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UCLA's Center for Near East Studies Response to Smear Campaign Tunisia: The Victory of Secularism over Islamism? Gulf Women's Writing: On Slavery, Migrant Labor, and Statelessness Maghreb media roundup Interview with Khaled Malas
[Image of dugout canoes on the beach at Iconi, the onetime capital of Grande Comore, Union of the Comoros. Image from David Stanley/Flickr]

On the Margins Roundup (November)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Djibouti, and Comoros Islands and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the On the Margins ...

I am Rama. I wish I could have my old classroom back. I am 10 years old and in fifth grade. My classroom in Gaza has been destroyed. I hope that it is rebuilt one day soon so I can study with my friends inside it once more. I have so many fond memories in this place. Photo by UNRWA.

Give Palestinian Children a Voice

Twenty-five years ago today world leaders adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most complete statement in history of humanity’s aspiration to give children universal rights protection to achieve their full potential. This ...

[Protest for victims of US drone strikes, downtown Chicago, Illinois. Image by Debra Sweet.]

O.I.L. Media Roundup (23 November)

 [This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Occupation, Intervention and Law and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the O.I.L. Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may ...

[Artist Michael Rakowitz, Dar Al Sulh, 2014. Photo by Kamel Rasool. Image courtesy of Creative Time Reports.]

Arab Jewish Identity and the Art of Hospitality: A Conversation with Michael Rakowitz

In the media clips below (produced by Creative Time Reports), the artist Michael Rakowitz speaks with independent curator Regine Basha and scholar Ella Habiba Shohat about the disappearance of Arab Jewish identity, in the context ...

"Light From the Middle East: New Photography" at the Victoria and Albert Museum: A Review

Light from the Middle East: New Photography Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK 13 November 2012 – 7 April 2013 The photographer Abbas’s images of the Iranian revolution have been described as “the memory of the event.”[1] I certainly remember them. Or I remember the event. I remember anyway my parents deciding that we had seen enough of these images on the streets, so they folded up their newspapers and unplugged our television at home. Abbas's images are the first ones you see upon entering the rather dark space of Light from the Middle East. There is the photograph of handprints, dipped in the blood of martyrs; the photograph of protestors, ...

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QIZ: Egyptian Jeans Under the Patronage of the Muslim Brotherhood

[Egyptian convoy at the Rafah Border, Egypt. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim.]

Two weeks ago, an official Egyptian delegation visited Washington to negotiate expanding the Qualifying Industrial Zone (QIZ) agreement with Israel and the US, which sees designated geographic areas in Egypt given duty free status in collaboration with Israel. They also met to discuss reducing the Israeli component in Egyptian exports to the US, which is part of the QIZ deal. Meanwhile, Palestinians were finalizing plans to build the first Palestinian village on land that Israel will confiscate to build settlements. They erected it a and called it Bab Al-Shams, "Gate of the Sun": a new and unique form of resistance during such difficult ...

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Egypt Media Roundup (January 21)

[The train derailment on January 14th in Egypt led to the death of 19 soldiers. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  “Protesters and security clash at Alexandria court” Families of martyrs and activists clash with security forces after they are prevented from demonstrating in front of the court that was expected to pronounce a verdict on a killing protesters case. “Egypt Opposition Faces New Challenges” The National Salvation Front is shaken by internal ...

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Depoliticizing Bahrain's Uprising: The Rhetoric of Human Rights

[Opposition protest in front of the UN building in Manama, 1 January 2012. Image by Saeed Saif.]

Various local, regional, and international parties concerned with Bahraini affairs have failed to translate the November 2011 report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI, also known as the Bassiouni report) into a political program similar to Yemen’s GCC Initiative. The United States and the Gulf Cooperation Council states had devised the Initiative in 2011 to quell the Yemeni uprising. Although the Gulf Initiative distorted and marginalized the results of the revolution in Yemen, some argue that it also saved the country from turning into another bloodbath scenario like that in Syria. Nothing of the sort has happened in Bahrain, where the stakes simply ...

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Focus sur le Mali, deuxième partie: Une guerre qui menace toute la région

[Des combattants islamistes armés traversent à vive allure la frontière entre la Mauritanie et le Mali le 21 mai. Image de Jemal Oumar/Flickr.]

[Cet article est le deuxième d'une série de trois, avec des perspectives différentes sur les développements au Mali. Le premier article - « Mali in Focus, Part One: The Jihadist Offensive Revisited » ] « …Ce conflit est légitime et vital pour la sécurité des Français. Nous ne pouvons pas espérer conserver nos modes de vie et notre prospérité si nous n'allons pas à l'extérieur du territoire national participer à la stabilisation et au règlement des crises, à l'éradication des menaces qui finiraient immanquablement par venir nous menacer à l'intérieur du territoire national. » Ces mots ont été prononcés par le général de division ...

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A New Revolt in Morocco?: An Interview with Mohamed El Marouani

[Mohamed El Marouani. Image from Demain Online.]

[Mohamed El Marouani is the author of Abdessalam Yassine's funeral oration, who died on 13 December 2012. Sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for "conspiring against state security," El Marouani was released during the wake of the February 20 Movement. He is the founder of the Al Umma, which he hopes to transform into a political party, however, he has been barred from doing so. The following interview was orginally published in French on Salah Elayoubi's blog and translated to English by Allison L. McManus.] Ahmed Benseddik and Salah Elayaoubi (AB and SE): We remember the eulogy that you gave at the funeral of Sheikh Yassine.  Those of us ...

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Infographic: Born at Qalandia Checkpoint

[Crop of infographic below. Image by Visualizing Palestine.]

"'Born at Qalandia Checkpoint' focuses on the impact of Israeli movement restrictions on the everyday lives of Palestinians. The phenomenon of Palestinian women forced to give birth at military checkpoints peaked during the Second Intifada (2000-05). Since then, Palestinian women in remote areas have increasingly resorted to coping strategies, such as relocation in the weeks prior to delivery or giving birth at home.  Rather than challenge Israel’s military occupation and its associated checkpoints to address these conditions, the United Nations and other agencies have opted for a 'humanitarian' response in choosing to support the training of midwives. While ...

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Maghreb Media Roundup (January 17)

[Tunisians swarm Bourguiba Avenue to commemorate the second anniversary of the revolution. Image by Monia Ghanmi/Magharebia.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.]   Algeria L'opération de l'armée se poursuit, "quelques morts et blessés" affirme le gouvernement algérien Radio France gives a chronological account of the hostage situation in Algeria. L'armée algérienne s'attaque aux islamistes armés Video news update on Algerian army attacks on armed faction holding ...

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سادية جديدة باسم المصلحة العليا

سادية جديدة باسم المصلحة العليا: "الدولة الذكورية" تدفن حق المرأة بمنح جنسيتها لأولادها نهائياً "لا حق للمرأة اللبنانية بمنح جنسيتها لا لأولادها ولا لزوجها، فمن شأن ذلك الإضرار بالتوازن الطائفي الديموغرافي في البلاد، وبالمصلحة العليا للوطن".. هذا هو فحوى القرار والتوصية التي رفعتها اللجنة الوزارية التي كلفها مجلس الوزراء دراسة القضية إثر طرح مشروع مرسوم حق اللبنانية بمنح جنسيتها لأولادها في 21 اذار الماضي، في ما روج له يومها على أنه "عيدية" الحكومة للمرأة اللبنانية في عيد الأم. وجاءت "الهدية" المرّة والمحبطة للنساء في لبنان بعد طول انتظار عبر التوصية بالرفض التي رفعتها اللجنة الوزارية إلى رئيس الحكومة نجيب ميقاتي إثر إجتماعها ...

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Mali in Focus, Part One: The Jihadist Offensive Revisited

[A public transport minibus is stopped by Malian soldiers at a checkpoint at the entrance to Markala, approximately forty km outside Segou on the road to Diabaly, in central Mali, Monday, 14 January 2013. Despite intensive aerial bombardments by French warplanes, Islamist insurgents grabbed more territory in Mali on Monday and got much closer to the capital, French and Malian authorities said. In the latest setback, the al-Qaida-linked extremists overran the garrison village of Diabaly in central Mali, France's defense minister said in Paris. Image from AP Photo/Harouna Traore.]

[This article is the first of a three-part series featuring different perspectives on the recent developments in Mali.] Although the jihadists in northern Mali share the same radical Islamist substrate, we were expecting to see Iyad Ag Ghaly’s Ansar Eddine (AD) movement cloak itself in a more moderate attitude in return for having obtained a respectable status in the Azawad conflict. This was the wish expressed by several international mediators—namely Algeria and Burkina Faso—given the different meetings held in Algiers and Ouagadougou. But some visible signs demonstrate an accord among the different jihadist groups that is too broad to avoid a collision with the ...

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Torture, Drones, and Detention: A Conversation Between Laleh Khalili and Lisa Hajjar

[Crop of event poster.]

The following is an audio recording of a joint book talk held on 16 January 2013. Laleh Khalili and Lisa Hajjar recently published their Time in the Shadows: Confinement in Counterinsurgencies and Torture: A Sociology of Violence and Human Rights, respectively. The event was held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, and featured a conversation between the two authors entitled "Torture, Drones, and Detention: The Vagaries of Liberal Warfare." The discussion ranged from the Boer War to Drone Warfare, legal torture, the role of law and everything in between.   

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Raped, Without Justice, and Without Hope

[Nasma Naqash cracks a faint smile during her video testimony with Febrayer. Image taken from screenshot of Youtube video.]

Last year, Moroccan civil society was highly mobilized around the case of Amina Filali—the young Moroccan girl who committed suicide after having been forced to marry her rapist. Ten months later, article 475—the article that absolves a rapist of his crimes if he marries his victim—remains in place, despite the fact that calls for its removal were a central part of the mobilizations. Today, the tragic story of another Moroccan girl—who in 2010 was raped by a stranger during her commute to Marrakech—is now dominating headlines. Forced into domestic labor at the age of fourteen, a field of work Human Rights Watch rightly labeled “Lonely Servitude,” Nasma Naqash’s work ...

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Mali in Focus, Part Two: A War That Threatens the Entire Region

[This article is the second of a three-part series featuring different perspectives on the recent developments in Mali. Previously published: "Mali in Focus, Part One: The Jihadist Offensive Revisited"] "...This conflict is legitimate and vital to the security of the French. We can not expect to maintain our lifestyles and our prosperity if we do not go outside our country to participate in the stabilization and resolution of crises, eradicating threats that could inevitably threaten us ...

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The Invisible Link: Honor Killing and Global Capitalism

The unfolding debate about the Palestinian hip hop group DAM’s new music video “If I Could Go Back in Time,” and Lila Abu-Lughod and Maya Mikdashi’s critique of it, has generated an intense visceral reaction on the part of many readers on Jadaliyya and in the blogosphere. DAM produced this music video in collaboration with the director Jackie Salloum and the renowned singer and activist Amal Murkos, to tackle the heinous crime of honor killing in Palestine. Abu-Lughod and Mikdashi took the video to ...

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Last Week on Jadaliyya (Jan 14-20)

This is a selection of what you might have missed on Jadaliyya last week. It also includes a list of the most read articles.  Progressively, we will be featuring more content on our "Last Week on Jadaliyya" series.  Who Failed Rizana Nafeek? "من المآسي المضاعفة للنزوح:فتيات سوريات للزواج "بثمن بخس Ordering the Disorderly? Street Vendors and the Developmentalist State Raped, Without Justice, and Without Hope Mali in Focus, Part One: ...

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Reports Roundup (January 19)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] University of California Student Petition Against HR-35 Surpasses 1,000 Signatures UC Students for Justice in Palestine reports on the status of the student petition denouncing California State Assembly HR-35, which equates criticism of Israeli state policies with anti-Semitism, thus stifling the freedom of expression of pro-Palestinian views.  Statement ...

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"Business Networks in Syria": Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad on C-Span Book TV

Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad discussed his book, Business Networks in Syria: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience with C-Span's Book TV, and talked about the current conflict in that country. This interview was recorded on the campus of George Mason University on 27 September 2012 and aired recently on C-Span.  The themes addressed include: The gradual transformation of the Syrian economy after 1970  State-business networks and cronyism in Syria ...

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O.I.L. Media Roundup (18 January)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Occupation, Intervention, and Law and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the O.I.L. Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each biweekly roundup to by Monday night of every other week] News "Clearing Palestinian Protestors from West Bank Site, Netanyahu Pledges to Build Settlement," Joel Greenberg The Washington Post ...

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Ramallah’s Bubbles

Recently there has been a proliferation of talk about Ramallah’s “bubble.” Based on the seeming contradiction between the quality of life there versus elsewhere in the occupied West Bank, popular accounts are rife with descriptions of bubbles emerging and bursting.  The bubble language is pervasive but it is not coherent. Some argue that the bubble is economic, poised to pop and thereby destroy Ramallah’s boomtown economy. Others contend that the bubble is an artificial force that encourages ...

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Syria Media Roundup (January 17)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]   Regional and International Perspectives Iran-Brotherhood Ties: Rooted in History with Eye on Future Hassan Hassan says “a closer look at the historical links and ideological ...

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قراءة هادئة في نداء 13 يناير

منذ شهور انطلقت على الفايسبوك نداءات تدعو للتظاهر في المدن والقرى المغربية، بل وفي العواصم الأجنبية من أجل المطالبة بالتغيير الجذري للنظام السياسي في المغرب. فبعدما كانت حركة 20 فبراير تطالب بالملكية البرلمانية كحل للأزمة التي تمر فيها البلاد وفاء لشعار اليسار القديم تحت حكم الراحل الحسن الثاني، تحول المطلب اليوم، في ظل حكم ابنه محمد السادس، إلى "إسقاط النظام" في تحول نوعي وغير مسبوق. وقد شق هذا الشعار طريقه إلى الشارع المغربي حيث دُوِّن على جدران بعض الأحياء الشعبية، كما أورد أكثر من مصدر ...

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Mohamed El Marouani: « Les ingrédients d’une nouvelle vague de révolte, sont désormais réunis »

[Mohamed El Marouani est l'auteur de l'oraison funèbre de Abdessalam Yassine. Condamné à une peine de vingt-cinq ans de prison, pour complot contre la sureté de l'état, il est libéré dans le sillage du mouvement du 20 février. Il est le fondateur de l'association Al Oumma qu'il aimerait transformer en parti politique, mais pour lequel il a essuyé un refus.] Ahmed Benseddik et Salah Elayoubi (AB et SE): On se souvient de l’oraison funèbre que vous avez prononcée aux funérailles du Cheikh Yassine. ...

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On the Exhibition THIS IS also GAZA

 To write this commentary, I draw on my knowledge as historian of twentieth-century Palestinian painting as well as my own experiences with some of these artists when I co-curated Al Jisser Group’s exhibition in New York, “Williamsburg Bridges Palestine.” Additionally, I have a little experience visiting Gaza and communicating with artists there. On one of my visits acting as consultant, I brought the director of the Station Museum in Houston to Gaza as part of the development of the “Made in ...

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New Texts Out Now: Noga Efrati, Women in Iraq: Past Meets Present

Noga Efrati, Women in Iraq: Past Meets Present. New York: Columbia University Press, 2012. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Noga Efrati (NE): The US-led invasion of Iraq became a full-scale military occupation while I was in the midst of working on a historical account of women under the British occupation and the British-installed monarchy in the first half of the twentieth century. I found myself more and more intrigued, as contemporary events cascaded, to find that the struggle of Iraqi ...

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