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Even Morocco’s Friends Know Its Judicial System Is Corrupt and Lacking in Due Process Lebanon: Rejecting the New Rent Law: An Open Letter to the Parliament Syria Media Roundup The Flow and Entrapment of Syrian Jazira Music Some Torture Facts: Revelations from the Recent SSCI Report on the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program
[Image by Ed Greevey. Photo of attendees and participants at Closing Event 1 December 2014.]

Aloha Aina: Notes From The Struggle in Hawai’i

In late November 2014, I had the honor of visiting the occupied Kingdom of Hawai’i as an invited guest. I prepared for the trip with ample readings J. Kehaulani Kaunaui both wrote and shared with me, along with book recommendations that my ...

Installation view of Hany Rashed's

Historical Realities of Concept Pop: Debating Art in Egypt

Today, every phenomenon of culture, even if a model of integrity, is liable to be suffocated in the cultivation of kitsch. Yet paradoxically in the same epoch it is to works of art that has fallen the burden of wordlessly asserting what is ...

[Wall surrounding a gated community, Saudi Arabia. Image by Amelie Le Renard.]

The Politics of "Unveiling Saudi Women": Between Postcolonial Fantasies and the Surveillance State

With the consolidation of the Saudi state starting in the 1960s, the regime has progressively imposed unified dress codes for Saudi men and women, that for the latter has meant wearing a long, black cloak [‘abaya] and veiling. Various ...


Soma, Ermenek, Yirca: Can Anti-Coal Activists Defend Coal Miners and Olive Farmers?

The coal-mining town of Soma in the western Aegean region of Turkey hardly made headlines until last May. A mining disaster that took the lives of 301 mine workers in Soma on 14 May 2014 brought forward the country’s fragile mix of social ...

قراءة في رواية "موظف عادي جداً" لـ فينشيزو تشيرامي

[غلاف الترجمة العربية لرواية

قد تكون رواية "موظف عادي جدا"، مجرد خلية مجهرية، مستأصلة من نسيج مجتمع إيطالي في مرحلة ما من القرن المنصرم. وقد لا تعني الكثير لقارئ عربي، يخوض نزاعاته الشخصية، إذا صح القول، بعيداً عن رومانسية الثقافة، ووفقاً لما تقتضيه فلسفة البقاء، وتعزيز شروط الأنا، ودفعها باتجاه الأعلى. من هنا، يبرز إلى الواقع، مجتمع ملون بشتى أطياف العنف، كسمة تدبغ سلوك الكثيرين، وتبين مدى التأثير من خلال طريقة الكلام، أو الفعل، الفردي أو الجماعي كأداة وحيدة لتحصيل الحق. يتبين في مقابل ذلك، مدى الضرر الذي تصاب به شرائح هائلة من المجتمع الواحد، وذل بسبب الارهاق النفسي الذي تفرضه متغيرات وتجاذبات على صعيد السياسة والاقتصاد، ومحسوبيات في أجهزة السلطة، والنفوذ والوزارات. وإذا ما نزحنا بعيداً ...

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Lawfare and Armed Conflict: Comparing Israeli and US Targeted Killing Policies and Challenges against Them

[Lisa Hajjar. Image from below video]

In this public lecture, I engage the concept of lawfare (an amalgamation of “law” and “warfare”) to compare Israeli and US twenty-first century armed conflicts. Specifically, I focus on both states’ targeted killing policies and the legal rationales that have been advanced to try to project their lawfulness, and legal challenges to these policies in order to tell a larger story about the relationship between contemporary practices of law and war. In order to tell this story, I expand the lawfare concept to include “state lawfare” to describe how officials—in this case Israelis and Americans—have interpreted the state’s rights to combat enemies and wage war in ways that ...

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Tires over Tyre: US Ambassador Ruins Ruins

[A screen shot of the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir's website, 6 February 2013.]

Touring Tyre on foot can be tiring, to be sure. But whether US Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly was too tired or too busy to get out of her car to survey these marvelous vestiges of antiquity, nothing excuses her regrettable decision to drive a convoy of vehicles over this ancient site, damaging a stone wall in the process. Ambassador Connelly’s convoy passed near the golden Roman Triumphal Arch through a narrow dirt path that is not designed for cars. Unfortunately, one of the cars in her convoy veered off the “road” and demolished a large section of a supporting stone wall. What has not yet been reported is that to get to this pathway, she also had to drive over a ...

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Seule la vérité

[David Cameron avec Premier ministre Abdelmalek Sellal à Alger. Image par Number 10/Flickr.]

À l’occasion de sa visite à Alger, David Cameron a souligné la détermination du Royaume-Uni à aider l’Algérie dans sa lutte antiterroriste. « Lorsque le terrorisme se développe dans différentes parties du monde, il atteint nos peuples et nos intérêts non seulement dans ces parties du monde, mais également chez nous, dans notre pays », a-t-il déclaré. Plus de quinze jours après son « coup de gueule » concernant la gestion de l’attaque du site gazier d’Ain Amenas par les militaires algériens, Mr. Cameron rend visite à l’Algérie officielle pour décider de la stratégie sécuritaire à suivre dorénavant. Le Premier ministre britannique est clair : ...

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Syria Media Roundup (February 7)

[Abandoned street. Bostan al Dewan, Homs. 2 February 2013. Via Lens Young Homsi.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] Regional and International Perspectives The Syrian Regime Bravely Condemns the Israeli Airstrike on Syria Bassam Haddad’s satirical piece on the regional response to Israel’s airstrike.  Cross-Talk: Syria Exploited  Joshua Landis, Rafif Joujeti and Alon Liel discuss the latest developments in Syria, following the Israeli airstrike. Israel ...

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Remembering Chokri Belaid

[Tunisians march along Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis on 6 February 2013, following the assassination of Chokri Belaid. Image by Amine Boufaied/Nawaat.]

A Figure from the Revolutionary Left Assassinated Chokri Belaid, the heavily mediatized leader of the Popular Front (Jabha Chaabya), was shot several times early Wednesday morning at his home in Menzah 6. The charismatic figure of the revolutionary left was shot with two to four bullets; the government is saying it was three. He was quickly transported to the Ennasr clinic, but the doctors could not save him, and his death was confirmed later in the morning. Chokri Belaid was the target of a number of attacks due to his virulent opposition to the current government’s policies and his regular denouncement of the heightening level of political violence. An Isolated Act ...

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لقاء مع عبد الرحمن منصور الذي جعل من 25 يناير تاريخاً نتذكره

[عبد الرحمن منصور. مصدر الصورة صفحة الفيسبوك لعبد الرحمن منصور]

عبد الرحمن منصور هو الناشط في الفضاء الألكتروني الذي حدد تاريخ 25 يناير موعداً للثورة المصرية. وقد جاء وقت الحديث معه. في يونيو 2010، اقترح عبد الرحمن منصور، البالغ من العمر حينئذ 23 عاماً، على وائل غنيم إنشاء صفحة على الفيسبوك وحملة لمناهضة التعذيب تكريماً لخالد سعيد، ذلك الشاب السكندري الذي قتله الشرطة. وكان الاثنان قد عملا معاً كمديرين (أدمنز) لصفحة محمد البرادعي على الفيس بوك، وكانا على استعداد لتصعيد حملتهما الألكترونية لمستويات أعلى. وشكل المزيج المتمثل في قدرة منصور على التواصل مع الشباب العرب على الإنترنت ومهارات غنيم في التسويق الألكتروني نموذجاً ناجحاً. وقد نجحت صفحة "كلنا خالد سعيد" في صناعة التاريخ؛ كونها الصفحة التي عززت الحركة الشبابية، وأطلقت ...

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الشرطة تكافح الشعب

[مصدر الصورة موقع مصريون]

(1) نشر  في 26 يناير2013  على حساب "صفحة الشرطة المصرية" على تويتر -وهي صفحة يديرها مجموعة من ضباط الشرطة بعيداً عن الصفحة الرسمية لوزارة الداخلية- رسالة موجّهة لكل من رئيس الجمهورية ورئيس الوزراء تشير إلى أنّهما وضعا الشرطة المصرية أمام المدفع مع اختبائهما "كالعادة" على حد وصف الرسالة، ورسالة أخرى موجهة لوزير الداخلية تتهمه بأنه فدى كرسيه بأرواح أفراد الشرطة. والرسالة الأخيرة موجهة لـ "للمجندين والضباط والأفراد الذين يقدمون حياتهم فداء لشعبٍ لا ينبغي أن تراق له نقطة ماء لا نقطة دماء" وذلك أيضاً على حد تعبير الرسالة التي شملتها تغريدة على حساب صفحة Keep Reading »

New Texts Out Now: Natalya Vince, Saintly Grandmothers: Youth Reception and Reinterpretation of the National Past in Contemporary Algeria

[Cover of

Natalya Vince, “Saintly Grandmothers: Youth Reception and Reinterpretation of the National Past in Contemporary Algeria.” The Journal of North African Studies, 18:1 (2013). Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this article? Natalya Vince (NV): The Algerian War of Independence (1954-62), or at least a selective and glorified version of the war, has played a key role in both the formation of Algerian national identity and the legitimization of political elites. For the past fifty years, museums, monuments, school textbooks, national holidays, and political speeches have constantly reminded Algerians that independence was won through the sacrifice of “one and a half million ...

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National Students for Justice in Palestine Stands in Solidarity with Brooklyn College

[Students for Justice in Palestine Logo. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

As the Ad Hoc Steering Committee for the National Students for Justice in Palestine, we write to express our solidarity with organizers and academics at Brooklyn College. The co-sponsorship by Brooklyn College’s political science department of an event organized by Students for Justice in Palestine about the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement has resulted in an onslaught of intimidation from a campaign led by Alan Dershowitz. At first, Dershowitz and a handful of city politicians demanded that the Brooklyn College political science department rescind its co-sponsorship (Glenn Greenwald wrote a comprehensive article, highlighting Dershowitz’s double ...

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Why Students in Solidarity with Palestine Should Not Join The Olive Tree Initiative

[Logo of the Olive Tree Initiative.]

The Olive Tree Initiative (OTI) calls itself a “conflict analysis” project. Started in 2007 at the University of California Irvine, it is now present at multiple UC campuses. OTI is often referred to as a “dialogue project,” and its mission statement reads as follows: The mission of the Olive Tree Initiative (OTI) is to promote conflict analysis and resolution through Experiential Education by providing students and community with the education, training, and experiences needed to better negotiate and solve conflicts. This might sound like an admirable venture at first. However, OTI’s “standards and ethics” indicate that the organization is adamant about ...

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Police Brutality Persists Two Years after Egypt Revolution: Rights Activists

[Protester injured during clashes with security forces on Mohamed Mahmoud Street on 20 November 2012. Photo by Shadi Rahimi]

Following the recent death of activist Mohamed El-Gendy, who allegedly died after being subject to torture by police, several Egyptian rights activists issued a report on Sunday detailing what they see as the persistence of oppressive police tactics employed by the state. According to the report, 225 people have been detained from the vicinity of Cairo's Tahrir Square since the second anniversary of Egypt's January 25 Revolution, which coincided with mass rallies against the government and President Mohamed Morsi. Those detained have included minors who were subject to torture and days-long incarceration at Central Security Forces (CSF) training camps, the report ...

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Maghreb Media Roundup (February 8)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Thursday night of every week.]  Algeria Algeria, Mali: another front in the “Global War on Terror”? Hamza Hamouchene analyzes the French intervention in Mali as a lens through which to ...

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Roundup: News and Analysis from the Publishing World

[The following is a roundup of the latest news and analyses from the publishing world that relates to pedagogy and knowledge production. It was originally published on Tadween Publishing's blog. For more updates, follow Tadween Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.] Free research! Swartz’s cause lives on By Eric Zorn (Chicago Tribune) Eric Zorn reflects on the movement to make academic research free for everyone to read, a cause that Aaron ...

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Email Exchange between Glenn Greenwald and Alan Dershowitz

[The following is an email exchange between writer Glenn Greenwald and Professor Alan Dershowitz. The context for the exchange was a public campaign by certain politicians to pressure the Political Science Department at Brooklyn College to rescind its sponsorship of an event discussing the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. The email exchange was originally posted here. For more information on the attempt to suppress the BDS event at Brooklyn College, click here and ...

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Obama's Drone Leaks: New Imminence, Old Tactics

The Senate Armed Services Committee did not mention drones a single time during Senator Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearings last week. That oversight, however, says a lot more about the politics surrounding the hearings than it does about the enduring salience of drone technology to US national security policy. The Department of Justice's "white paper" obtained by NBC on Monday affirms that. The paper, drafted for some members of Congress and a less detailed ...

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Baki 7our Mansour on Algeria, Mali, and Social Media

[This post is part of an ongoing Profile of a Contemporary Conduit series on Jadaliyya that seeks to highlight distinct voices primarily in and from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.]  Jadaliyya (J): What motivated you to start blogging  Baki 7our Mansour (B7M): At the end of 2009, I started tweeting and my first real interventions were during what was called "the football war" between Egypt and Algeria. We then reached a pinnacle, in both countries, ...

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Zaha Hadid: Black Square, White Cube, and the Twenty-First Century Museum

The staircase of Zaha Hadid Architects’ recently opened Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University in East Lansing is sleek and straightforward. Its intention is functional; its design is simple (as simple as a contorted, suspended mass can be). A departure from the use of a traditional grand stairway as a means of announcing the authority of an American cultural institution, its narrow path cuts through three distinct levels of sensory experience, as each floor of the museum has been ...

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روايات موسيقية من اسطنبول

[تنشر هذه المقالة ضمن إتفاقية شراكة وتعاون بين "جدلية" و"معازف" ] Politiki Mousiki* روايات موسيقية من اسطنبول "ya khabibi ya lelelli" آخر الأخبار الفنية الواردة عن فرق النفخ البلقانية تؤكد أن “الفتاة المصرية” (“مصرلو” بالتركية) ما زالت تحافظ على شعبيتها الأكيدة وحضورها الراسخ في مهرجانات الشارع. عام 1994، استعاد تارانتينو في 'بالب فيكشن' لحناً صنع أمجاد عازف الغيتار الأميركي ديك دايل الذي حوّل "مصرلو" إلى أيقونة ما عرف في الستينيّات بروك ...

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New Texts Out Now: Sally K. Gallagher, Making Do in Damascus

Sally K. Gallagher, Making Do in Damascus: Navigating a Generation of Change in Family and Work. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2012. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Sally Gallagher (SG): I have had a long interest in gender and economic development, and had the opportunity to begin a study of the effects of participating in an income-generating project for women in Damascus just as it was getting started. This was a really great opportunity to watch change in the making, rather ...

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Tunisian Opposition Leader, Chokri Belaid, Assassinated

This morning, news slowly trickled in through national and international media following reports of Chokri Belaid's assassination. Initial reports claimed Belaid died from two bullets to the head outside his home in Tunis, but medical reports followed up and clarified that there were four, not two. Immediately after news of his assassination surfaced, Tunisians mobilized across Tunis, with marches heading towards the Ministry of Interior and marches following the path of Belaid's ambulance. Police ...

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Fixing the Paris Protocol Twenty Years Later: Frequently Asked Questions for Diehard Reformers

"All along the watchtower, princes kept the view While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too. Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl." Bob Dylan, All Along the Watchtower As many articles like this will certainly remind us that this year, 2013, commemorates two decades since the signing of the Oslo Declaration of Principles between Israel and the PLO. The endurance of what was supposed to be a five-year interim ...

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The Dignity of Hamada Saber

Depictions of bruised and battered bodies have had an enormous influence upon the waves of protest Egypt has witnessed since the initial stirrings of the January 25 Revolution – from the graphic post-mortem photograph of Khaled Said to images of what is widely known as the “blue bra incident.” However, I suspect few Egyptians would question the particular force of the brutality depicted in a video shot in front of the Ittihadiyya Palace on the evening of 1 February, even as compared to the infamous ...

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The Thin Line between Revolution And Sedition

I read with great sadness – but unfortunately not much surprise – Professor Adel Iskander’s deeply misguided article, “A Nation Derailed,” published on 28 January 2013 on Jadaliyya. Iskander’s attempt to play politics with the tragic deaths of nineteen deceased train accident victims is, well, not the classiest of moves. In the article, Iskander makes a very simplistic, and all too played out three-pronged argument: First, the Mohamed Morsi administration is failing miserably; second, the Egyptian ...

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