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[Cover of Thea Renda Abu El-Haj,

New Texts Out Now: Thea Renda Abu El-Haj, Unsettled Belonging: Educating Palestinian American Youth After 9/11

Thea Renda Abu El-Haj, Unsettled Belonging: Educating Palestinian American Youth After 9/11. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Thea Renda Abu El-Haj (TRAEH): Unsettled Belonging is ...

[Asef Bayat]

Five Years After the Arab Uprisings: An Interview with Asef Bayat

This interview was conducted on the occasion of the publication of the Turkish editions of Asef Bayat’s Making Islam Democratic and Life as Politics (Stanford University Press, 2007 and 2013 respectively), and originally appeared in ...

Jeremy Corbyn Hasn’t Got an “Anti-Semitism Problem,” His Opponents Do

Labour has a “Jewish problem.” Or so it has been widely alleged. Headline after headline in recent weeks has claimed that the party, in whose last-but-one leadership election both front-runners were Jewish, has become infested with ...

[المصدر موقع جوجل]

أفكار سريعة: ماريا فانتابيه حول أكراد سورية

[يلعب أكراد سورية دوراً يزداد بروزاً في الصراع الذي تشهده البلاد؛ وفي السنوات الأخيرة بسطت قوات حزب الاتحاد الديمقراطي PYD سيطرتها الفعلية على معظم الأراضي الواقعة في شمال سورية التي يشكل الأكراد جزءاً كبيراً من سكانها. في آذار/مارس 2016، ...

القراءة المبكرة

هنري ميلر  لم أبدأ بإعادة قراءة كتب معيّنة إلا في السنوات القليلة الماضية. أستطيع أن أتذكّر بدقّة الكتب الأولى التي أفردتُها من أجل إعادة القراءة: ولادة المأساة، الزوج الأبدي، أليس في بلاد العجائب،الطقوس الإمبراطورية الفاحشة، وكتاب هامسن ألغاز.إن هامسن، كما قلتُ في غالب الأحيان، هو أحد المؤلفين الذين أثّروا فيّ بقوة ككاتب. لم يجذبني كتاب من كتبه مثلما فعل كتاب ألغاز. ففي تلك الفترة التي تحدثتُ عنها من قبل، حين بدأت بفصل مؤلفيّ المفضّلين كي أكتشف قوة السحر لديهم، كان الكتّاب الذين ركزت عليهم هم هامسن أولاً، ثم آرثر ماتشن، ثم توماس مان. وحين أعدتُ قراءة ولادة المأساةأتذكر أنني ذُهلتُ من استخدام نيتشه السحري للغة. ومنذ بضع سنوات فقط، وبفضل إيفا سيكليانو، أسكرني هذا ...

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Devastation Is Upon Us

[19 November 2013, revolutionaries gather at Tala'at Harb Square before heading to Mohamed Mahmoud St. Image originally posted to Flickr by Hossam el-Hamalawy]

They say that before you drown a calm fills you. A subtle euphoria loosens your last grip on life. Today, two futures lie ahead of us: one known and one unknown. Today, twenty-seven people sit in jail. Alaa Abd El Fattah, Mohamed Al-Rifae, Mohamed Hosny, Taimour, Mamdouh Gamal, Abdalla Zekky, Dr. Yehia and his son Mahmoud, Peter Galal, Abdelhamid, Kougy, Ahmed al-Attar, Mostafa Yousri, Wael Metwally, Ahmed Nabil, Hossam Shawky, Moka, Nubi, Salaheddine, Yassin, Hany, Bobo, Samy, Kalousha, Ahmed Abdelrahman, Ahmed Maher, and Ahmed Douma. If it was not for friends pushing the cop in the balaclava off my back I would have been in there with them. Five more arrest ...

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Twenty Years of Talks: Keeping Palestine Occupied

[Screenshot from infographic below. Image by Visualizing Palestine.]

Twenty years ago, the PLO Central Committee approved the Oslo Accord with the Israeli government. Israeli-Palestinian talks were slated to conclude within five years, yet two decades on Israel's occupation continues, and the situation on the ground has only moved backwards for Palestinians. The infographic "Twenty Years of Talks", produced in collaboration with AIDA (the Association of International Development Agencies) focuses on this deteriorating reality.  An ever-increasing Israeli settler population, continuing dispossession of Palestinians, and a comprehensive system of segregation define the landscape. In spite of the Palestinian ...

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هل تحتاج الثورة إلى قانون للتظاهر؟


لم يسبق في تاريخ الثورات أن احتاجت ثورة إلى قانون للتظاهر¡ ناهيك عن كون هذا القانون يتطلب ترخيصاً للتظاهر من وزارة داخلية النظام القديم عينه الذي قامت الثورة من أجل إزالته. وهذا ما حصل في مصر الأسبوع الماضي. لذا ينشأ السؤال: هل هي ثورة؟ أو: هل ما زالت ثورة؟ وإذا كانت ثورة، بمعايير الثورات السابقة، ينبغي أن تحقق تغييراً على أحد مستويين على الأقل،       الأول سياسي، والثاني اقتصادي-اجتماعي، حتى تحقق أهدافها، فمن الجلي أن هذا لم يتم في مصر، وقد تم جزئياً على المستوى الأول في تونس. وهي ما زالت "ثورة" في مصر فقط بمعنى المسعى للتغيير غير المكتمل بعد.  ذلك أن انتقال الحكم من الإخوان إلى العسكر، أو بشكل أعم، إحلال مجموعة أو حزب أو ...

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Turkey Media Roundup (December 3)

[Left: Fethullah Gülen, from Diyar Muhammed, via Flickr; right: Prime Minister Erdoğan, from World Economic Forum via Flickr.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Turkey and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Turkey Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] English Power Struggle over Prep Schools Erdoğan Now at Odds With Once-Closest Ally “The Gülen sympathizers who helped Erdoğan get rid of soldiers from politics are now disappointed to see that Erdoğan does not want any shareholders of power alongside himself,” says Murat Yetkin. Gülen's Biggest Strategic Mistake Ruşen Çakır argues that the AKP’s ...

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Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s “City for All” – Is There Emancipatory Potential in Israeli Municipal Politics?: An Interview with Matan Kaminer

[Aharon Maduel (right, in black v-neck) and Ir LeKulanu activists in HaCarmel Market, Tel Aviv, October 15th, 2013. Image by Eyal Eithcowich]

Max Ajl (MA): Start by telling us a little about the Ir LeKulanu campaign. Matan Kaminer (MK): Ir LeKulanu, “city for all of us” in Hebrew, is a municipal political party in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It was founded six years ago by a number of activists who had been involved in different local struggles. Among the groups represented at the founding conference were the Palestinian community in Jaffa and the working-class Mizrahi Jewish community in Kfar Shalem–formerly Salameh–both of which were facing eviction from homes they had been settled in after 1948, residents in the center of town who were fighting for a public lot to be turned into a park rather than residential ...

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Egypt Media Roundup (December 2)

[19 November 2013, revolutionary activists headed to Tahrir Square on the second anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud massacre and tarnished the newly built monument. The Arabic writings on the monument reflect the protesters' discontent with the military, feloul, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Image originally posted to Flickr by Hossam el-Hamalawy]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  Egypt’s Street Politics and the Freedom of Assembly Ronald Meinardus argues that newly approved “protest law” is the catalyst to dissolve polarization between Islamists and revolutionary forces. The (Anti-) Protest Law: No More Public Space in Egypt?         Marwa Fikry argues that the streets are the only ...

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Implications of Morocco's Bifurcated Educational System

[Image of the Lycée Gouraut, predecessor of the Lycée Descartes in Rabat, Morocco. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

In Morocco, policymakers have recently implemented several groundbreaking initiatives aiming to create educational programs to empower rural women. Despite progress in this realm, there are still ongoing tensions within the Moroccan educational system. As a Moroccan who was educated in a multi-lingual system, I have experienced its flaws firsthand and recognize the need for its analysis. This study, therefore, assesses the quality of the Moroccan educational sector and the implications of a bifurcated educational system. The educational system is conducted in Fusha Arabic in public schools throughout secondary school and French predominantly at the university level. It ...

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Arab Studies Journal Spotlight: Visual Arts and Art Practices in the Middle East (Spring 2010)

[Oil painting created by Lebanese artist Daoud Corm in 1899, titled Melons. This painting is currently on display in the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar.]

Arab Studies Journal : Visual Arts and Art Practices in the Middle East (Spring 2010) This themed issue of the Arab Studies Journal was developed in response to the remarkable changes that have occurred over the last decade within the world of Middle Eastern art –  from the mushrooming of “independent” art spaces, events, and festivals regionally, to the burgeoning of a Gulf-based art market supported by an immense infrastructure of commercial galleries and world-class museums. This special issue of the Arab Studies Journal presents original scholarship, conversations, and reviews that illustrate the complexity and diversity of this fast-growing field. ...

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Last Week on Jadaliyya (November 26- December 1)

This is a selection of what you might have missed on Jadaliyya last week. It also includes a list of the most read articles and roundups. Progressively, we will be featuring more content on our "Last Week on Jadaliyya" series.  On Why Struggles over Urban Space Matter: An Interview with David Harvey Teaching Thanksgiving The Khsara Club, Arab Women Who Don't Get Married in Time: An Interview with Suha Araj In the Shadow of Malala: The West’s Unsaved Others The Rise and Fall of the Salafi al-Nour Party in Egypt مصر بين فاشية مجهضة وأخرى محتملة Roundtable Introduction: The Afterlives of the Algerian ...

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الثورة الجزائرية: محاورة الماضي

[نساء الجزائر. مصدر الصورة

انطلقت ثورة الفاتح من نوفمبر في العام 1954 بنداء وجهته رسالة جبهة التحرير الوطني إلى الشعب الجزائري قائلة "إذا كان هدف أي حركة ثورية في الواقع هو خلق جميع الظروف الثورية للقيام بعملية تحريرية، فإننا نعتبر الشعب الجزائري في أوضاعه الداخلية متحداً حول قضية الاستقلال والعمل"، داعية بذلك الشعب للانخراط بكليته في الثورة التي أنهت في العام 1962 الاستعمار الفرنسي الذي رابط في الجزائر منذ العام 1830، بإعلان استقلال الجزائر وإنشاء الجمهورية الجزائرية. خصت جدلية ذكرى انطلاقة الثورة الجزائرية بملف يتناولها، خلال شهر تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر. أدناه روابط جميع المقالات التي نشرت. وإذ تبدو سيرة الثورة الجزائرية قصية في حضرة التاريخ الذي نشهده في العالم العربي وبهوية ...

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Persian Translation of 'On Why Struggles Over Urban Space Matter: An Interview with David Harvey'

[دیوید هاروی]

[This interview was originally conducted in English by Hiba Bou Akar and Nada Moumtaz with David Harvey. It was published as "On Why Struggles Over Urban Space Matter" by Jadaliyya. It was translated into Persian by Parvis Sedaghet and published by Naghd-e-Ightisad-e-Siyasi (Critique of Political Economy).]

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American Studies Association Resolution on Academic Boycott of Israel

[The following resolution was issued by the National Council of the American Studies Associaton on 4 December 2013. The resolution is also up for endorsement by the ASA membership, the voting period for which will end on 15 December 2013. For analysis of both the background and context on this resolution, see "Toward an Ethic of Legitimate Dissent: Academic Boycott at the American Studies Association." If you are an active member of the association during calendar year 2013, you can vote to ...

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New Texts Out Now: Ralf Brand and Sara Fregonese, The Radicals’ City: Urban Environment, Polarization, Cohesion

Ralf Brand and Sara Fregonese, The Radicals’ City: Urban Environment, Polarization, Cohesion. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2013. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Sara Fregonese (SF): The book is based on the research project “The Built Environment: Mirror and Mediator of Radicalization?” which ran from 2008 to 2010 at the University of Manchester, UK. It builds strongly on the significant amount of primary research data that the project produced. Our aim was to tell about radicalization and ...

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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (December 3)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] Regional and International Relations Greenert confirms expanded footprint in Bahrain Hendrick Simoes examines the statement made by Admiral Jonathan ...

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Sonbol in Sinai: A Narrative of Territorialization

In 1987 Egyptian public television aired the soap opera Sonbol Ba‘d al-Milyon (Sonbol After the Million), a burlesque soap opera of sorts starring the comedian Mohamed Sobhy. It came as a sequel to a popular first part titled The Million Pound Journey, in which Sonbol, the series’ main character, rises up the social ladder, despite his humble origins. Sonbol, played by Sobhy, is an ambitious self-made young man from the Nile Delta who decides to invest his savings by reclaiming desert land in the Sinai ...

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O.I.L. Monthly Edition (November 2013)

[This is a monthly archive of pieces written by Jadaliyya contributors and editors on the Occupations, Interventions,and Law (O.I.L.) Page. It also includes material published on other platforms that editors deemed pertinent to post as they provide diverse depictions of O.I.L.-related topics. The pieces reflect the level of critical analysis and diversity that Jadaliyya strives for, but the views are solely the ones of their authors. If you are interested in contributing to Jadaliyya, send us your post ...

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Legal Agenda Launches English Online Edition

On 2 December 2013, Legal Agenda launched its English online edition. In its early launching stage, the English edition will feature, on a weekly basis, selected translations of studies and articles published in its sister Arabic edition. Our aim is to make original and informative research work produced in the Arab world accessible to a wider global audience. Original contributions in English relevant to our field of interest will also be published as we expand our operations. Individuals who wish to ...

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Toward an Ethic of Legitimate Dissent: Academic Boycott at the American Studies Association

At its 2013 annual conference, the American Studies Association (ASA) considered a resolution to endorse the academic boycott of Israel. Several professors proposed the resolution to the ASA’s Academic and Community Activism Caucus after participating in a 2012 US Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) delegation to Palestine and Israel. If passed, the ASA will join a steadily growing movement among members of American academic associations to support Palestinian calls to implement the 2005 ...

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Tadween Roundup: News and Analysis in Publishing and Academia from the Arab World

[The following article was originally published on Tadween Publishing's blog. For more information on the publishing world as it relates to pedagogy and knowledge production, follow Tadween Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.] News and stories with a focus on the publishing industry, education, and technology from across the Arab world. MOOCs Coming to the Arab World  (Tadween Publishing)  A joint agreement between the online education ...

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Violence Against Copts in Egypt

The Egyptian Orthodox Christian community—the Copts—has been the target of violence and discrimination since the 1970s and especially following the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak. The Egyptian state has done little to remedy the situation and has at times enabled the conflict between Muslims and Christians. Achieving religious freedom and equality depends on building state institutions that can guarantee all citizens’ constitutional rights. The Conflict Regime-church relations deteriorated in ...

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Tornistan (Gezi Park Animated Film)

Tornistan. Written and directed by Ayçe Kartal. Turkey, 2013. Ayçe Kartal’s animated short film Tornistan has been gaining critical acclaim since its release this fall, thanks to its unique aesthetic interpretation of the Turkish media’s coverage of the Gezi Park protests of June 2013. The film, whose name translates as “Return” or “Backwards Run,” was drawn entirely by hand by Kartal, who has dedicated Tornistan to “those who were subjected to disproportionate force, those who were injured, and those ...

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Statement by Comrades from Cairo: We Don't Need Permission to Protest

[The following statement was recently released by Comrades from Cairo] We Don't Need Permission to Protest To You at Whose Side We Struggle: On 26 November 2013, we saw the first implementation of a new Egyptian law effectively banning any and all protest not approved and regulated by the Ministry of Interior. This is the same Interior Ministry whose soldiers have killed thousands of protesters, maimed tens of thousands and tortured unknown others in recent years. This security apparatus is acting ...

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New Paradigms in Israel and Palestine: Interview with Noura Erakat and Leila Farsaikh

In early November 2013, the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats of the European Parliament organized a two-day conference to debate New Paradigms in Israel & Palestine. The organizers understood that this latest round of negotiations faciliated by US Secretary of State John Kerry would be the last chance to realize the two state solution. The European Parliamentarians considered what was necessary to salvage the two state solution, and if the negotiations indeed failed, ...

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