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Syria Media Roundup إشكالية المجتمع المدني في المغرب Short Skirts and Niqab Bans: On Sexuality and the Secular Body roj roja rojava عن دولة ملوك الطوائف في مصر
[Zakaria Abdillahi, president of the Djibouti League for Human Rights, speaks to the International Federation for Human Rights on the repression of protests in Djibouti. Screenshot from Youtube.]

On the Margins Roundup (October)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Djibouti, and Comoros Islands and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the On the Margins ...

[من مشروع

مقدمة: البحر من هنا

"لا يقتصر الحقّ في المدينة على حريّة الفرد في الوصول إلى الموارد المدينيّة، بل هو الحقّ في تغيير أنفسنا من خلال تغيير المدينة وفقًا لرغباتنا... فحريّتنا في إنتاج مُدننا وإعادة إنتاجها تُعتبر أحد حقوقنا الإنسانيّة الأهمّ، لا بل أكثرها ...

[Image of a police protest in Algiers. Image from Algérie-Focus]

“Hamel, Leave!”: The Men in Blue and the Fracturing of the Order

On Tuesday 14 October, I received a text from a friend—an activist who lives in the center of Algiers: “Urgent: the police are marching on Algiers. They are protesting next to my apartment, this is the end!” The protests started in the ...

[Cover of Nazan Maksudyan,

New Texts Out Now: Nazan Maksudyan, Orphans and Destitute Children in the Late Ottoman Empire

Nazan Maksudyan, Orphans and Destitute Children in the Late Ottoman Empire. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2014. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Nazan Maksudyan (NM): Though its scope has been enlarged, historical ...

Tadween Publishing Roundup: News and Analysis from the Publishing World

[The following is a roundup of the latest news and analyses from the publishing world that relates to pedagogy and knowledge production. It was originally published on Tadween Publishing's blog. For more updates, follow Tadween Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.]  Three Predictions for Book Publishing in 2013 By Jeremy Greenfield (Forbes) With a new year on the horizon, Forbes’ Jeremy Greenfield makes some predictions about what will rock the publishing world in 2013. 2012: The year of self-publishing By Husna Haq (Christian Science Monitor) In a year of economic hardship, with bookstores ...

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Egypt Media Roundup (December 31)

[Protesters surrounded the Presidential Palace to protest the Constitutional Referendum put forth by President Morsi. Image originally posted to Flickr by

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]   “Accusations against ElBaradei, Sabbahi and Moussa dropped” The lawyer who filed the complaint against the opposition leaders decides to withdraw it. “Power cut in seven governorates” Blackouts spread across the country because of irregular gas supplies to power stations “Workers of CID pharmaceuticals company strike, cut-off vital ...

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Supporting Rula Quawas and Academic Freedom: An Interview With A Former Student

[Image from screenshot of Supporting Rula Quawas and Academic Freedom]

On 2 September 2012, Professor Rula Quawas was removed from her position as the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Jordan under nebulous circumstances. In a letter addressed to the president of the university, the president of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), Professor Fred Donner, urged the former to repeal his decision. Donner hinted that the decision might have been related to the circulation of a video that Dr. Quawas’ students made for her Feminist Theory course in the fall semester of 2011, which addressed the issue of sexual harassment on the university campus. In the months leading up to the removal of Dr. ...

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Labor Representation in Post-Mubarak Egypt: An Interview with the Late Samer Soliman

[Samer Soliman (1968-2012). From Samer Soliman's Facebook Page.]

[The following is the audio and transcript of an interview conducted by Julia Simon with the late Samer Soliman in September 2011. The interview discusses the state workers’ organization and associational freedom in post-Mubarak Egypt. Soliman was Professor of Political Science at American University in Cairo (AUC), and a founding member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party. His publications include The Autumn of Dictatorship: Fiscal Crisis and Political Change in Egypt under Mubarak.] Julia Simon (JS): What is the ETUF [Egyptian Trade Union Federation]? Samer Soliman (SS): The Egyptian [Trade Union] Federation was created in the 50s. This was an ...

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Three Poems

[Ghassan Zaqtan. Image from Author]

Three Poems Ghassan Zaqtan Translated from the Arabic by Fady Joudah.  That Life I’m going to see how they died going toward that wreckage going to see them there tranquil on the hill of engagement Dear Wednesday’s narcissus, what time is it what death is it what planet in the widow’s hand five or three? Her dress was blooming we were neglected flowers on her dress Dear women’s thresholds, how much is a lifetime what time is a river how many daggers in the blood of the whirling storm five or three? We let the city play and rolled our widespread shrouds shut I’m going to see how they died going toward that wreckage going to see their ...

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Baghdad: Mirages and Melancholia

[A Model of Ricardo Bofill's Entry to the Competition for the National Mosque of Baghdad, 1982. Image from Amin Alsaden]

It is well known that preeminent figures of early modernism, such as Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, designed architectural proposals for Baghdad around the middle of the 20th century. Many may be surprised however to discover that several other important international architects were also involved with the city at one point or another in its recent history, hoping to erect some remarkable structures that would have transformed Baghdad beyond recognition. A current exhibition at the BSA Space, home to the Boston Society of Architects, titled City of Mirages: Baghdad, 1952–1982, brings together some of these proposals and presents the work of Alvar and Aino Aalto, ...

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Sons of Beaches: How Alexandria's Ideological Battles Shape Egypt

[Revolutionary protestors clashing with security forces on the coast of Alexandria on 21 December 2012; Islamist activists protesting, with youth graffiti in the forefront. Design by Amro Ali]

A Salafist Muslim intellectual, overlooking an Alexandrian beach last summer, tells me over coffee: “The cosmopolitanism of our city [Alexandria] may look like it has died, but the skeletal structure of cosmopolitanism is still there. It is this structure that underpins the spread and acceptance of ideas, including Salafist ones, that makes this city a formidable force.” This “force” also makes Alexandria the vanguard city of Egypt's socio-political developments. A glimpse of it was caught in the fogginess of the sheer ferocity that unfolded in the in the two Fridays’ immediately preceding the December constitutional referendum that has set off alarm bells as to where ...

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Reports Roundup (December 29)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] Letter Concerning Ongoing Pattern of Arrests of Turkish Academics Researching Kurdish Issues The Committee on Academic Freedom of the Middle East Studies Association addresses Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan with concerns over the recent arrests and detentions of academics focusing on Kurdish issues. Bahrain13 Prisoner Group Meets with Delegation from OHCHR The Bahrain Center for Human Rights reports on a meeting between a delegation from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and a group of political ...

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أربع قصائد

[اللوحة للفنان العراقي صدام الجميلي]

              ثلاث زنابق ثلاث زنابق، أم ثلاث أمّهات؟ . . . ثلاث زنابق: الأولى تفتّحت كأن بتلاتها البيضاء تتضرّعُ تسألُ إلهاً ما عن أولادها الثانية انحنتْ يكاد ظهرها ينكسرُ Keep Reading »

قطر والفلسطينيون

[أمير قطر الشيخ حامد بن خليفة ال ثاني ورئيس حكومة حماس إسماعيل هنية. غزة، اكتوبر 2012. تصوير علي علي المصدر ا.ب]

سواء من حيث التوقيت أو من حيث الجوهر، فإنه من الصعب تفسير زيارة أمير قطر الشيخ حمد بن خليفة آل ثاني إلى غزة في تشرين أول/أكتوبر 2012 بشكل مبسط. وكما هو الحال عادة عندما يتعلق الأمر بالسياسة في فلسطين، فقد تبلورت بشكل سريع العديد من التفسيرات والتأويلات. وبالتالي، فإما أن قطر كانت تسعى لضمان دعم قادة حماس لإعادة انتخاب خالد مشعل لقيادة المكتب السياسي للحركة الإسلامية، وذلك عن طريق استخدام نفوذها الكبير على الإخوان المسلمين للمساعدة في تحويل رفح إلى معبر حدودي اعتيادي ومنتظم بين مصر وفلسطين؛ متذرعة بذلك للمطالبة بحصتها من غاز البحر الأبيض المتوسط، بالاعتماد على التفاهمات غير الرسمية بين حماس وإسرائيل؛ ومروجة لتطوير قطاع غزة المعدم بـ 400 مليون دولار لكي تزيد، وبشكل كبير، ...

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عن الفن الإسلامي

[جانب من المعروضات ٢٠١٠]

قبل عامين، نظم معهد العالم العربي في باريس، معرض الفن الاسلامي، كسابقة احتضنت لأول مرة في العاصمة الفرنسية، من قبل إدراة المعهد التي ترى بوجوب تعريف الناس على هذا الفن، الذي اشتهر كإرث قائم بحد ذاته، وليس كحركات مستقلة أو متتابعة. 471 عملا بأحجام، وتكاوين وتشكيلات مختلفة تراوحت بين الخزف والزجاج والرسم والتصاوير والنحت والنجارة والنسيج والسجاد والخط العربي والأسلحة كالسيوف والخناجر، والمجوهرات وأدوات الزينة المختلفة، وحتى صناعة الحيوانات المعدنية.  ربما لا يعرف العالم "الغربي" الكثير عن الفن الاسلامي، لكن السؤال يبقى، هل يعرف العالم العربي بهذا الفن. المسؤولة عن هذا المعرض، السيدة أوريلي رويز، قالت في معرض سؤالنا: "بعد جمعنا القطع المعروضة كلها من ...

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Honoring Solidarity During Contentious Debates. . . A Letter to DAM From Lila Abu-Lughod and Maya Mikdashi

[Crop of image from

Dear Tamer, Suhel, and Mahmood,  If We Could Go Back in Time… we would have made even clearer that our reaction came from our deep admiration for you and our appreciation of your political and social influence.  We are, as we said, fans. Lila has sent your songs to countless people around the world and has made statements about the importance of your art publicly. As the daughter of an exile from Jaffa who lived and worked for Palestine his whole life, she is particularly thrilled with you as a strong and highly visible voice of a new generation of ’48 Palestinians.   If We Could Go Back in Time….we would have crafted our words more ...

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Revolution’s Cost

He told me to get off at the last kiosk on the highway that connects East with West Cairo. After the driver dropped me off, there was no one to be seen in the area. I walked down the concrete stairs by the side of the road. The stairs led me into the pit of this neighborhood named after a village that never was. There was Mahmoud, sitting in a coffee shop only meters away. He told me he had stood by the road for some time waiting for me but then had gotten cold and came down below. We walked together to ...

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Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing: Israeli Settlers to Take Over Another Palestinian Home

On Monday 31 December 2012, Israeli forces will evict the Shamasneh family from their home in Sheikh Jarrah. The family of ten, including six children, have lived in the home since 1963. Ayoub Shamasneh, the family elder, recently appealed to the international solidarity community to stand with them to resist their forced displacement.  Sheikh Jarrah is a residential neighborhood in the north of the Old City of Occupied East Jerusalem and home to 2,800 Palestinians. Due to its strategic location ...

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December Culture

Our last culture bouquet this year features poetry from Syria and Palestine, fiction from Algeria/France, and two reviews. Marilyn Hacker translates two chapters from Leila Sebbar's I Don't Speak My Father's Language. Kamran Rastegar reviews Ahmad Ghossein's My Father is Still a Communist. Syrian poet Golan Haji co-translates four of his poems. Fady Joudah translates poems by Ghassan Zaqtan. Amin Alsaden reviews a current exhibit about Baghdadi architecture: * "Leila Sebbar's I ...

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Leila Sebbar: I Do Not Speak My Father's Language

From Leila Sebbar's Je ne parle pas la langue de mon père Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker.   I Do Not Speak My Father's Language   A few useful dates so as not to get lost in the maze of memory: My father is born in 1913 in Tènès. From 1932 to 1935, he studies at the teachers’ college in Bouzaréah, in Algiers, where he meets Mouloud Feraoun, assassinated in March 1962 by the OAS. He will be a schoolteacher and school principal: from 1935 to 1940, in El-Bordj from 1940 to ...

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Four Poems

The Box of Pain   You were not there at daybreak When patients, passengers and soldiers Stretched their heads, bald or shaven, Like tiny cottages in distant windows. The boy passed the light fog Which didn't stay long Before the hospital gate Where he found a pistol lying on the grass. You were not there. Now, you are a story Being told in a place you are not in. Your throat: that box of pain, Is full of bones and feathers. In the white of your eye There is a blood dot, small and ...

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My Father is Still a Communist

My Father is Still a Communist. Dir. Ahmad Ghossein, (Lebanon, 2011, 32’) The transient circulations of bodies for labor constitutes a hidden history of the late-20th century world, with an accumulation of yet unspoken stories of abuse and struggle, exploitation and protest, inscribed in the letters that cross continents to speak of home.  In March 2012 in Bkfaya Lebanon, at a cardboard factory in a rough-scrub industrial area, 50 Nepalese and Indian workers engage in a strike over wages. Three ...

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Calls to Boycott Qatar and the UAE for Labor Violations

[The following is a Migrant Rights post on calls to boycott the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 and (possibly) the UAE, if chosen for the 2024 Olympics.] The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) will organize a boycott of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar unless the nation improves migrant worker conditions. The group also plans to boycott the UAE (if selected for the 2024 Olympics) if genuine labor reform is not realized. As both nations will implement intensive labor projects in preparation for these ...

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Egypt’s Anti-Freedom Constitution: The Borhami Video

“This constitution imposes complete restrictions that have never before been imposed by any Egyptian constitution” and it “places restrictions on freedom of thought, expression, and creativity.” These are the words of Sheikh Yasser Borhami, a leading member of the Constituent Assembly. He was explaining Article 10 of Egypt’s draft constitution during a conference with religious experts and Salafist preachers on 22 November 2012. On this same day, President Mohamed Morsi granted himself sweeping powers, ...

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Maghreb Media Roundup (December 27)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.] Algeria Algeria Prepares For ‘Guerrilla’ Warfare Walid Ramzi reports on Algeria's current military training. Can Algeria and France forget the past? Nabila Ramadani ...

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Syria Media Roundup (December 27)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]   International and Regional Perspectives   Will Brahimi Get a Breakthrough? Keep Reading »

اقتصاد مصر بين المُفْلِسين والمُفَلِّسين

هذه المرة تجيء نذر إفلاس مصر من كل صوب وحدب. بدأ الأمر بتصريحات من وزير الصناعة والتجارة عن صعود متوقع فى عجز الموازنة ربما يؤدي «إلى عدم القدرة على سداد الرواتب إذا لم يتم التعامل معه». ثم يقول الأمين العام لجبهة الإنقاذ المعارضة محمد البرادعي بالنص وهو يدعو الرئيس لوقف الاستفتاء على الدستور وإعادة تشكيل الجمعية التأسيسية: «البلد على وشك الإفلاس. اذا اكملنا ٣ أشهر فلن نكمل ٤ أشهر». ويخبرنا الكاتب والسياسي محمد حسنين هيكل في نفس الليلة بفحوى لقاء بين محافظ المركزى فاروق العقدة والرئيس مرسي حذره فيه من أن ...

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Last Week on Jadaliyya (Dec 17-23)

This is a selection of what you might have missed on Jadaliyya last week. It also includes a list of the most read articles and videos.  Progressively, we will be featuring more content on our "Last Week on Jadaliyya" series. UC Berkeley's New Chancellor Endorses the Falsehood: Criticizing Israel is Anti-Semitic بانتظار علياء "من المآسي المضاعفة للنزوح:فتيات سوريات للزواج "بثمن بخس The Politics of Killing Women in Colonized Contexts ...

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