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Academic Freedom, Ethics, and Responsibility: The Silencing and Censoring of Palestine in Western Liberal Academia Wearing Catastrophe on Our Chests We Are All Uncomfortable: On Academic Boycott & What Is Productive Hoodies, Hijabs, & Belonging in the Netherlands Nakba Walks
[Image by Chris Rojas via Flickr]

Beyond Blame: Troubling the Semiotic Ideology of Muslim Passion

In the months following the tragic murders at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery in Paris, reactions to the attacks predictably gravitated toward two polar positions. Pundits and politicians in Western ...

Letter of Support by Colleagues and Personal Friends of Emad Shahin

[The following letter was issued on 26 May 2015 in support of Emad Shahin, a professor at the American University of Cairo (AUC) whose was charged, tried, and recently sentenced to death (in absentia) as part of a broader set of cases ...

[Cover of Olfa Lamloum and Mohamed Ben Zina,

New Texts Out Now: Olfa Lamloum and Mohamed Ben Zina, Jeunes de Douar Hicher et d’Ettadhamen. Une enquête sociologique

Olfa Lamloum and Mohamed Ben Zina, dir., Jeunes de Douar Hicher et d’Ettadhamen. Une enquête sociologique. Tunis: Arabesques / International Alert, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): Qu’est-ce qui vous a fait éditer ce livre? Olfa Lamloum ...

[Cover of Ronald Grigor Suny, “'They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else': A History of the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide and the Politics of Knowledge

Ronald Grigor Suny, “They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else": A History of the Armenian Genocide. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015. In this centennial year since the Armenian Genocide, countless conferences, ...

Le Sahara, l’identité et l’africanité dans la littérature francophone du Sud-est: Moha Souag s’exprime

[Quelques œuvres par Moha Souag.]

Moha Souag est un écrivain francophone qui a gagné une place prestigieuse dans le paysage littéraire francophone au Maroc grâce à sa persévérance, à l’abondance des ses écrits et à son style d’écriture innovant ; « polygraphe confirmé, il a touché/visité (tâté de) tous les genres littéraires, la poésie, la nouvelle, le roman, le conte. Il a obtenu des prix littéraires tels que le grand prix Atlas, le prix de la nouvelle octroyé par RFI. » Moha n’est pas uniquement une figure de proue de la littérature francophone, mais il fait partie de ces écrivains engagés dans les débats socio-économiques et culturels qui touchent au quotidien de leurs concitoyens. ...

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From “Islamic Art” to “Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia”: Reliving the Distortions of History

[Gallery 453: Iran and Central Asia (9th-13th centuries) of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Galleries of Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia. Image copyright The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.]

This is the exceptional collection in all America, and it is being neglected. I urge you to make the reinstallation of Islam your highest priority. If you were to create an Islamic wing, you’d find that our holdings – splendid bronzes, excellent silver, majestic tiles, gorgeous carpets, intricate woodcarving, masterful pottery, and glorious miniatures – would become as popular as the European paintings. You laugh? [1] These words were recollected by the influential former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) Thomas Hoving in his memoir Making the Mummies Dance, remembering an exchange with Maurice Sven Dimand, curator at the Met, in 1967. This was no ...

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The Active Feminine: Performance Art in Lebanon with Reference to Marya Kazoun

[Marya Kazoun

In the setting of the current Arab art boom and the political flux ignited by regional uprisings, the difficulty in differentiating between performance art and activism increases, further intertwining the abstract borders that divide them. Nonetheless, while activism pushes its way as a societal form of rejection, performance art conversely sneaks into the social sphere as an accepted method of protest, encouraged by the public as a sign of cultural sophistication.  Within the context of Lebanon, very few artists--no more than ten--use performance art as their medium of choice; being mostly female artists indicates that performance gives women a certain needed ...

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First as Shadow, Then as Farce: An Evening with Medieval Puppeteer Ibn Daniyal at CUNY in New York

[Cover of

The thirteenth-century occulist Muhammad Ibn Daniyal, said to have occasionally blinded his patients, is remembered both for his tragic optometry and for his comedic shadow puppet plays. A refugee from Mosul, Ibn Daniyal once entertained Sultans and urchins alike in the streets and salons of medieval Cairo. Perhaps he was better at summoning the shadows than the light. His Tayf al-Khayāl trilogy (“The Shadow Spirit”) is known as the only work of Arabic drama to have survived from the pre-modern period in its entirety. On April 8, Ibn Daniyal’s notoriously scatological cast of libertines and lay-abouts, Sheikh Who-evers and whores, snake-charmers, a hunchback, and at ...

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The Terror of Capitalism

[In the rubble of Rana Plaza. Image by Taslima Akhter.]

Delhi. On Wednesday, 24 April, a day after Bangladeshi authorities asked the owners to evacuate their garment factory that employed almost three thousand workers, the building collapsed. The building, Rana Plaza, located in the Dhaka suburb of Savar, produced garments for the commodity chain that stretches from the cotton fields of South Asia through Bangladesh’s machines and workers to the retail houses in the Atlantic world. Famous name brands were stitched here, as are clothes that hang on the satanic shelves of Wal-Mart. Rescue workers were able to save two thousand people as of this writing, with confirmation that over three hundred are dead. The numbers for the ...

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قراءة في أحوال الصورة بعد ثورة يناير


فيسبوك وأفلام ومقاطع فيديو: قراءة في أحوال الصورة بعد ثورة يناير لهيلاري كلينتون أن تصف ثورة مصر بأنها "انتفاضة" أو مجرد انتقال من نظام سياسي إلى آخر أكثر ديموقراطية، ولجون كيري أن يسعى للقضاء عليها من خلال دعم فاشية دينية فاسدة، يسهل لأمريكا التحكم فيها. وللاسلاميين أن يعتبروها هدية سقطت عليهم من السماء. ليعتقد من يشاء ما يشاء حول ما حدث في 25 يناير وما بعده، ولنا أن نتصورها كما نشاء.  هي أكبر ثورة في تاريخ مصر. ليس لأنها أطاحت بنظام اعتقل المصريين في قفص من الجهل والفقر واليأس لثلاثة عقود، ولا لأن الملايين شاركوا فيها على طول البلاد وعرضها. وليس بالطبع لأنها أتت بدستور أسوأ من القديم وانتخابات أكثر فساداً وتزويراً مما كان يحدث. عندما أقول ...

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Sara Roy on Dispossessing Palestine (Video)

[Sara Roy. Screenshot from below video.]

The following lecture was recorded on 6 April 2013 at "Justice and Only Justice," the 2013 Friends of Sabeel Conference--Los Angeles/Orange County. In the video, Dr. Sara Roy, who is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Middle East Studies at Harvard University, discusses the ongoing dismemberment of the Palestinian nation and the paradigm shift that must occur to address this issue in "Dispossessing Palestine."   

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"صادق جلال العظم يحسم أمره وينتقل إلى التنظير العلني للسُّنة ولفكر "الإسلام السياسي البزنسي

[المفكر والكاتب السوري صادق جلال العظم. مصدر الصورة اب]

صادق جلال العظم يحسم أمره وينتقل إلى التنظير العلني للسُّنة ولفكر "الإسلام السياسي البزنسي" ألقى صادق جلال العظم في 8 آذار/مارس 2012 محاضرة في برلين ضمن ندوة نظمتها مؤسسة ابن رشد تحت عنوان "العلمانية والمسألة الدينية، تركيا نموذجًا" تحدث فيها العظم عن إيجابيات التجربة التركية وعن تفاصيل النهضة الاقتصادية التي تدين بنجاحها لحزب العدالة والتنمية الحاكم في تركيا، وكان في مداخلته وفي معرض إجابته عن أسئلة الحاضرين متفائلاً بهذه التجربة. لكن بيت القصيد ليس هنا. إذ لم يقل العظم كلمة في الشأن السوري يومها. لا في حق النظام ولا المعارضة. وكان هناك من انتقده في الندوة على موضوع مداخلته النظرية دون التطرق إلى ما يجري في سوريا. لكن هل لم يفعل العظم ذلك ...

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Press Release from Love in the Time of Apartheid Campaign on Extension of Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law

[Love in the Time of Apartheid campaign.]

[The following press release was published by the Love in the Time of Apartheid campaign on 23 April 2013.] The Israeli apartheid regime, which calls itself a “democracy”, has extended the racist Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) for the thirteenth time in 11 years, disregarding the suffering of tens of thousands of Palestinian families On 14 April 2013 the occupation and apartheid government of the State of Israel extended the racist Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) for the eleventh year in a row. Today, Monday 22 April 2013, the Israeli parliament ratified the extension of the law for the thirteenth time since 2003. The ...

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Thinking Citizenship in a Revolutionary Arab World: The Intransigence of Difference

[The Perfect Arab Citizen. Illustration by Khalid Albaih]

The ongoing Arab uprisings that began in Tunisia in late 2010 have demonstrated that citizenship in the Arab Middle East is a subject in need of much critical scholarship and intervention. Many scholars, working from an archive of political philosophy that begins with Rousseau's social contract, have assessed the Arab national project of producing citizens skeptically, as Suad Joseph has demonstrated. Moreover, there is tendency in political theory to view members of authoritarian, corporatist, and brutal states as “subjects” rather than “citizens.” As Lisa Wedeen, Mahmoud Mamdani, Rogers Brubacker, and others have argued, in such studies, citizenship appears as a ...

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Liberal Illusions

[A passerby in East Alexandria gives money to a beggar under the sign of freedom. Photo by Amro Ali]

With the deepening of a political stalemate between the government and the opposition in Egypt and the marked deterioration of economic conditions, critics of the January 25 Revolution continue to highlight what they view as the revolution’s failure to bring about a stable political order that can live up to the many political and economic challenges Egypt confronts today. In his always-illustrious column in Al-Masry Al-Youm, Abdel Moneim Saeed eloquently articulated this consensus over successive pieces in the course of the past month. He reflects on the inability of the “new” political elite that emerged in the wake of the revolution to move beyond the opportunism ...

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Reflections of the 21st Annual Cairo Papers Symposium, “The Political Economy of the New Egyptian Republic”

[Second panel of symposium. From left to right: Zeinab Abulmagd, Reem Saad (chair), Hans Christian Nielsen, and Mona Abaza. Image from Cairo Papers]

Cairo has long been a tremendously self-aware city—engaging both Egyptian and international scholars in dialogues about events even as they are unfolding. This year’s twenty-first Annual Cairo Papers Symposium is an example of such self-conscious scholarship and dialogue. Taking place on 6 April 2013, as protests around the city commemorated the fifth anniversary of the April 6th workers’ movement, this symposium on the Egyptian political economy was certainly timely and relevant. The Cairo Papers in Social Science (CPSS) hosted the Cairo Papers Annual Symposium. The CPSS was established in 1977 by the social science departments of the American University in Cairo (AUC) ...

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April Culture

Jadaliyya's April culture bouquet arrives with a special focus on the visual arts.  Mehri Khalil contributes the first installment of a series of posts on the reopened galleries for Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, and the Louvre Museum. Rima Chahrour profiles the "Self Portrait" performances of Marya Kazoun. Noura Alsager reviews Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige's New York City showing of their "Lebanese Rocket Society" ...

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Among the Thugs

Delhi. “We are mere coolies working at the machines in these terrible times. We are mere dupes and fools to discover the diamond and to make a gift of it to the king, to adorn his crown.” – Nazrul Islam. Sohel Rana is a well-known figure in South Asia. He is the guy who, in my youth, would stand at the street-corner, holding court with a bunch of toughs, and offering his threatening ways as protection or intimidation for payment. As South Asian countries entered the pact of globalisation, ...

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The Lebanese Rocket Society: A Dream Takes Flight

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige The Lebanese Rocket Society--A Tribute to Dreamers (Parts II, III, IV, and V) CRG Gallery, Manhattan February 28 -- April 20, 2013   In April 1961, students from Halgazian University along with instructor Manoug Manougian launched a rocket over Ain Saadeh, northeast of Beirut, Lebanon. They formed the school’s first rocket society and by 1967, they had designed, built, and launched more than ten space rockets and gained both local and international ...

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The Roundup: News and Analysis in Publishing/Academia from the Arab World

[The following is a roundup of the latest news and analysis from the publishing world that relates to pedagogy and knowledge production. It was originally published on Tadween Publishing's blog. For more updates, follow Tadween Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.] News and stories with a focus on the publishing industry, education, and technology from across the Arab world. Gaza’s Academics Face Censorship in Classroom By Asmaa Al-Ghoul ...

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Last Week on Jadaliyya (April 22-28)

This is a selection of what you might have missed on Jadaliyya last week. It also includes a list of the most read articles, Editors picks and roundups. Progressively, we will be featuring more content on our "Last Week on Jadaliyya" series.  The End of an Era: The Less than Grand Opening of the New Ottoman Archives Theorizing the Arabian Peninsula: Introduction to the Roundtable Derrida and the Crisis of French Zionism الليبرالية الامبريالية والثورة ...

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مَن يُحاسِب؟ ومَن يُحاسِب مَن؟

لأول مرة في تاريخ العالم العربي الحديث نجحت انتفاضات شعبية سلمية في إطلاق مسارات أفضت إلى تنحي أربعة رؤساء دولة عن الحكم. ولأول مرة في التاريخ ذاته، أحيل هؤلاء الرؤساء إلى المحاكمة، وجاهياً أو غيابياً، بتهم تتعلق بالأمر بالقتل والتعذيب والفساد ونهب الأموال العامة.  والآن تلوح مؤشرات إلى أن هذه المكاسب الأولية لعملية التحويل الديموقراطي في تلك البلدان مهددة بالتبديد.اغتيل معمر القذافي، بالطريقة البشعة الهمجية التي اغتيل بها، دون محاكمة أو قطعاً للطريق على محاكمة. وفرّ زين العابدين بن علي إلى ...

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The Pitfalls of Democratic Elections in Palestine

In the post-colonial era, struggles for democracy have increasingly been seen and presented as necessary to fulfill the aborted promises of national liberation. Particularly since the end of the Cold War, electoral democracy has come to be viewed as the most effective mechanism to confront the usurpation of states, resources, and indeed independence by autocrats and narrow, self-selected elites. In a world where dictatorships of both the individual and party variety have generally approached governance ...

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Salman al-Awdah: In the Shadow of Revolutions

There is nothing that prompts us to encourage revolution as it is enshrined in danger...It just comes when profound reform has stumbled.— Salman al-Awdah Like all of us watching the Arab world in the last two years, Saudi Islamists (I refer throughout to the Salafi Islamists) were taken by surprise when the Arab masses marched en masse calling for the downfall of their regimes. Official Saudi religious scholars immediately warned against the chaos of revolutions, banned demonstrations, and called for ...

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Reports Roundup (April 27)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] A Who's Who of Fighters in Gaza IRIN, a service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, studies various armed groups in Gaza in light of recent events that threaten the November 2012 ceasefire.  Trial by Error: Justice in Post-Qadhafi Libya International Crisis Group reports on the status of judicial reform in Libya, a ...

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Maghreb Media Roundup (April 26)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Thursday night of every week.]  Algeria Algeria denies Ansar Al-Din presence Algeria denies the presence of Ansar al-Din, despite spokesman Sanda Ould Bouamama’s declaration that he entered ...

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أسئلة العدالة الانتقالية في مصر ورومانسيتها: الجزء الثاني

  أسئلة العدالة الانتقالية في مصر ورومانسيتها (2- 2) الوقت لمُقاربة مختلفة لدمج الفلول وتجاوز الماضي  الحديث الذي قدمته في الجزء الأول من هذا المقال عن الموجات المتقلبة من التضارب والتقارب بين أجندات الإخوان الخاصة، ومصالح العسكر، كشركاء في الحكم، ومؤسسي المسار السياسي الذي تتخبط في غياهبه مصر الآن، كان في مجمله مكرراً، لكن ما أظن أن الناس تعزف عن مناقشته هي مسألة الفلول ومقاربة شجاعة لنزع فتيلها، إذ حان الوقت في رأيي لإعادة النظر جذرياً في مسألة الفلول وفي مصالحة وطنية أشمل وأوسع تبنى على ...

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The Arab Studies Journal Celebrates Twenty Years: An Interview with Bassam Haddad, Sherene Seikaly, and Nadya Sbaiti

On 19 April 2013, the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) at Georgetown University hosted a reception celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Arab Studies Journal (ASJ). As the journal’s managing editor since September 2011, I used this milestone as an occasion to interview the founding editor Bassam Haddad and co-editors Sherene Seikaly and Nadya Sbaiti about the history of the journal, how it has developed, and where the editors see it going. Lizette Baghdadi (LB): How did the Arab ...

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