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Media on the Margins: An Interview with Sky News' Sherine Tadros on Reporting the Israeli Attack on Gaza Israel Mows the Lawn Cities Media Roundup Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat Debates the Tactics and Ethics of Warfare on PBS Newshour HRW Whitewashes Israel, The Law Supports Hamas: Some Reflections on Israel’s Latest Massacre
[خارطة العراق عام ١٩٢٩ على سجادة. المصدر: أرشيف الكاتب]

العراق: خطاب التقسيم والأقلمة

عاد خطاب التقسيم و“الأقلمة“ إلى الواجهة مع تدهور الوضع في العراق و“تمدّد“ الدولة الإسلامية وسيطرتها على الموصل وأجزاء مهمّة من البلاد، حتى أصبحت تشكل خطراً حقيقيّاً يهدد وجود الدولة العراقية. فصرنا نسمعه يتداول في التقارير الإخبارية ...

[Cartoon from embedded Tweet below]

Isolating Gaza

The restriction of Palestinian movement in Gaza and elsewhere has long been a central tactic of the Israeli occupation. During the latest Israeli assault on Gaza considerable media coverage has been given to the Israeli tactic of calling ...

[The Gaza Strip, 2000. Map by PASSIA]

Cities Media Roundup (July 1-28)

[This is a monthly roundup of news articles, and other materials related to urban issues in the region, and beyond. It does not reflect the views of the Cities Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send recommendations for inclusion in the ...

[Cover of

New Texts Out Now: Muriam Haleh Davis, The Afterlives of the Algerian Revolution

Muriam Haleh Davis, editor, The Afterlives of the Algerian Revolution. Special Issue of JadMag (June 2014). Jadaliyya (J): What made you create this pedagogical publication? Muriam Haleh Davis (MHD): In November ...

Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (November 21)

[Image from Saeed Saif]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] Reports and Opinions On the Oil that Burned the Arab Spring Tareq Aziza provides an analysis of the positions of Saudi Arabia and Qatar towards the uprisings in the Arab countries, on Al-Akhbar English.  Who Qualifies as a Human Rights Defender? Mona Kareem writes a reply to Sultan al-Qassemi’s “UAE Political Islamists Are ...

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New Texts Out Now: Mark LeVine and Gershon Shafir, Struggle and Survival in Palestine/Israel

[Cover of

Mark LeVine and Gershon Shafir, editors. Struggle and Survival in Palestine/Israel. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Mark LeVine (ML): I first came up with the idea for the book after teaching Terry Burke's seminal volume Struggle and Survival in the Modern Middle East in a modern Middle East lecture course during the same quarter I was teaching my Israel/Palestine course. I realized that while there were very important advances in scholarship on the conflict and its histories, students were easily overwhelmed by the complexity of the historical processes involved in the new narratives. Seeing how ...

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Democracy Now! Interview with Raji Sourani and Richard Falk on Gaza Assault and International Humanitarian Law

[Screenshot of Interview with Raji Sourani. Image from video below.]

  President Obama has announced his full support for Israel’s ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip even as dozens of Palestinians, including many civilians, continue to be killed by U.S.-supplied weaponry. At least ninety-five Palestinians have been killed in air strikes by warplanes and drones. More than seven hundred have been wounded, including two hundred children. On Sunday, a massive air strike leveled a home in Gaza City killing twelve people, including ten members of the same family. Over the past week, rockets fired from Gaza have killed three Israelis. We go to Gaza to speak with Raji Sourani, an award-winning human rights lawyer and director of the ...

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Assiut, Qursaya, Mohamed Mahmoud: Making the Connections

[Graffiti on Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

Mourning has seemed the order of the day in Egypt this week. Just as Egyptians prepared to remember and mourn the protesters who lost their lives at this time last year in the Battle of Mohamed Mahmoud, a train collision in Assiut killed fifty-one children, devastating the country. At first glance, the deaths at Mohamed Mahmoud would appear to have little in common with those at Assiut. The protesters were killed by security forces as they demonstrated against the military regime then led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. The children were killed as the bus they were riding was struck by a train at a railroad crossing — a ...

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O.I.L. Media Roundup (19 November)

[Image of Mosque destroyed by Israeli bombing in Operation Cast Lead. Image by ISM Palestine. From Wikimedia Commons.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Occupation, Intervention, and Law and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the O.I.L. Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each biweekly roundup to by Monday night of every other week]   News "Israel Pounds Gaza Strip from Air and Sea," Al-Jazeera English Al-Jazeera English provides an overview of the first five days of Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip, Hamas' response, the political responses on both sides, and Egypt's involvement in the conflict.  "Blogger is Dead ...

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Last Week on Jadaliyya (Nov 12-18)

This is a selection of what you might have missed on Jadaliyya last week. It also includes a list of the most read articles.  Progressively, we will be featuring more content on our "Last Week on Jadaliyya" series.   Timeline: Israel's Latest Escalation in Gaza The Agonies of Susan Rice: Gaza and the Negroponte Doctrine Israeli Aggression in the Gaza Strip: In Pictures We Are Fine in Gaza. How Are You? Dissecting IDF Propaganda: The Numbers Behind the Rocket Attacks Jadaliyya Launches Photography Page Getting Past the Brink: Protests and the Possibilities of Change in Jordan Facebook ...

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The Politics of Trains

[Train crash scene in Asyut. Image Source: O News Agency]

Amidst Israel’s ongoing “surgical” brutality in the Gaza Strip and authoritarianism’s slow, stubborn, yet very bloody demise in Syria, further tragegy and horror was delivered yesterday from an unexpected source. At 7:00 on the morning of 17 November, a speeding train passing through Egypt’s Manfalut district of the southern governorate of Asyut, struck a busload of children. The bus driver drove across the tracks even though the warning lights and sirens were reportedly activated. An official, speaking anonymously, stated that the crossing was not closed. The horrific collision occurred in full view of a traffic policeman and a crossing guard, who had previously been ...

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Dissecting IDF Propaganda: The Numbers Behind the Rocket Attacks

[Crop of image of IDF Facebook graphic regarding rocket attacks.]

In this brief study, I examine the many numbers cited by the Israeli military relating to Gaza rocket attacks into Israel. To begin, Israeli spokespeople frequently remind the world that a million Israeli citizens are within range of Gaza rockets, twelve thousand of which have been fired into Israel in the last twelve years, inflicting thousands of injuries and several dead. However, we are rarely told exactly how many people have been killed by these rocket attacks. Counting the dead Below is a list of all the fatalities of rocket and mortar attacks fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel in the entire history of these attacks. Throughout the years of rocket attacks ...

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Netanyahu's First War

[A Palestinian man picks up a binder from the debris after an Israeli air strike on the building of Hamas' Ministry of Interior in Gaza City, 16 November 2012. Image by Hatem Moussa/AP Photo.]

Despite his deserved reputation as an extremist and rejectionist of the first order, Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu has unlike most of his predecessors never initiated a war. He appears not to have planned one this time either.  The 1996 Tunnel Intifada, named after several days of clashes that followed Israel’s festive opening of a tunnel in the heart of occupied East Jerusalem, may well have been Bibi’s template for the current assault on the Gaza Strip. It after all transpired during his previous term in office and consists of three simple steps: 1. Launch outrageous provocation guaranteed to elicit armed response. 2. Use overwhelming firepower to kill Arabs and ...

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Reports Roundup (November 17)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] International Call Out: British CEO's Actions Threaten Union Rights in Lebanon Friends of Spinneys Workers draws attention to the harassment, both physical and psychological, of workers at the Lebanese branches of Spinney's supermarket. These attacks, a product of Spinney's CEO Michael Wright and Lebanese elites, are intended to curtail the activities of the workers' independent union.  0 0 1 46 267 Duke University 2 1 312 14.0 ...

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Lonely Servitude: Child Domestic Labor in Morocco

[Human Rights Watch logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by Human Rights Watch on 15 November 2012.]   Lonely Servitude: Child Domestic Labor in Morocco Executive Summary Latifa L. was twelve years old when she began working as a domestic worker in Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city. She said she was “really scared,” but a recruiter reassured her that her future employers “would be very kind” and would pay her well. It turned out to be an empty promise. Once in Casablanca—a five-hour bus journey from home—Latifa discovered that she was the only domestic worker for a family with four children. She said she toiled without a break from six in the morning until ...

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خرائط الصبّار

[من آثار القصف في غزّة. الصورة من ثرينيوز]

١ جرّافات التاريخ السائد الذي يصنعه الرجل الأبيض منذ قرون تزمجر وتندفع، مرة أخرى، إلى ”الأمام“. حوافر التكنولوجيا والتقدّم تحمل آخر ما ابتكره من أدوات القتل والمحق لاقتلاع الشعوب، الأكثر سمرة في الغالب، التي يعرقل وجودها أساطيره العنصرية ويذكّر بتاريخ جرائمه ويشوّش خرائطه. لكن هناك دائماً من يقاوم ومن يرفض أن يخرج من التاريخ بصمت ليتحول إلى عيّنة في متحف أو إلى موضوع مثير لبحث أنثروبولوجي أو ذكرى قد تثير شيئاً من الخجل أو العار بعد عقود، هذا إن لم يغطّه تراب النسيان كليّاً. لكن، هناك من يبقى ويرفض أن يموت بصمت أو أن يصمت أو يصفق لقاتله. ٢ في غزّة، كما في أرجاء فلسطين والشتات، هناك أولئك الذين حاولت إسرائيل إخراجهم وإخراج أهليهم من التاريخ مرة أو أكثر من قبل. أودعتهم ...

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African Americans for Justice in the Middle East and North Africa Statement Regarding the Aggression Against Gaza

[The following statement was issued by African Americans for Justice in the Middle East and North Africa on 18 November 2012.]  African Americans for Justice in the Middle East and North Africa (AAJMENA) strongly condemns Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The arguments offered by the Israeli government for its attack on Gaza are nakedly cynical in both form and content. That a truce had been negotiated, with the assistance of the Egyptian government, between Israel and ...

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Call for Applications: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Modern Arab Culture and Society (Brown University, 2013-2015)

Postdoctoral Fellowship in International Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow in Modern Arab Culture and Society Brown University Middle East Studies at Brown University invites applications for a two-year post-doctoral fellow in Modern Arab Culture and Society, with an emphasis on social movements and youth culture in a global context. The ideal candidate will be fluent in Arabic, have extensive field experience in the Arab world, and be familiar with global development and political discourses on modern ...

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Egypt Media Roundup (November 19)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]   “Viewpoint: Egypt's emerging revolution of the mind” BBC Radio 4 explores the growing culture of open dissent in post-revolution Egypt. “Govt negotiates corruption ...

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عمودُ السّحاب يرتد على نتنياهو وحكومته

حتى كتابة هذه السطور، ولليوم السادس على التوالي، يتواصل العدوان الإسرائيلي على غزة، ويستمر الصمود وإطلاق الصواريخ على تل أبيب والقدس ومناطق لم تصلها من قبل بالرغم من إعلان الحكومة الإسرائيليّة منذ اليوم الأول عن تصفيتها للبنية التحتيّة التي تجعل الفلسطينيين قادرين على إطلاق الصواريخ. في نفس الوقت تتواصل فيه الجهود المصريّة المدعومة أميركيًا وأوروبيًا وعربيًا من أجل التوصل إلى تهدئة، وبالرغم من أن جميع الاحتمالات مفتوحة؛ إلا أن مختلف الأطراف أبدت استعدادها للتوصل إلى تهدئة، وهذا يجعلها الاحتمال ...

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Noura Erakat and Yousef Munayyer on Gaza Assault: Interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes

In a repetition of its aerial and ground offensive in Winter 2008/09, Israel has once again embarked on a military campaign against the Palestinian population in Gaza. This assault comes just after US Presidential elections and just before Israel's Parliamentary elections. Israel claims that its objective is to diminish Hamas's military capacity, yet most analysts attribute the war to PM Netanyahu's domestic electoral considerations. The latest round of armed force began on November ...

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Mowing the Lawn in Gaza

The mainstream media’s coverage of all things Middle Eastern is almost always toxic. In times of war, this toxicity exceeds tolerable levels. I’m not referring to the war in Afghanistan, recently brought under greater attention courtesy of General Petraeus’s body and those with access to it, and not the piling corpses of civilians being slaughtered there. No. I meant Gaza, where Israeli bombs continue to rain death and destruction from air and sea killing scores of civilians. There are fears of an ...

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“Qaboos can make mistakes like anybody else"-- The Sultan of Oman De-sacralized

The summer of 2012 in Oman was punctuated by a litany of reports announcing arrests and convictions of bloggers and human rights activists. This new crackdown on civil society started in May, when two human rights activists and a lawyer were arrested while they tried to interview striking oil workers in two of the main Omani fields. At the beginning of June, eight additional bloggers and writers documenting the strikes and the lack of substantial reforms since 2011 were detained as well. While several of ...

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The “End of the Two-State Solution” Spells Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing, not Binationalism and Peace

Declaring the death of the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become increasingly fashionable among growing sections of both right and left-wing streams of Palestinians and Israelis. The late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said was one of the first to propagate this notion in his essays on the failure of the Oslo accords and on bi-nationalism. Since then, and in the wake of a second Palestinian uprising, a unilateral Israeli redeployment from the Gaza Strip, a vicious one-sided ...

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When is Something, Something? Jordan’s Arab Uprising

  Throughout the early months of 2011, and the Arab uprisings, I was living and conducting research in Jordan. I paid close attention to the reverberations of the Arab Spring on the ground in Jordan, and grew frustrated with the absolute lack of attention, or worse yet, dismissal of political developments there. I cannot count how many times I heard the refrain, “But nothing is happening in Jordan” or “Nothing will ever happen in Jordan.” In response, I ask here “When is ...

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We Are Fine in Gaza. How Are You?

In celebrating the eighty-fifth anniversary of the Communist Party in Syria and Lebanon, the Palestinian singer and writer—Khaled El-Hibr sang these words: We are fine in Gaza How about you? We are fine under attack How about you? Our martyrs are under the rubbles Our children now living in the tents And they ask about you We are fine in Gaza How about you? …. The sea is behind us But we fight back The enemy is in front of us But we still fight back We have all what we ...

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Egyptian Doctors' Strike and the Quest for Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice

A small yet significant meeting takes place directly across the street from the Cairo central union office for healthcare professionals. It is a meeting of the strikers’ central committee for the Doctors Syndicate, in which the General Secretary Amr Bakr personally describes the divisions within the syndicate as an “extreme clash,”[1] between the Muslim Brotherhood-led leadership currently against the strike and a non-Brotherhood faction that is organizing the strike. Unlike other syndicates, every ...

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Israeli Aggression in the Gaza Strip: In Pictures

[If the pictures of the slide show are not visible, please click here.] On 14 November Israel assassinated Hamas military leader Ahmad al-Ja'bari, simultaneously blowing up a truce mediated by Egyptian intelligence officials and accepted by Ja'bari, other Palestinian parties and - according to the Egyptians - Israel as well. In this and a further series of air raids eight more were killed, at least two of them children. Claiming these initial attacks had destroyed the long-range missile ...

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