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Maghreb Media Roundup السحر Two Figures on a Bench, in a Park, Tiflis, 1914 Ghaib Tu`ma Farman: The Old Man's Word the mayor
[Image of leaders from the Party of Justice and Development celebrating their wins in the 2011 parliamentary elections. Image from Wikimedia Commons]

The Ongoing, Steady Gains of Morocco's Islamist Party

Moroccans took to the polls on 4 September to vote in the first local elections since 2009. A total of about one hundred forty thousand candidates competed for around thirty-two thousand seats. These local elections were the first to take ...

NPR's 'Here and Now' Interviews Jadaliyya Co-Editor Rosie Bsheer About Redevelopment in Mecca

In this interview with NPR's Here and Now, Jadaliyya Co-Editor Rosie Bsheer discusses urban redevelopment in Mecca following the tragic stampede that killed over 700 pilgrims in Mecca on 24 September 2015. Bsheer explains ...

[Cover of Mandy Turner and Omar Shweiki,

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Political Economy?

Mandy Turner and Omar Shweiki, editors, Decolonizing Palestinian Political Economy: De-Development and Beyond. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Anyone who visited Ramallah in 2013 would have heard a lot of talk about seatbelts. Everyone ...

[لوحة للفنانة السورية خلود السباعي]

تحيّة لمطر أيلول الذي لم يخلف وعدَه

            للمطرِ عينانِ: إذا كَشفتْ واحدةٌ فضيحةَ الأرض، أَسدلت الأخرى ستائرَ السماء. وجبينُهُ مَلِكٌ لا يَحكم إلاّ ساجداً. للمطر شفتان: إذا ازْرَقَّتْ واحدةٌ مِن برْدِ المنفى، أضاءت الأخرى ...

The Politics of the Brotherhood Democracy: How the Muslim Brotherhood Burned Their Bridges

[The Arabic reads:

As members of the Muslim Brotherhood lick their wounds as well as lament the opportunity they have lost to consolidate their rule and vision of political Islam in Egypt, they will likely be reflecting on the multiple strategic missteps that pulled their country to the edge of civil war. Crowning this list will be their decision—in the weeks after the January 25 Revolution—to invest in a strategic relationship with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), to the detriment of their relationship with Egypt’s revolutionary forces. As its cadres now call for the continuation of the January 25 Revolution and its objectives, it is necessary to question whether the Muslim ...

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Syria Media Roundup (July 18)

[A barbershop in Zaatari Refugee Camp. From

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]  Regional and International Perspectives Inflating Syria’s Crisis Jihad Yazigi explores the reasons behind the Syrian government’s recent restrictions on private sector imports. Quick Take: Syria’s Skyrocketing Inflation Professor Steve H. Hanke says Syria’s implied inflation rate is now 91.9%. Keep Reading »

A Potential Renaissance for Arabic Translation

[The following article was re-published on Tadween Publishing's blog in collaboration with Al Fanar. The original article can be viewed here. For more information on the publishing world as it relates to pedagogy and knowledge production, follow Tadween Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.] By Ursula Lindsey CAIRO–In an oft-cited reference, the UN-sponsored Arab Human Development Report painted a bleak picture in 2003 of the Arab cultural and academic landscape here. It described translation in Arab countries as “chaotic and static” and noted that  “the aggregate total of translated books [into Arabic] from the ...

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From Cynicism to Protest: Reflections on Youth and Politics in Turkey

[Gezi Park, 4 June 2013. Photo by Carole Woodall.]

The recent uprisings in Turkey indicated a transformation of youth cynicism into a widespread protest against the Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AKP) government’s conservative and autocratic policies. This transformation demands a new way of thinking about youth and politics in the country. If nothing else, young people can no longer be easily characterized as politically apathetic.  In June 2013, Turkey witnessed young people going out onto the streets to defend trees, solidarity, and freedom against the AKP's profit-driven, socially conservative, autocratic rule. The number of protestors (whose average age is twenty-eight, according to a Konda poll) grew ...

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بحثاً عن فلسطين وسوريا في مصر الثورة

[ 8.4. 2011فلسطين في قلب الميدان

من المُفارقات التاريخيّة، أن نسمع عِبارات مثل "عِصابات فلسطينيّة"، "إرهابيّون فلسطينيّون"، "متسللون فلسطينيّون"، في وسائل إعلام مصريّة. كيف وَجد هذا الخِطاب المقيت طريقهُ إلى الإعلام المصريّ؟ خِطاب عمِلت إسرائيّل بأذرعها الإعلاميّة وعلاقاتها الدوليّة على ترسيخهِ طِوال عقود، لتقبع صورة الفلسطينيّ في أذهان العالم كمخرِّب وإرهابيّ. ومن الجدير بالذكر، أن هذا الخطاب كان قد فشل في الدخول إلى نفوس وعقول العرب عامة، وإذا به يُشحن ويُعاد إنتاجه، بسهولة وأريحيّة، في إعلام يتغنىّ بمؤازرتهِ للقضيّة الفلسطينيّة. مُنذُ حين والمشهد الإعلاميّ المصري مقلق، يزجُ بالفلسطينيين ويورطّهم في المشهد المصري بشكل مسئ. ومؤخراً لم يقتصر هذا على الفلسطينيين، بل طال ...

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من المنحط والمنبوذ إلى فضاء الطبقة الوسطى وإعلامها


في إعادة الإعتبار لتعبيرات الطبقات الفقيرة ”فشخ“ ”أحييه“ وتعريص“... من المنحط والمنبوذ إلى فضاء الطبقة الوسطى وإعلامها.  استقبل مشاهدو التلفزيون، أول أيام شهر رمضان، ببرنامج تلفزيوني خفيف اسمه ”لاسوستا“. ظهرت فيه المغنية سما المصري مع فتى يتحدث العربية، بلكنة مصطنعة مدّعياً أنه من أصل إيطالي. في البرنامج عبّرت سما عن آرائها في السياسة والجنس والمجتمع مستخدمة كلمات من عينة "الجلاشة" و"فشخ". لم يشكل الاستماع لتلك الألفاظ ذات الإيحاءات الجنسية المكشوفة عبر قناة تلفزيونية يشاهدها العامة مفاجأة، بل حظي البرنامج بأكثر من 116 ألف مشاهد على موقع يوتيوب بعد يوم واحد من تحميله. تداول الكثير من المصريين أغنيات سما على اليوتيوب والفيسبوك خلال الأشهر ...

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New Texts Out Now: Selma Dabbagh, Out of It: A Novel

[Cover of Selma Dabbagh,

Selma Dabbagh, Out of It: A Novel. London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2012. Selected as a Guardian Book of the Year, 2011-2012. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Selma Dabbagh (SD): All writers are driven by a sense of compulsion. This compulsion has component elements of arrogance and vanity, as well as an artistic desire to put the messy rush of everyday life into a dignified, meaningful form. Out of It was my first novel, although I had published short stories previously, and the seeds of it came to me as an image and an idea. The image was of a young man leaping up on a roof, under fighter jets, his mood being a combination of recklessness and defiance. ...

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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (July 16)

[Detained Bahraini activist Naji Fateel, who has been tortured while in prison, appeared in court this week for the first time. Image from frontlinedefenders/flickr.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] Regional and International Relations Qatar losing Mideast ground to Saudi diplomacy An article on Qatar’s dwindling regional role following the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. UAE offers Egypt $3 billion support, Saudis $5 billion Patrick Werr reports on the financial aid Saudi Arabia and the United Arab ...

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On the Confusion of the Present Moment

[5 February 2013, the Arabic reads:

Now everyone is an expert on crowds. At times, we associate them with the revolution. At other times we connect them with fascist-inflected hysteria. Like the enraged mobs described by the nineteenth century sociologist Gabriel Tarde, we imagine crowds as little more than media-inflamed masses seeking to take revenge on the Muslim Brotherhood’s failed and exclusionary rule. Time and again we neglect them, only to contradict their demands. Drawing our maps for the future transition to democracy, we are content to interpret their presence as a sign of popularity, easily led to enable this or that political power, or to ward off the specter of civil strife between ...

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With Our Ideas We Take Our Portrait: Reflecting on the Work of George Azar

(Protest. Photo by George Azar.)

George Azar is a Lebanese-American photographer and filmmaker who has been documenting life in the Levant since 1981. At that time he left California to photograph the Lebanese civil war with an eye to the complexity of the human experience of those events. When the first intifada began in 1987, Azar documented life in the West Bank with the same fine-grained approach. During the second intifada, Azar’s This is Palestine project moved in a different direction by focusing on what, as Darwish says, makes Palestinian life worth living. In this collection, the second in a series of Palestinian youth commentary on photography, Palestinians who grew up in Bethlehem during the ...

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Resurgent Nationalism

[16 April 2012, the Arabic reads:

“God is Great! Long live Egypt!” Amr Adib, an anchor on Al-Qahera Al-Youm talk show, shouted as he waved the country’s tricolor flag minutes after the commander of the Armed Forces announced the removal of President Mohamed Morsi from power on 3 July. “The Egyptian people are great ... Egypt is the greatest state in the world, the whole world is watching you, and watching the Egyptian flag!” Spreading the flag across his shoulders, Adib proudly declared that this was the Egyptian flag and “not the flag of the group,” referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, which the ousted president hails from. In the run-up to the 30 June ...

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برافر، يجب ألا يمر

تم ضم "مجتمع" "بدو النقب" رسمياً إلى الدولة اليهودية، حيث حصلوا على المواطنة الرسمية خلال العامين 1949 – 1950، إلا أنهم ظلوا كما يبين سبيرسكي "صوراً لمواطنين". فضمن الإشتباكات البنيوية في الجسد الإستعماري، أدى التفاعل البدوي مع المجتمع الإستيطاني إلى إخضاع البدو إلى مختلف سياسات التجزئة والتلاعب بالهوية. فالمجتمع البدوي تعرض لما تعرض له بقية المجتمع الفلسطيني من عمليات إحتلال ثم إحلال، أنتجت أقلية هامشية ضمن الدولة (!) الإثنية المركزية، تلك الأقلية تعرضت لأنماط مختلفة من عمليات التهميش الجغرافية والإقتصادي والسياسي والمجتمعي، لضمان ديمومة الخطاب الإسرائيلي في شأن ذلك المجتمع المُستعمَر، وما ينتج عنه من علاقات قوى، وذلك ضمن إتجاهين يتم ...

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Totalitarian Democracy

The cover of the current issue of Time Magazine calls Egyptians “the world’s best protestors” and “the world’s worst democrats.” The startling ignorance of this cover highlights a fundamental question that — in the current climate of frenzied analyses of Egypt — is not being asked: Is it more democratic to elect a dictator, or to topple one? Democracy alone was never a fundamental demand of the Egyptian revolution. Bread, freedom and social justice: These are the demands of the revolution. Freedom. Not ...

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Quest for Legitimacy: An Interview with Senior Brotherhood Official Amr Darrag

Amr Darrag is a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood who most recently served as minister of planning and international cooperation in former Prime Minister Hesham Qandil’s Cabinet. He formerly served as secretary general of the Constituent Assembly that drafted the 2012 Constitution. Sharif Abdel Kouddous spoke with Darrag on 17 July. Mada Masr (MM): The Muslim Brotherhood is continuing to call for [deposed President Mohamed] Morsi's reinstatement. Do you think this is a realistic ...

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فلسطينيون في جيش الإحتلال الإسرائيلي

بثت ”القناة العاشرة“ الإسرائيلية الأسبوع الماضي تقريراً تلفزيونياً عن تجنيد الفلسطينيتين نادين توما، من قرية الجش الجليلية، ورغدة جرايسة، من مدينة الناصرة، في صفوف جيش الاحتلال الإسرائيلي. وتطل علينا وسائل الإعلام الإسرائيلية بين الحين والآخر بتقارير عن بعض هؤلاء المتطوعين وتغطيات إخبارية مطولة، يثنون  فيها على أنفسهم كما تثني وسائل الإعلام عليهم. لكن الكثير من هذه التقارير والمقالات لها طابع ”البروباغاندا“ وتلميع صورة الجيش وإيصال رسائل للفلسطينيين حاملي الجوازات الإسرائيلية، بغية تخويفهم وإسكاتهم. ...

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University of California Student-Workers Union on the Recent Nomination of Janet Napolitano for UC President

[The following statement was issued on 15 July 2013 by UAW Local 2865, the union representing over 12000 Academic Student Employees (ASE)—teaching assistants, readers, tutors, and others—at the nine teaching campuses of the University of California.] A Statement from UAW 2865 – UC Student-Workers Union Regarding the Recent Appointment of Ex-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano as the President of the UC As student-workers of the University of California (UC), we are shocked and troubled by the ...

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Woman’s Work: The Twisted Reality of an Italian Freelancer in Syria

He finally wrote to me. After more than a year of freelancing for him, during which I contracted typhoid fever and was shot in the knee, my editor watched the news, thought I was among the Italian journalists who had been kidnapped, and sent me an email that said: “Should you get a connection, could you tweet your detention?” That same day, I returned in the evening to a rebel base where I was staying in the middle of the hell that is Aleppo, and amid the dust, hunger, and fear, I hoped to find a ...

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Turkey Media Roundup (July 17)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Turkey and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Turkey Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] English Istanbul Protests A public and moderated collection of news articles on the protests on Fifty Shades of Grey: Turkey After the Storm Oguz Işık thinks that ...

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O.I.L. Media Roundup (17 July)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Occupation, Intervention, and Law and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the O.I.L. Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each biweekly roundup to by Monday night of every other week.] News "Obama's Secret Kill List - The Disposition Matrix," Ian Cobain Cobain, writing for The Guardian, outlines the United States' use of a ...

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And Where Do the Workers Stand? Syndicates, Unions Divided Over Morsi’s Ouster

Since the events of 30 June, divisive fault lines have emerged within the country’s trade unions and professional syndicates, with leading members of these associations taking sides with the new ruling elites or former President Mohamed Morsi’s ousted regime. Unions and syndicates have been brought to the forefront of this ongoing conflict, as their leadership, loyalties and politics all come under question. On 2 July, a call for a general strike against the Morsi regime issued by the Egyptian ...

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Sexual Violence in Egypt: Myths and Realities

In memory of Eman Mustafa. Last September, sixteen-year-old Eman Mustafa was walking with a friend in the village of Arab Al Kablat in Assiut, when a man groped her breasts. She turned to face him and spat in his face. He shot her dead with an automatic rifle as a price for her bravery. Mustafa’s death was an eye-opener to those who claim that sexual violence is an urban issue. Thanks to human rights organizations and activist groups, Eman's killer was sentenced to life imprisonment in June ...

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Statement by Pro-Democracy Pro-Morsi Protestors in Response to al-Sisi Speech

[The following statement was issued by pro-Morsi demonstrators on 15 July 2013 and published on ikhwanweb. com.]   Coup commander Abdel Fattah al-Sisi betrayed the oath he took before the head of state–the supreme commander of the armed forces. He spilled the blood of innocent Egyptians, killing more than a hundred citizens and injuring more than a thousand, including women and children, supporters of democratic legitimacy, opponents of the bloody military coup. He then threatened peaceful ...

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A Coup or a Continuation of the Revolution? (Video)

This latest video from the Mosireen collective compares the protests of 30 June 2013 with those of January 2011 in Egypt, and asks: were the events of 30 June a revolutionary wave or a military coup? It begins by discussing the way in which former president Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood formed an alliance with the Egyptian military in order to gain power. The Brotherhood were keen to be in control of government, while the military were happy to be relieved of this responsibility, while ...

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ما الذي يحدث في مصر الآن؟

ما الذي يحدث في مصر الآن؟ عن سقوط المسار السياسي الأول للثورة المضادة في مصر وآفاق المستقبل نستطيع أن نقول إن ما يحدث في مصر، منذ الحراك الشعبي الواسع في 30 يونيو ضد حكم الرئيس السابق محمد مرسي، يشكل بمثابة عودة إلى ثورة يناير 2011 ومعاركها الأصلية ضد سلطوية الدولة القديمة. وذلك بعد عامين ونصف من التشويش والإرباك المتعمد، الذي أحدثه المسار السياسي الكارثي بهندسة المؤسسة العسكرية وجماعة الإخوان المسلمين منذ 11 فبراير 2011. وجاء ذلك بهدف إجهاض الثورة وما تحمله من وعد بتحولات جذرية في بنية السياسة المصرية. ...

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