residual effects on the Iraqi population. Since 2003, Iraqi writers and artists have undertaken a wide-ranging cultural ...

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Statement of Concern by Professors of Turkish Studies and Ottoman History Regarding Diminishing Academic Freedoms in Turkey

[Map of Turkey]

[The following statement was issued by a group of scholars of Turkish Studies and Ottoman History on 20 January 2016 in regards to concerns over academic freedoms and freedom of expression in Turkey.] Statement For Academic Freedom In Turkey Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey We, the undersigned professors of Turkish Studies and Ottoman History working at various universities throughout the world, from the USA to Asia, declare that we are profoundly concerned about the diminishing academic freedoms in Turkey.  On 10 January 2016, 1128 academics from Turkey and 356 from abroad signed a petition calling the Republic of Turkey to ...

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Acts and Omissions: Framing Settler Colonialism in Palestine Studies

[Participants in an Idle No More solidarity action in Los Angeles in December 2013. (WNV/©Paulo Freire Lopez)]

Columbus was free to look for a language he couldn't find here, to look for gold in the skulls of our ancestors. He took his fill from the flesh of our living and our dead. So why is he bent on carrying out his deadly war even from the grave? (Mahmoud Darwish)   Over the past several years, there has been renewed interest in the use of the settler colonial analytic to study the ongoing occupation of Palestine. While the Oslo accords are continuously pronounced dead, their impact on Palestinian life lingers, fragmenting the Palestinian people, land and economy. Understanding Israel as a settler colonial state is one means of opposing this fragmentation. It ...

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The Giving Tree

[Aja Monet Bacquie in Hebron. Image by Christopher Hazou]

After #DDPalestine               At the core of suffering, there is always a door, a wall. The knob shouting, they came in violently. Before the sun rose, there was an Israeli flag   posted outside. Beit Hanina, Silwan, Sheikh Jurrah. They came in violently for her home, her dignity or both, veins on a grandmother’s wrist pleading over a stove that fed   the faces around it, rusted faucets cleansing tired hands and rinsing cauliflower, potatoes, carrots. Picture frames of memories smiling back to her, knocked down.   Doors arrest the body, walls are everywhere. If her wrinkles could speak, they’d ...

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New Texts Out Now: Lara Deeb and Jessica Winegar, Anthropology’s Politics: Disciplining the Middle East

[Cover of Lara Deeb and Jessica Winegar,

Lara Deeb and Jessica Winegar, Anthropology’s Politics: Disciplining the Middle East. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Lara Deeb and Jessica Winegar (LD & JW): Fundamentally, we chose to write this book because we need a much better on-the-ground understanding of how US domestic politics and foreign policy shapes higher education, including our day to day lives as academics and the choices we make in research, teaching, and public outreach. In our view, Middle East anthropology provides the perfect lens onto these interactions for a variety of reasons that we detail in the book. There is also a personal, ...

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طفل الثلج

[لوحة للفنانة السورية فادية عفاش]

قصة قصيرة لمؤلّف أميركي مجهول* كان هناك تاجر نشيط ومجدّ يمضي معظم وقته خارج البلاد ملاحقاً تجارته. وفي أثناء إحدى رحلاته، التي استمرت أكثر من عامين، وقعت زوجته في حبّ جار شابّ. لم يتمكّن العاشقان من السيطرة على عواطفهما المتأجّجة مما دفعهما إلى لقاء سريع، وأقاما علاقتهما بطريقة خرقاء، إذ إنه بعد مضيِّ حوالى تسعة أشهر، اكتشفت زوجة التاجر أنها حامل للمرة الأولى. وكانت دهشة التاجر لدى عودته إلى المنزل كبيرة حين اكتشف هذا المكسب الجديد للأسرة، وسأل زوجته إن كان الحمْلُ قد تم بفعل معجزة تجعلهما مدينين لها. أجابت الزوجة: كنتُ في أحد الأيام، يا سيدي، أتكئ إلى النافذة في أعلى الدرج، أنفّس عن أحزاني بسبب غيابك، حدث هذا في فصل الشتاء، وكان الثلج يتساقط بغزارة، وحين رفعتُ عينيَّ ...

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Intellectual Journey: On Islamic Studies - A STATUS/الوضع Conversation with Ahmad Dallal

In this interview, Ahmad Dallal traces his intellectual and personal journey from Lebanon to the United Sates and back, while addressing his research trajectory, American University in Beirut provost experience, and future research plans. Dallal’s academic training and research focus is on the intellectual, historical, and institutional contexts of the disciplines of learning in medieval and early modern Islamic societies, covering both the exact and the traditional sciences. His first book, An Islamic Response to Greek Astronomy; Kitab Ta‘dil Hay’at al-Aflak of Sadr al-Shari‘a (E.J. Brill, 1995), examines the astronomical work of the fourteenth-century scientist and ...

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Iraqi Odyssey in NYC

[Image from Iraqi Odyssey.]

Iraqi Odyssey: A Global Family Saga by Samir Monday, November 30, 6:00 p.m. The Iris and Gerald B. Cantor Center, 36 E. 8th Street, Theater 101 Tracing the emigrations of his family over more than half a century, this riveting documentary epic from acclaimed expatriate Iraqi filmmaker Samir pays moving homage to the frustrated democratic dreams of people successively plagued by the horrors of dictatorship, war, and foreign occupation. You can watch the trailer here. (2015, Iraq, Switzerland) 162 Minutes After-film panel discussion with: Samir (filmmaker) Ella Shohat, Professor, New York University Sinan Antoon, Associate Professor, New York University * ...

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Turkey Media Roundup (February 9)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Turkey and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Turkey Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] English Violence in the Southeast/Kurdish Politics Turkish Government Determined not to Withdraw from PKK Fight Murat Yetkin discusses the reasons why the Turkish government will not ...

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Letter by American Sociological Association Expressing Concern for Signatories of Academics for Peace Statement in Turkey

  [The following letter was issued by the American Sociological Association on 29 January 2016 regarding ongoing threats to academic freedom in Turkey.] Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu Office of the Prime Minister Başbakanlık 06573 Ankara, Turkey Via Email: We write on behalf of more than 12,000 members of the American Sociological Association to express our grave concern about the actions that the Turkish government has taken against signatories to the ...

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New Texts Out Now: Mike de Seve and Daniel Burwen, Operation Ajax: The Story of the CIA Coup that Remade the Middle East

Mike de Seve and Daniel Burwen, Operation Ajax: The Story of the CIA Coup that Remade the Middle East. Foreword by Stephen Kinzer. London and New York: Verso, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Mike de Seve (MdS): Well, being an American gets stranger the more you know about our covert history. Having grown up in a time and place where America stood for peace and democracy, and Iran was considered the devil (in my town, Khomeini dart boards were a big seller) I was fascinated to find ...

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ميروين: قصيدتان

قصيدتان و. س. ميروين العيش مع الأخبار هل بإمكاني أن أعتاد عليها يوماً بعد يوم،  تدريجيّاً، بينما يأتي المد أكثر سرعة والأمواج تكبر وتتراكم محطمّة الأرقام القياسية ليس هذا هو العالم الذي أتذكّره ثم يأتي يوم أفتح فيه العلبة التي أذكر أنني كنت قد ملأتها بعناية لأجد أمامي الوجه الذي كنت أعرفه جيداً وقد أصبح قطّعاً صغيرة تحدّق فيّ لم يُذْكَر على الصفحات الأولى بل في مكان ما في الآخر، قرب صفحة العقارات بين الأشياء التي تحدث كل يوم لشخص ما، واليوم هو أنا وما الذي يمكن أن أفعله؟ ومن يمكن أن ...

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Joint Letter by Global Higher Education Networks in Support of Turkey's Higher Education and Research Community

[The following press release was issued by Scholars at Risk on 21 January 2016 to publicize the joint letter endorsed by 20 higher education networks and associations regarding concerns over widespread pressures on members of Turkey's higher education and research community.] Press Release: Global Higher Education Networks Stand with Turkish Scholars New York, January 21, 2016 – This afternoon, a coalition of 20 higher education networks and associations from around the world have issued a joint ...

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The Saudi PR Machine in the US: An Interview with Lee Fang

On 2 January 2016, Saudi Arabia executed forty-seven people, including prominent dissident Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr. Soon after the executions, organized mobs attacked the Saudi diplomatic missions in Tehran and the northeastern city of Mash-had. The tension between the two countries reached its paroxysm when Saudi Arabia severed all diplomatic and commercial ties with Iran. In his new piece in the Intercept, Lee Fang writes that a well-funded Saudi public relations apparatus moved in quickly to shape ...

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ماء كثير قريب جداً من المنزل

قصة قصيرة للكاتب الأميركي ريموند كارفر ماء كثير قريب جداً من المنزل يأكل زوجي بشهية مفتوحة. لكنني لا أظنّ أنه جائع. يمضغ، واضعاً ذراعيه على الطاولة، ويحدّق في شيء عبر الغرفة. ينظر إليّ ويشيح بصره بعيداً. يمسح فمه بالمنديل. يهزّ كتفيه، ويواصل الأكل. "لماذا تحدّقين بي؟ ما الأمر؟"، قال ووضع شوكته. قلت وأنا أهزّ رأسي:"هل كنتُ أحدّق؟" رنّ الهاتف. قال:"لا تردّي". قلت:"قد تكون أمّك". قال:"تبيّني فحسب". التقطتُ السماعة وأصغيتُ. توقف زوجي عن ...

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Uncivil Rites: An Interview with Steven Salaita

  In the summer of 2014, renowned American Indian studies professor Steven Salaita had his appointment to a tenured professorship revoked by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, because of public tweets criticizing the Israel’s fifty-one day military assault on Gaza. Professor Salaita’s firing sparked a heated debate about academic freedom, free speech on campus, and the silencing pro-Palestinian voices on US campuses. Professor Salaita spoke with Khalil Bendib ...

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الأنثروبولوجيا الأميركية تصوّت للمقاطعة: إنجازٌ رغم اللوائح السوداء وضدها!

الأنثروبولوجيا الأميركية" تصوّت للمقاطعة: إنجازٌ رغم اللوائح السوداء وضدها!" في خطوةٍ أولى اعتبرها البعض تاريخية، صوّت أعضاء المؤتمر السنوي لـ "جمعية الأنثربولوجيا الأميركية" (AAA) لمصلحة قرار يقاطع إسرائيل أكاديمياً ويتبنى نداء المنظمات الفلسطينية الأهلية، الذي أطلق قبل أكثر من عقد من الزمن، بمقاطعة إسرائيل اقتصادياً وأكاديمياً وفنياً، والمعروف بالإنكليزية تحت اسم "BDS" (بي دي أس). وأيّدت القرار الأغلبية الساحقة من الحضور (88 في المئة)، حيث صوّت لمصلحته 1040 شخصاً مقابل ...

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Whose University? Criminalizing Student Organizing on Campus: A STATUS/الوضع Episode of Reclaiming Academic Freedom

In this episode of Reclaiming Academic Freedom, Status//الوضع host Tareq Radi interviews four students on the university’s stifling of political organizing via the criminalization of student activities that challenge institutional decisions and policies.  The program episode below includes four parts that you can click on separately. Please find the transcript below the player. Khalil Antonio Vasquez grew up in Spanish Harlem and the Bronx raised by his Puerto Rican grandmother and ...

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New Texts Out Now: Kermit Roosevelt, Allegiance

Kermit Roosevelt, Allegiance. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What led you to write this novel? Kermit Roosevelt (KR): In 2007, two years after the publication of my first novel (In the Shadow of the Law), my editor said to me that he wanted my next one to be set in the Supreme Court. I told him I wasn’t sure I could do it. I would love to write about the Court, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was revealing secrets from my time working there. (I clerked for Justice David ...

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الهوامش التي نعيش فيها

قصائد مختارة للشاعر الأميركي من السكان الأصليين (هنود حمر) سيمون جوزف أورتيز إن عالم سيمون جي. أورتيز (Simon J. Ortiz 1941) مزيجٌ من هويات متعددة ومتنوّعة: له اسم أميركي واسم أكوميّ (هيهدروتسي)، وهو من الجنوب الغربيّ لكنه يعيش في تورنتو، كندا. ولد ونشأ في جماعة أكوما بويبلو في ألبوكيركي، نيو مكسيكو، وتلقى تعليمه الأول في مدرسة مكتب الشؤون الهندية في محمية أكوما. فيما بعد درس في جامعة نيو مكسيكو. يدرّس أورتيز حالياً في قسم اللغة الإنكليزية في جامعة تورنتو، كندا. يستقصي شعره أهمية الأصول ...

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