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Racism foundation of israel العراق: خطاب التقسيم والأقلمة Video: Gaza—Is This a War on Children? Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza—Debunked Media on the Margins: An Interview with Sky News' Sherine Tadros on Reporting the Israeli Attack on Gaza
[Time in the Shadows investigates the two major liberal counterinsurgencies of our day: Israeli occupation of Palestine and the U.S. War on Terror.]

Seam Zones, Security Zones, Death Zones, and Walls

I wrote Time in the Shadows in order to puzzle out why the counterinsurgency practices of enormously powerful state militaries—the US and Israel at the time I was writing the book—so often invoked law and humanitarianism, ...

[Image cropped from a UNRWA Map of Gaza Strip shelters opened & pre-selected for hosting internally displaced people, as of 23 July 2014.]

The Economic Challenges of the Gaza War: Relief and Reconstruction but No Palestinian Development

As both on-the-ground pressure in the Gaza Strip and diplomacy inexorably move towards a ceasefire, the eyes of the world have been fixed upon the mounting casualty toll suffered by the territory’s 1.8 million inhabitants. The scale and ...

[Image of author.]

A Teenager Contemplates Life and War in the Gaza Strip

Who I Am I am Noor Omar Shaban Ismail, a sixteen year-old teenager who lives and grew up in one of the most dangerous areas in the world, the Gaza Strip. I have only one brother who is studying civil engineering in France. I really hope ...

Arab Studies Journal Call for Papers: "Wayn al-Dawleh?" In Search of the Lebanese State

One of the most common expressions of popular rhetoric in Lebanon is the question, “Wayn al-dawleh?” Where is the state? The idea that the Lebanese state does not exist imbues the daily perceptions and attitudes of Lebanese of all ...

The Struggle of Twice-Displaced Refugees: Palestinians Fleeing Syria to Lebanon

[Entrance to Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon. Image by l'Ifpo via Flickr]

Meesar Lahan’s personal story represents thousands of Palestinian refugees filtering into the Shatila refugee camp of Lebanon from war-stricken Syria. Their move to Lebanon represents a second displacement (the first being from Palestine), and many of these refugees are giving up hope, some even considering a return with their families back to Syria. The labyrinth of discrimination and segregation specific to the already existing Palestinian refugee population of Lebanon has made many of the new arrivals feel that Syria, despite the violence, offers more dignity and a greater ability to live within their economic means. Between Violence and Discrimination In the narrow ...

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تحديات تنتظر "مدن الملح"

مصدر الصورة موقع إكوبيس/Eco Peace

أهم عنصر للحياة هو الماء، وعند تأسيس المدن الكبيرة تاريخيّاً كانت دائماً ما تبنى بالقرب من مصادر المياه. إما على ضفاف الأنهار، أو على شواطئ البحار. لا توجد في أي من دول الخليج مصادر مياه نهرية، ولذلك فقد تكوّنت غالبية المدن على ضفاف شواطئ الخليج.  اكتشاف النفط وتصديره غير المورد الأهم لبناء هذه المدن، فتحوّل أهم مقومات الحياة من الماء إلى النفط. تعتمد غالبية مدن الخليج بشكل شبه مطلق على تحلية مياه البحر كمصدرها الرئيس للمياه، وغنيٌّ عن القول؛ إن هذا المصدر يحتاج إلى جرعات مكثفة من الطاقة لتحليتها، ما يجعلها مكلفةً جدّاً، ولولا التكنولوجيا الحديثة وموارد الطاقة من نفط وغاز لما كان بالإمكان القيام بهذه العملية. بعض المدن، كالرياض، تقع على بعد مئات ...

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Facebook Attempts to Shut Down the Voice of “The Uprising of Women in the Arab World”

[Cropped image of Dana Bakdounes's contribution to

[The following statement was issued by activists involved in The Uprising of Women in the Arab World on 7 November 2012 in response to attempts by Facebook to suppress their online activities. It was originally issued in Arabic, English, and French. This English version has been slightly edited for style. The Arabic version, along with an introduction and background to the issue, can be found on Beirut Walls.] On the morning of 7 November 2012, the five admins of The Uprising of Women in the Arab World Facebook Page logged onto Facebook to find out that one’s account had been blocked for thirty days, another for three days, two others for twenty-four hours, and one ...

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Egypt Monthly Edition on Jadaliyya (October 2012)

[Celebrations for the official registration of the

This is a monthly archive of pieces written by Jadaliyya contributors and editors on Egypt. It also includes material published on other platforms that editors deemed pertinent to post as they provide diverse depictions of Egypt-related topics. The pieces reflect the level of critical analysis and diversity that Jadaliyya strives for, but the views are solely the ones of their authors. If you are interested in contributing to Jadaliyya, send us your post with your bio and a release form to [click “Submissions” on the main page for more information]. Statement by Comrades from Cairo: We Refuse Economic Bondage -- Stop the Loans A statement released by ...

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الأمة المصرية حين تفقد لغتها : لغة الرب أم لغة المستعمر؟


"اللغة توفر الحرية والقيد، والفهم وسوء الفهم معاً" نيلوفر حائري يتحكم في استخدام اللغة وتقنينها ثالوث الأمة والدين والدولة. وفي مصر تدرس الباحثة الأمريكية نيلوفر حائري (ذات أصل إيراني) الوضع اللغوي العامي وعلاقته بالأبنية الاجتماعية والثقافية والسياسية خلال فترتين (1987-1988 و1995-1996) في كتابها"لغة مقدسة وناس عاديون: معضلات الثقافة والسياسة في مصر" بترجمة إلهام عيداروس ومراجعة مديحة دوس (المركز القومي للترجمة، 2011). تركز فصول الكتاب حيال أربعة مواضيع: العلاقة بين اللغة والحداثة(المعاصرة) والتوجه نحو اللغة المحلية (العامية)، والنضال من أجل نفخ الحداثة في العربية الفصحى(لغة القرآن الكريم)، والغموض المستمر في العربية الفصحى المعاصرة، والأزمة في ...

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Butheina H. Kazim on BDS and Defining "Powerful Arab Women"

[Butheina Hamed Kazim. Image by Walter Pinkney.]

[This post is part of an ongoing Profile of a Contemporary Conduit series on Jadaliyya that seeks to highlight distinct voices primarily in and from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.] Jadaliyya (J): What do you think are the most gratifying aspects of Tweeting, and Twitter? Butheina Hamed Kazim (BHK): Immediacy of news distribution, whether you're on the receiving or dispatching end. The timeliness, variety, and volume of information on Twitter is unmatched by any other platform in my opinion, for better or for worse. The ease of use is another perk that comes with the platform, along with Facebook and Instagram in the social media ...

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Palestinian Youth Statement from Lebanon

[Image from rally in Beirut, Lebanon.]

[The following statement was issued by supporters of a Palestinian youth group, from a rally in Beirut on 9 November 2012.] In his latest statement, Mahmoud Abbas, the term-expired president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), reiterated the PA’s commitment to the futile negotiations process and compromised Palestinian historical rights, foremost among them the Right of Return (RoR). Abbas’ recognition of the Zionist entity is a blatant violation of our right to Palestine, undivided, and our right to return to it.  Such statements are an insult to the sacrifices of our martyrs and the struggle of our people.  Furthermore, his ...

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الترابي في الثمانين

[حسن الترابي. الصورة من وكبيديا]

من أكتوبر إلى يونيو: إفلاس الرؤية وبؤس السيرة [1] أكمل الدكتور حسن الترابي، الزعيم الإسلامي، عامه الثمانين هذا العام. وإن قلنا إن شخصاً ما في أي مكان في عالمنا اليوم قد أكمل عامه الكذا فإن مثل هذه الجملة لا تثير في الغالب مشكلة، إلا أنها ربما تثير مشكلة في حالة الترابي. فالترابي عندما سئل مرة عن تاريخ ميلاده وهو ماثل أمام محكمة فإنه أعطى تاريخ ميلاده بالهجري. ولاشك أن الترابي، وهو رجل القانون من ناحية ورجل الحركة الإسلامية من ناحية، قد فكّر في الأمر قبل إعطاء إجابته. لا شك أنه رأى أن صياغة إجابته بتلك الصيغة ينسجم أكثر مع مشروعه الإسلامي الذي يهدف في نهاية الأمر لإخضاع حياة الناس بكل تفاصيلها لأحكام الإسلام وتعاليمه وتقاليده ورموزه وصبغ كل مظاهر سلوكهم به. وهكذا وعندما ...

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Maghreb Media Roundup (November 8)

[2 November protests in Sebha, Libya against federalism. Image from @FreeBenghazi/Twitter.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.] Algeria «Nos frontières sont bien gardées, bien contrôlées et bien maîtrisées» Khadija Ahmed Baba interviews the Ministry of Interior and Local Government regarding upcoming elections and a number of salient socio-political issues.   The Fighter Aboubakr Jamai briefly narrates the experiences of anti-colonialist activist Henry ...

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National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference Opposes “Normalizing” Israeli Human Rights Abuses

[Noura Erekat during her keynote address to the conference. Image by Sara Jawhari via Flickr]

Over three hundred student organizers from across the United States converged at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor over the weekend for the second annual National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) Conference. In addition to reaffirming the call for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against the State of Israel for its ongoing human rights violations against the Palestinian people, the student organizers passed a number of resolutions making way for effective national structures to assist in coalition-building, media promotion, fundraising, and other key aspects of the national student campaign for justice in Palestine. The conference also reaffirmed NSJP's ...

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New Texts Out Now: Jens Hanssen, Kafka and Arabs

[Cover of

Jens Hanssen, “Kafka and Arabs.” Critical Inquiry (Autumn 2012).            Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this article? Jens Hanssen (JH): I have been carrying a dog-eared photocopy of Kafka’s three-page animal story “Schakale und Araber” in my luggage ever since a friend of mine at the German Institute in Beirut handed it to me to read. This was back in 1998, and I remember that when I read it I knew I would return to it one day. I think for anyone concerned about the tragedy of Palestine, Kafka’s story resonates. It is certainly not straightforward and at the time I did not fully know what it meant or ...

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Ahmad Muhammad Al-Khatib: A Profile from the Archives

[Ahmad Muhammad Al-Khatib. Image from the archives of Assafir newspaper.]

[”A Profile from the Archives“ is a new series published by Jadaliyya in both Arabic and English in cooperation with the Lebanese newspaper, Assafir. These profiles will feature iconic figures who left indelible marks in the politics and culture of the Middle East and North Africa.] Name: Ahmad Known as: Al-Khatib Father: Muhammad Mother: Wadhha Al-Khbaizi Date of birth: 1926 Nationality: Kuwaiti Specialization: Degree in Medicine Category: Politician Profession: Doctor- Politician Ahmad Muhammad Al-Khatib Kuwaiti Born in Kuwait in 1926. Married and has three sons. He started his primary studies in Al-Mubarakiyah ...

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Inhale Reality, Exhale the Truth

Scattered are the lunatics, like rats, scurrying across the floor in panic when the lights are turned on. For forty years they have assumed that the cultural world of the United States is to their advantage. Hatred of the outsider and of women distinguished their social view. Theirs is the rhetoric of freedom and liberty papering over, lightly, a politics of suffocation. The main word was No: no to this, no to that, no to a woman’s right to dignity, no to the unfurling of the full personality of the ...

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Reports Roundup (November 10)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] Trial of Israeli Attack on Freedom Flotilla Begins on November 6 IHH Humanitarian Relief foundation reports on the opening of the trial on Israel's attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla in Çağlayan Courthouse in Turkey. The suspects, which include several high-ranking individuals within the Israeli Defense Forces, will be tried as "fugitive ...

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International Call Out: British CEO’s Actions Threaten Union Rights in Lebanon

[The following call out was issued by Friends of Spinneys Workers on 9 November 2012 in reaction to attempts by Spinneys’ CEO and others to undermine recent successes by Spinneys workers in operating their recently-recognized independent union. For background on the struggle to form the independent union of Spinneys workers, read "Unionizing in Lebanon."] Employees at the Lebanese branches of the supermarket chain Spinneys are being fired from work, physically assaulted, and psychologically ...

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Putting Palestine on the Map

They want their homeland? They should fight for it. -- Ali Khaled, father of Leila Khaled, 1950s With the US embroiled in Afghanistan’s endless theater, the debate around insurgencies has once more taken hold. In 2007, Jeffery Record’s Beating Goliath detailed the story of how some insurgencies end up defeating their much more powerful adversaries. Three years later, the RAND Corporation published Ben Connable and Martin Libicki’s How Insurgencies End, which showed that such struggles last for ten ...

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Draft Resolution Requesting Palestine Upgrade from Observer Mission Status to Observer State Status

[On 8 November 2012, the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations submitted a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly requesting an upgrade from Observer Mission status to Observer State status within the United Nations. Such an upgrade would represent the will of a majority of UN member states (132/193). It does not alter, however,  the application for statehood still before the UN Security Council and at its ultimate discretion. The resolution is not final and there is no ...

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Syria: When Official Memory is Amnesia

With those who would kill him waiting at each of the gates of Damascus should he try to escape, Saul of Tarsus, the man who would come to be known as Christianity’s St. Paul, fled nonetheless.  Crouching in a basket, he was lowered over the city’s walls by his supporters, and he fled into the Syrian night. It was nearly two thousand years ago that Saul, a soldier, came from Jerusalem to Damascus, dispatched and hell-bent on a mission to arrest followers of Jesus Christ—a man who, among other ...

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The Left in Time of Revolution

[This article was translated from Arabic to English by Mark Marshall and Assaf Kfoury. Read the original article in Arabic here.] The Arab revolutions are presenting the Left with a mixture of existential challenges and historical opportunities. The decisive factor will be the Left’s ability to learn from the rich lessons of its own past experiences and vast revolutionary legacy, in order to develop its own project and role in the coming period, and to work out a coherent plan for tackling challenges ...

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ملف من الأرشيف: دلال المغربي

[”ملف من الأرشيف“ هي سلسة تقوم ”جدلية“ بنشرها بالعربية والإنجليزية بالتعاون مع جريدة ”السفير“ اللبنانية. الملفات ستكون لشخصيات أيقونية تركت أثراً عميقاً في الحقل السياسي والثقافي في العالم العربي.]        الإسم: دلال الشهرة: المغربي إسم الأب: سعيد إسم الأم: أمنة إسماعيل تاريخ الولادة: 1958 تاريخ الوفاة: 1978 الجنسية: فلسطين مكان الولادة: بيروت الفئة: ناشطة سياسية المهنة: ناشطة سياسية     دلال المغربي

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Syria Media Roundup (November 8)

 [This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]   Regional and International Perspectives The Death of Arab Secularism by Faisal al Yafai Reactions to the Syrian National Initiative Marina Ottaway on the positions of the ...

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Maghreb Monthly Edition on Jadaliyya (October 2012)

Chomsky on the Western Sahara and the “Arab Spring” Samia Errazzouki challenges the abstraction of the "Arab Spring," arguing that the term not only de-contextualizes the Western Sahara's protracted struggles for self-representation, but furthermore circumscribes the histories, events, and prospects of contemporary revolts in the Middle East. Maghreb Media Roundup (October 25) Weekly curation of articles published on the Maghreb from various outlets. New Texts Out Now: Rikke Hostrup ...

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New Texts Out Now: Norman Finkelstein, Knowing Too Much

Norman G. Finkelstein, Knowing Too Much: Why the American Jewish Romance with Israel Is Coming to an End. New York: OR Books, 2012. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Norman Finkelstein (NF): I have been active on the Israel-Palestine conflict for the past three decades. I first got involved on 6 June 1982 when Israel invaded Lebanon. Although I was almost never allowed to teach the Israel-Palestine conflict (I mostly taught political theory), my research and publications have focused on it. ...

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Omar Saad: "I will not be a soldier in your army"


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