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Understanding Modernity: A Review of the Kuwait Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Sympathy for the Devil: Palestine’s Tragic Collaborators Syria Media Roundup Progressive Struggles against Insidious Capitalist Individualism: Interview with Angela Davis The Un-Islamic State
[The cover of Amjad Nasser's novel,

When Your Name is on the Blacklist

[The Gallatin School of New York University invited Amjad Nasser, one of the major poets of the Arab world, to inaugurate its Gallatin Global Writers series on 30 September. On 27 September, US Homeland Security at Heathrow, London, ...

[Members of “The Iraqi Delegation” to Toledo—from left to right: Sami Michael, David Semah, Ella Shohat, Shimon Ballas, and Yosef Shiloach. Image from Ella Shohat’s personal archive]

A Voyage to Toledo: Twenty-Five Years After the 'Jews of the Orient and Palestinians' Meeting

On 3-5 July 1989, an unusual gathering, which went largely unreported in the media, took place in Toledo, Spain—“Judíos orientales y palestinos. Un diálogo para la paz árabe-israelí” (“Jews of the Orient and Palestinians: A ...

[Fikirtepe. Photo by Duygu Parmaksizoglu.]

Evden Emlaga Fikirtepe: Rant ve Spekulasyon Ekseninde Kentsel Donusum

Evden Emlağa Fikirtepe: Rant ve Spekülasyon Ekseninde Kentsel Dönüşüm  Bir şehir antropoloğunun saha notları Saha çalışmasına başladığım 2013 yılının Mart ayında Fikirtepe bölgesi, kentsel dönüşüm macerasında iki yılı çoktan geride ...

Tadween Spotlight: Gaza

This summer, Gaza dominated the headlines. A rising death toll at the expense of Israel’s weeks-long Operation Protective Edge, a death toll that currently stands at over 2,000 killed, once again brought attention to the politics ...

عن الفن الإسلامي

[جانب من المعروضات ٢٠١٠]

قبل عامين، نظم معهد العالم العربي في باريس، معرض الفن الاسلامي، كسابقة احتضنت لأول مرة في العاصمة الفرنسية، من قبل إدراة المعهد التي ترى بوجوب تعريف الناس على هذا الفن، الذي اشتهر كإرث قائم بحد ذاته، وليس كحركات مستقلة أو متتابعة. 471 عملا بأحجام، وتكاوين وتشكيلات مختلفة تراوحت بين الخزف والزجاج والرسم والتصاوير والنحت والنجارة والنسيج والسجاد والخط العربي والأسلحة كالسيوف والخناجر، والمجوهرات وأدوات الزينة المختلفة، وحتى صناعة الحيوانات المعدنية.  ربما لا يعرف العالم "الغربي" الكثير عن الفن الاسلامي، لكن السؤال يبقى، هل يعرف العالم العربي بهذا الفن. المسؤولة عن هذا المعرض، السيدة أوريلي رويز، قالت في معرض سؤالنا: "بعد جمعنا القطع المعروضة كلها من ...

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Honoring Solidarity During Contentious Debates. . . A Letter to DAM From Lila Abu-Lughod and Maya Mikdashi

[Crop of image from

Dear Tamer, Suhel, and Mahmood,  If We Could Go Back in Time… we would have made even clearer that our reaction came from our deep admiration for you and our appreciation of your political and social influence.  We are, as we said, fans. Lila has sent your songs to countless people around the world and has made statements about the importance of your art publicly. As the daughter of an exile from Jaffa who lived and worked for Palestine his whole life, she is particularly thrilled with you as a strong and highly visible voice of a new generation of ’48 Palestinians.   If We Could Go Back in Time….we would have crafted our words more ...

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Of Wife and the Domestic Servant in the Arab World

[Image from author.]

My goal in this short essay is to capture for the reader the gains and losses associated with Islamic-based family rules in the context of an economy that has a generous supply of cheap domestic workers and a sparing one of female public employment. I do so from the perspective of the housewife who is able to hire a domestic servant. I specifically argue that a spill-over effect of family law rules occurs in a household that employs domestic servants, triangulating the relationship between husband, wife, and servant. On the one hand, rules of the family are as formative of the domestic servant’s life as rules of labor, while at the same time, the presence of ...

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NEWTON 2012 in Review

We have had the opportunity to highlight an extraordinary series of books and articles on New Texts Out Now this year. Before we make our way into the new year, here are all of the NEWTONs that we published in 2012. Enjoy, and see you in 2013.  Myriam Ababsa, Badouin Dupret, and Eric Denis, Popular Housing and Urban Land Tenure in the Middle East: Case Studies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey  Lila Abu-Lughod and Anupama Rao, Women’s Rights, Muslim Family Law, and the Politics of Consent  Gilbert Achcar, “Eichmann in Cairo: The Eichmann Affair in Nasser’s Egypt”  Ali Ahmida, “Libya, Social Origins of Dictatorship, and the Challenge ...

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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (December 25)

[Image from Flickr/Al Jazeera English]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]  Regional and International Relations Britain could deploy more troops to Gulf, says David Cameron Emma Graham-Harrison examines military relations between the United Kingdom and the Gulf countries, in The Guardian. David Cameron visits Oman as BAE announces £2.5bn defence deal – video A media report on Cameron’s visit to ...

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Why Chuck Hagel Is Irrelevant

[Senator Chuck Hagel shakes hands with Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta at the Willard Intercontinental Washington Hotel, Washington D.C, 9 May 2012. Photo by Glenn Fawcett/Flickr.]

The latest non-scandal scandalizing the American commentariat is whether Barack Obama will be able to nominate former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as his new Secretary of Defense. The narrative is that the Zionist lobby is eager to scuttle Hagel’s nomination because he has uttered one too many words “critical” of Israel, and displayed too many sentiments suspected of being contrary to the agenda of the lobby: namely, destroying Iran. The narrative is true enough. That the lobby does not want Hagel is clear, and his nomination would be a defeat for the lobby’s right wing. Still, it is barely a scandal, except in the sense that it is scandalous how narrow the ...

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Egypt Media Roundup (December 24)

[The march to the federal palace to reject the constitutional referendum. Image originally posted to Flickr by Moud Barthez.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]   “Full unofficial results of Egypt's constitutional referendum: A visual breakdown” The new constitution passes with sixty-four percent of the vote. “Referendum voting lowest turnout since revolution” Thirty-two percent of Egyptians have cast their vote in the two rounds of the constitutional referendum. “Morsi's Pyrrhic Victory” Nervana ...

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صندوق الألم: جولان حاجي

[الشاعر السوري جولان حاجي]

صندوق الألم (مقطع) لم تكنْ هناك، هذا الفجر، حين أطلَّ المرضى والركابُ والجنود برؤوسٍ صلعاء وحليقة مثل أكواخٍ معتمة في نوافذ بعيدة. ضبابٌ خفيف لم يمكثْ  طويلاً عبَرهُ الصبيُّ أمام بوّابةِ المستشفى حيث وجدَ مسدساً ملقى على العشب. لم تكن هناك. الآن، أنت قصةٌ تُروى في مكانٍ لستَ فيه. حلقك، صندوقُ الألم، مليءٌ بالعظامِ والريش. في بياضِ  عينك بقعةُ دمٍ صغيرةٌ وصدئة Keep Reading »

Farewell, Samer Soliman

[Samer Soliman, 1968-2012. Photo taken on 29 September 2008, by Hossam el-Hamalawy via Flickr]

“Today I lost part of my life. Farewell, Samer,” scholar Amr Abdel Rahman wrote of his longtime friend Samer Soliman, who family, friends, students, and readers lost Sunday after his battle with cancer.  Soliman’s death at a critical juncture in the history of Egypt, a nation he lived of and for, has shaken many. As a scholar, an intellectual, an activist, a teacher, and a friend, he lived a life of continual giving.  Soliman led a thorough academic life, traveling between different degrees, the last of which was a Ph.D. he received in political science from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris in 2004. His scholarly path was always outward-looking, ...

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Jadaliyya Page on Egypt's Constitutional Referendum


As debate over Egypt’s draft constitution proceeds, the editors would like to bring to your attention a page compiling Jadaliyya’s coverage of the lead-up to the constitutional referendum, as well as the political battles that have shaped the context in which the referendum is being convened. A few highlights from Egypt's Constitutional Referendum Page include:  A set of video clips produced by the Mosireen collective and in which relevant Egyptian activists and experts explain the implications that the new constitution would have for workers’ social and economic rights, freedom of expression, state-sponsored violence against citizens and detained suspects, ...

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زواج الــقــــاصــــــــــرات فــــــــي الــعــــــــــــراق: طــلاق مبكِّـــر ومـــوت يُجــاور المخــاض

[وسماء الآغا، العراق]

ازدادت في الآونة الأخيرة ظاهرة إرغام الفتيات على الزواج بسن مبكِّرة، وأخذت منحى جديداً من حيث الأسباب وصيغ الإرغام. فمنذ تأسيس الدولة العراقية عام 1921 وحتى بداية السبعينيات، كانت الفتاة عرضة للزواج من رجل غريب أو من المقربين للعائلة، لأن ولي أمرها ارتأى أن يمنحها لهذا الرجل كأي سلعة تُهدى، من دون أن يكون لها حق الاعتراض أو مجرد إبداء الرأي. كما أنها كانت تمنح لرجل من قبيلة أخرى كجزء من «دية» تتَّفق عليها العشيرتان لحلِّ خلافاتٍ ناشبة بينهما، وتسمَّى «فَصْليَّة». والفتاتان، المهداة والفَصْليَّة، ليس لهما حقّ المطالبة بالتفريق أو الطلاق، لأنَّهما مجرَّدتان من حقوقهما وفقاً للأعراف العشائريَّة. ولذلك فإنَّ «الحوليَّة الديموغرافيَّة» التي تصدرها الأمم المتَّحدة نشرت عام ...

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Say “Yes” to the Revolution

Dear Mom and Dad, I hear you are going to vote “yes” on the draft constitution. But because I know you well, and I know you only stand up for what is right, I would like to tell you a short story and make a small request. The story took place on the eve of Hosni Mubarak's stepping down, when there were millions of us in Tahrir Square and the surrounding streets. I was going back into the square, having briefly left with my friends to have dinner. It was difficult moving through the crowds. We were looking for somewhere to stand near the microphones to listen to Mubarak’s speech — the speech we were all waiting for, praying he would announce he was stepping ...

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اقتصاد مصر بين المُفْلِسين والمُفَلِّسين

هذه المرة تجيء نذر إفلاس مصر من كل صوب وحدب. بدأ الأمر بتصريحات من وزير الصناعة والتجارة عن صعود متوقع فى عجز الموازنة ربما يؤدي «إلى عدم القدرة على سداد الرواتب إذا لم يتم التعامل معه». ثم يقول الأمين العام لجبهة الإنقاذ المعارضة محمد البرادعي بالنص وهو يدعو الرئيس لوقف الاستفتاء على الدستور وإعادة تشكيل الجمعية التأسيسية: «البلد على وشك الإفلاس. اذا اكملنا ٣ أشهر فلن نكمل ٤ أشهر». ويخبرنا الكاتب والسياسي محمد حسنين هيكل في نفس الليلة بفحوى لقاء بين محافظ المركزى فاروق العقدة والرئيس مرسي حذره فيه من أن ...

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Last Week on Jadaliyya (Dec 17-23)

This is a selection of what you might have missed on Jadaliyya last week. It also includes a list of the most read articles and videos.  Progressively, we will be featuring more content on our "Last Week on Jadaliyya" series. UC Berkeley's New Chancellor Endorses the Falsehood: Criticizing Israel is Anti-Semitic بانتظار علياء "من المآسي المضاعفة للنزوح:فتيات سوريات للزواج "بثمن بخس The Politics of Killing Women in Colonized Contexts ...

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DAM Responds: On Tradition and the Anti-Politics of the Machine

We were happy to find on the pages of Jadaliyya supporters and friends who understand our work and respect what we have been doing as artists and members of our community for many years.  We also feel an urgency to respond to the analysis that Lila Abu-Lughod and Maya Mikdashi offered of our work. We take the issue and the critique seriously. Normally we don’t feel the urge to reply to a review but we felt that this specific review crossed a few lines, especially with its title! Tradition and the ...

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Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum Results

Based on numbers reported by Egyptian media outlets, below is a summary of the constitutional referendum vote results broken down by governorate. What do these numbers tell us? In two stages of voting, average turnout across governorates was 30%, with Egyptians abroad participation being the most notable outlier with a 41% turnout rate. The only three governorates where the majority of voters elected to reject the draft constitution are Cairo, Gharbiyya, and Menofia.   What do these ...

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Will Brahimi Get a Breakthrough?

The killing has changed the city’s shape - This rock Is bone This smoke people breathing, Adonis, “The Desert,” 1982-83. On 20 December, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ independent commission of inquiry on Syria released its periodic update. The short report makes for frightful reading. The numbers of dead and affected have reached mythical proportions – more than forty thousand corpses, more than five hundred thousand refugees, and more than four million people in dire straits as ...

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Censored 2013: Project Censored List of Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012

[The following list was compiled and released by Project Censored: Media Democracy in Action and features the top twenty-five censored stories of 2013.] 1. Signs of an Emerging Police State 2. Oceans in Peril 3. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Worse than Anticipated 4. FBI Agents Responsible for Majority of Terrorist Plots in the United States 5. First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals Trillions Loaned to Major Banks 6. Small Network of Corporations Run the Global Economy Keep Reading »

ملف من الأرشيف: أحمد فؤاد نجم

[”ملف من الأرشيف“ هي سلسة تقوم ”جدلية“ بنشرها بالعربية والإنجليزية بالتعاون مع جريدة ”السفير“ اللبنانية. الملفات ستكون لشخصيات أيقونية تركت أثراً عميقاً في الحقل السياسي والثقافي في العالم العربي.]       الإسم: أحمد فؤاد الشهرة: نجم إسم الأب: محمد عزت إسم الأم: هانم مرسي تاريخ الولادة: 1929 مكان الولادة: كفور نجم الجنسية: مصر الأولاد: نوارة/ زينب /عفاف اللقب: الفاهوم الفئة: مؤلف المهنة: شاعر 

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Rampage School Shootings: Reframing the Discourse

The most recent rampage school shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary (SHE) in Newtown, Connecticut, that claimed the lives of twenty kindergarteners and six school staffers at the hands of another young white male, took the US and the world by a storm. As messages of sympathy poured down from world leaders and interfaith vigils were held in solidarity with the victims and their families, people in their shock and disbelief tried hard to make sense of this unthinkable act of violence against these innocent ...

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Egypt's Draft Constitution in Focus: Torture

[The following video is part of a series of clips produced by the Mosireen collective to promote greater awareness around the draft constitution currently under consideration in national referendum in Egypt. The full series can be accessed by clicking here.] "We cannot tolerate a regime that practices torture, no matter who is at the head of it," were the opening remarks of Aida Seif El Dawla of the Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture.  On the issue ...

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Reports Roundup (December 22)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] Adalah Q & A on Representation/Participation of Palestinian Citizens of Israel in Knesset Elections Adalah provides answers to frequently asked questions about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Israel, which are scheduled for January 22, and their effect on Palestinian citizens of Israel.  Lebanese Security Agency's Request Threatens Citizens' ...

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من القاهرة الجميلة - الجزء الرابع

 "!جيييكه! جيييكه! جيييكه" في يوم صدامات قصر الإتحادية، نبضَ زفيرُ المدينة وشهيقها أكثر من مرةٍ، خلال الليلة الدامية، على هدير ذاك الهتاف الهادئ الهامس بالكاد: "جيييكه! جيييكه! جيييكه!" كان ذاك هدير همس جماعي من مجموعةٍ من شباب المتظاهرين، ممن هم بين سن السادسة عشرة والثامنة عشرة؛ ذات سن صديقهم الذي قتلته الداخلية من أسبوعين في شارعه المفضل، شارع محمد محمود، وحرمت وسط البلد من رؤياه ومروره على مقاهيها بين كل مظاهرة والأخرى. وغيّمت سماء القاهرة في آخر الشهر غيوماً ...

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How Thomas Friedman Distorts Realities in Egypt, Pakistan, and India

In a recent New York Times op-ed, liberal icon Thomas Friedman asks if Egypt— currently in the midst of  street demonstrations, violent repression, and a referendum all surrounding a controversial constitution—will develop into a secular, democratic, modern state—in his words, "the next India"—or an intolerant, Islamist military regime—also in his words, "the next Pakistan.” Both the question and the article are riddled with faulty assumptions and factual omissions. Pointing to ...

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