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How the West Undermined Women’s Rights in the Arab World Phoenix Rising from the Ashes? ISIS كاشان After Tahir Elçi
An Egyptian child with a police costume in Tahrir square. January 25, 2016 (Photo by Jonathan Rashad)

Empty Tahrir

Five years ago, thousands of Egyptians called for protests on the 25th of January to demand "bread, freedom and social justice" and challenge the security apparatus' vast human rights violations. The protesters managed to topple ...


الحرب على ذاكرة الحداثة: داعش مثالاً

              17 اُذْكُرْ مَا فَعَلهُ بِكَ عَمَالِيقُ فِي الطَّرِيقِ عِنْدَ خُرُوجِكَ مِنْ مِصْرَ. 18 كَيْفَ لاقَاكَ فِي الطَّرِيقِ وَقَطَعَ مِنْ مُؤَخَّرِكَ كُل المُسْتَضْعِفِينَ وَرَاءَكَ ...

[Cover of Mike de Seve and Daniel Burwen,

New Texts Out Now: Mike de Seve and Daniel Burwen, Operation Ajax: The Story of the CIA Coup that Remade the Middle East

Mike de Seve and Daniel Burwen, Operation Ajax: The Story of the CIA Coup that Remade the Middle East. Foreword by Stephen Kinzer. London and New York: Verso, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Mike de Seve (MdS): Well, ...

[Image of the headquarters of the UGTT in Tunis, Tunisia. Image by Democracy International/Flickr]

The Impeccable Narrative Around Tunisian Workers' Syndicate

[The below piece was written before the current wave of protests in Kasserine in the marginalized southern region of Tunisia. The protests, which soon expanded to the whole country, started after a young unemployed man climbed an electric ...

Turkey Media Roundup (September 24)


[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Turkey and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Turkey Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] English Are Protests on the Rise Again in Turkey? Orhan Kemal Cengiz analyzes the new wave of Gezi protests and compares it to the first wave. Cengiz also makes some predictions about the direction the government will observe in Fascism or Democracy: Which Direction? Is Syria War Additional Spark To Alevi Protests in Turkey? Cengiz Çandar draws ...

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قصة نافخ الدواليب لسميرة عزام

[سميرة عزام]

[تعمل "جدلية" على نشر مقاطع من أعمال ومقالات أدباء وشخصيات نتناول سيرتها في "ملف من الأرشيف". نخصص فقرة هذا الأسبوع للأديبة الفلسطينية سميرة عزام (1927- 1967)، والتي اعتبرت من روّاد القصة القصيرة العربية منذ نشوئها في مطلع القرن الماضي. جمعت عزّام في قصصها ما بين الحداثي والنهضوي والسياسي والعاطفي. ودأبت خلال حياتها القصيرة على نشر عدد كبير من القصص القصيرة التي صوّرت الأماكن والتجارب المختلفة التي عاشتها كامرأة فلسطينية لاجئة وأديبة وصحافية وناشطة، عايشت النكبة ثم النكسة وما كفّت عن تصوير هذه التجارب في قصصها القصيرة وفي كتاباتها الصحفية. القصة القصيرة المنشورة أدناه بعنوان "نافخ الدواليب"، هي من مجموعة "أشياء صغيرة"، الصادرة عن ...

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From Reagan to Obama: Secrecy and Covert Operations in the Fight against “Terrorism”


Ronald Reagan was the first American president to put “terrorism” at the heart of his foreign policy discourse. During his first term, Reagan did so mostly in reference to conflicts in Central America. In El Salvador, his administration presented US military aid as necessary to help the Salvadoran armed forces fight the “terrorist threat” posed by the FMLN (Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional, an umbrella group of leftist guerilla organizations). In neighboring Nicaragua, Reagan repeatedly accused the Sandinistas of supporting the “terrorist” FMLN and belonging to a Moscow-led “international terrorist network” bent on exporting “subversion” and “terrorism” ...

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Tunisian National Interest: Serving Whom?

[Image of a billboard in Tunis that reads

Tunisia is currently experiencing an intense hyperbolization of political sentiment. The glorification of the flag originates from multiple factors. Since the first demonstrations following the fall of the regime, the use of the flag has been a sign of a sort of national communion. Today, it has become an object of struggle. Who bears true national legitimacy? Is it the party selected through elections? Is it the opposition party, which claims legitimacy of a different order?  Which territories? Which generations? It is difficult to situate and include all its components. Such a comprehensive listing could stretch indefinitely. One Mission: To Save the Arab ...

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Face the Vitrine

[A pedestrian passes the interactive public installation Face the Vitrine El by artists Ganzeer and Yasmin Elyat. Image courtesy of Medrar TV.]

Face the Vitrine An interactive installation by Ganzeer and Yasmin Elayat - Egypt 2nd D-CAF Festival, Downtown Cairo, Egypt April 2013   In April, pedestrians on Mahmoud Basiony Street in Downtown Cairo were taken by surprise when they encountered a giant face watching them from an unassuming storefront. As they passed, its eyes followed them in every direction. The face frequently changed over the span of a week; one evening a beautiful young woman would appear; on another, a middle-aged man or the image of iconic Egyptian politician Saad Zaghlou would takeover the shop window. The installation was the creation of street artist and designer Mohamed Fahmy (aka ...

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Egypt Media Roundup (September 23)

[25 January 2013, graffiti in Arabic reads:

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  What Next For The Muslim Brotherhood Abdullah Al-Arian argues that in order for the Muslim Brotherhood to gain popular support among Egyptians, it should learn from its past and present mistakes, and figure out a way to regroup through its youth members. Egypt’s Copts, Between Morsi and the Military Febe Armanios sheds light on the Coptic ...

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Defying the Apartheid Wall: A Conversation With Palestinian Artist, Filmmaker, & Photographer Khaled Jarrar About His Documentary 'Infiltrators'

[A scene from the documentary film

Palestinian visual artist Khaled Jarrar’s award-winning documentary film, Infiltrators, documents how Palestinians defy Israel’s twenty-six-foot apartheid wall by jumping over the wall or going through underground tunnels. Thousands of Palestinians who take the harrowing journey for work, a short visit with loved ones or medical treatment they cannot receive in the West Bank. In this journey, they risk arrest, injury or even death. “Infiltrators” will be screened on 5 October 2013 as part of the third annual Palestine Film and Arts Festival in Washington DC, which kicks off on 28 September and will run through 8 October. Khaled Jarrar's acclaimed film 'Infiltrators' will ...

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سيادة الكلام: في فعالية النقد

[مقطع من غلاف كتاب

[ضمن ”سلسلة كتب“ التي تعنى بالإصدارات الجديدة.  تنشر ”جدلية“ مقاطع من إصدار جديد للكاتب السعودي أحمد الواصل، الذي خص مجلة ”جدلية“ بالأجزاء التالية منه. يشتغل الكتاب على قراءة نقدية لأعمال نقدية عربية في الفكر والشعر ودور المثقف ناقداً ومفكراً.]   الكتاب: ”سيادة الكلام: في فعالية النقد“. المؤلف: أحمد الواصل الناشر: منشورات ضفاف/لبنان مع منشورات الاختلاف/الجزائر ودار الأمان/المغرب. سنة النشر: 2013.  كلام على الكلام -1- أيها القارئ/ أيتها القارئة لن أشغل عينكما في تعاريف النقد المعروفة قدماً. ولا المقولات السائرة عن النقد حدياً إذا كان "علماً أم فن" و"قوانين النقد"، و"الوساطات النقدية"، و"التفضيل ...

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Maghreb Media Roundup (September 20)

[A sit-in in support of journalist Ali Anouzla in Casablanca. Photo courtesy of @_Zinar_B.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Thursday night of every week.]  Algeria Struggles Continue in Algeria: What to think? Kal “The Moor Next Door” offers several perspectives and analysis on the recent rift between Bouteflika and Toufiq, and the significance of recent cabinet reshufflings. 10 observations sur la crise de l’été 2013 en Algérie. Baki “7our” Mansour summarizes recent political ...

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DARS Media Roundup (September 18)

['Samidoun' (we will remain steadfast). Image by Mosa'ab Elshamy, via Flickr.]

[This is a bi-weekly roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Resistance and Subversion in the Arab world and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the DARS Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each bi-weekly roundup to by Sunday night of every second week.] News & Commentary Palestinian Youth Assert Right of Return With Direct Action, by Nadim Nashef During the summer of 2013 a new grassroots movement burst onto the scene and announced itself as a major development in the long struggle for the right of return for Palestinian Refugees. Activities ...

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قصة الكركدن


معرض وإصدار كتاب للفنانين المصريين أحمد صبري ومحمد عبد الكريم. 9 يونيو-4 يوليو 2013.”غاليري المشربية"، وسط القاهرة، مصر. معرض التصوير والكتاب هو ثمرة تعاون بين محمد عبد الكريم أثناء دراسته في بيروت وبين أحمد صبري أثناء عمله بالقاهرة على مدى عدة أشهر في عام 2011. أراد  محمد عبد الكريم إنتاج نص أدبي مستوحى في أسلوبه السردي من الفيلم كوسيط، فدعا فنان التصويرأحمد صبري لمشاركته في العمل. كان يرسل له فقرات بمثابة مشاهد لإعادة إنتاجها وتطويرها من خلال لوحاته. ولم تكن اللوحات بمثابة صور توضيحية للنص بل مستقلة وشكلت حواراً معه. استمر الفنانان في إنتاج النص واللوحات بالتوازي دون أن يتدخل أحدهما في عمل الآخر. يتحدث الفنانان في هذا الفيديو عن شخصية ...

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Baris surecinde gerekli olan ciddi bir hakikat ve telafi politikasi

[Image via T24.]

Barış sürecinde gerekli olan ciddi bir hakikat ve telafi politikası AKP’nin demokratikleşme sürecini dahi bir egemenlik gösterisi haline getiriyor Dünyada ulus devletler ile örgütler arasında gerçekleşen barış süreçlerine baktığımızda bunların iki amaç güttüğünü söyleyebiliriz. Bu amaçlardan birincisi egemenliğin yeniden paylaşımı, diğeri ise toplumsal barışın inşasıdır. Devletler ve devlet olmayanlar arasında çıkan çatışmaların büyük bir çoğunluğu ülke içerisinde bir grubun, egemenliği, ulusun kimliğini ve yönetim hakkını tekelleştirmesinden kaynaklanmıştır. Nitekim Başbakan Erdoğan, PKK’ye, kendisinin ve arkadaşlarının rejimle sürdürdüğü silahsız mücadeleyi örnek ...

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ملف من الأرشيف: سميرة عزام

 ["ملف من الأرشيف" هي سلسة تقوم "جدلية" بنشرها بالعربية والإنجليزية بالتعاون مع جريدة ”السفير“ اللبنانية. الملفات ستكون لشخصيات أيقونية تركت أثراً عميقاً في الحقل السياسي والثقافي في العالم العربي.]   الاسم: سميرة الشهرة: عزام تاريخ الولادة: 1927 تاريخ الوفاة: 1967 الجنسية: فلسطينية الفئة: مؤلفة المهنة: كاتبة   Keep Reading »

Rojava's Political Structure

In 1990 Osman Sebrî wanted to pick himself up from his sickbed in Damascus to greet his guest standing. He was eighty-five years old, and in no condition to walk. His guest, Abdullah Öcalan, leaned toward his bed, embraced and saluted him. Arrested along with his uncle during the Sheikh Said Rebellion, set free and then rearrested in 1928, Osman Sebrî was one of the most prominent Kurdish youth forced to flee Turkey and migrate to Syria under pressure from the Turkish state in 1929. When he arrived ...

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L'armée égyptienne et la révolution de 2011

L'armée égyptienne s'est imposée comme l'un des acteurs les plus puissants et les plus influents depuis la fondation de l'Etat égyptien moderne. Malgré cela, depuis les années soixante-dix, peu de recherches ont cherché à contextualiser et à historiciser l'institution militaire, alors même qu'elle continue à jouer un rôle prépondérant dans la vie politique et économique égyptienne, comme institution et en tant que groupe au sein de l'élite [1]. L'importance d'une telle problématique ne peut être exagérée ...

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Last Week on Jadaliyya (September 16-22)

This is a selection of what you might have missed on Jadaliyya last week. It also includes a list of the most read articles and roundups. Progressively, we will be featuring more content on our "Last Week on Jadaliyya" series.    Sleeping with the Enemy: The Global Left and the 'No to War' Discourse New Texts Out Now: Wael Hallaq, The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament How America Goes to War Malaise Over ...

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SMSlingshot An interactive show by VR/Urban - Germany 2nd D-CAF Festival, Downtown Cairo, Egypt April 2013   VR/Urban is a German collective of artists, designers, and researchers focusing on technology, media sciences, and architecture. Since 2008, the collective has been working on empowering the public by designing creative tools that encourage interaction with their environment, particularly with advertising screens and billboards in major cities. Unlike print ads on billboards, recent ...

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Defeating the Enemy: A Response to Khalid Saghieh

Khalid Saghieh’s “Sleeping with the Enemy: The Global Left and the ‘No to War’ Discourse” in Jadaliyya leaves a lot of questions unanswered, including where exactly he stands on the question of a military strike on Syria. Saghieh, a former editor of the leftist Lebanese daily al-Akhbar, accuses the anti-war movement, particularly in the United States, of siding with the “far right” and making arguments that are Islamophobic, steeped in “cultural imperialism,” and indifferent to the Syrian people. This ...

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Malaise Over Syria

  During the lead up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, we took a clear position against [imperialist] war and against dictatorships: la li-al-harb, la li-al-dictatoriyat. Today, no such simple slogan is possible. That slogan is old. We need new positions, new slogans. We need to find our way out of the confusion of today. -- Sahar Mandour, columnist for As-Safir and novelist, Beirut, 16 September. Death and displacement has begun to define Syria. The numbers are suffocating. One cannot ...

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الحق في قتل الجسد: الزومبي جسد/نص ما بعد كولونيالي

الجسدُ البَشري يُشحنُ بدلالاتٍ متغيرةٍ وغَير مستقرةٍ، على مَدى تاريخِه في جَانِبيه المُطلق/ المَعنوي والنِسبي/ المَادي؛ كَما في دلالةِ زمنيةِ أَكل التُفاحةِ من شجرةِ المَعرفة. وبالتَالي فَالنتيجةُ منذُ تِلك اللحظةِ الوجوديةِ الهًامة والمُعبرة في الوَعي الإِنساني أَنتجت الحاجة لـ"ترويض الجسد الإنساني" –في اللغةِ والخطابِ والمادةِ-، وبَاتَ ذلكَ "الترويضُ" أَساسياً فِي الحفاظِ على المُواجهاتِ وبينةِ الأَدوار الإجتماعيةِ والعلاقاتِ الإجتماعية وعَلاقاتِ القُوى والسيطرة، بل وحتى إنتاج ...

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تحت الاحتلال: بدلاً من التحرك في إطار النظام، قاومه

شهد هذا الصيف تحرك الكثير من النشطاء الفاعلين ضمن حركة شبابية تتمركز في الأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلة عام 1948، وكان عملهم يرتكز على مناهضة مخطط برافر الذي يستهدف اقتلاع الفلسطينيين البدو. تبدو الإحصائيات مخيفة، إذ يقترح مخطط برافر مصادرة 800 ألف دونم من الأراضي الفلسطيني في صحراء النقب، مما يعني تهجير أكثر من 40 ألف فلسطيني وتدمير 36 قرية. إحدى نشاطات الشباب كان تنظيم "أيام الغضب" في الخامس عشر من تموز والأول من آب، شمل ذلك مظاهرات مركزية في النقب وفي شمال فلسطين المحتلة، في منطقة سخنين ووادي ...

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إعادة تشكيل النخبة بعد 3 يوليو في مصر

إعادة تشكيل النخبة بعد 3 يوليو في مصر. دراسة مقارنة في تشكيلات لجان الدستور والمجلس القومي لحقوق الإنسان والمجلس الأعلى للصحافة  إن توظيف النخبة وتجديد دمائها بالشباب وإحلال نخب أكثر ثورية مكان النخب القديمة المتحالفة مع السلطة، شكّل على الدوام مطلباً ثورياً منذ اندلاع ثورة الخامس والعشرين من يناير في مصر. إضافة إلى ذلك، فإن جذرية ارتباط النخب بالقطاعات العريضة من الشعب، وتحديد بوصلتها باتجاه الجماهير كمحدد للولاء والشرعية وعدم التحول إلى التماهي مع السلطة، أو قيام النظام باختيار الموالين له ...

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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (September 17)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]  Regional and International Relations  Saudi goes public over tensions with US Elizabeth Dickinson examines US-Saudi relations in light of developments ...

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Exercises in Collective Reading: A Workshop by Marwa Arsanios

Exercises in collective reading  A workshop by Marwa Arsanios  January 2013 Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) Cairo, Egypt   Participants in this workshop at Cairo’s Contemporary Image Collective were invited to re-read and reflect on copies of the Arab cultural magazine al-Hilal that date back to the 1950s. Lebanese artist Marwa Arsanios asked attendees to select articles or themes of interest from back issues of the magazine in order to conceptually re-present them, in ...

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