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Lebanon: What Do You Mean There Is No State?

[Introductory text by Ziad Abu-Rish. All graphics by Jana Traboulsi] This past week, thousands of Lebanese citizens took to the streets under the banner of “You Stink” to protest political and economic corruption in the country. They did so in the face of a brutal attempt to disperse the protests and silence those partaking in them. The mobilizations have their origins in the July 2015 garbage crisis, but also the broader dismal condition of public services as well as the profit-seeking networks and political stalemate that underpin it. Yet 19 August 2015 proved a turning point, when videos ...

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Beirut Revolt: What Is to be Done?

[The following reflection on protests in Beirut was written and circulated by Nadia Bou Ali on 27 August 2015] Beirut Revolt: What Is to be Done? What we have witnessed over the past two days on the streets of Beirut is both exhilarating and potentially debilitating for the current social struggle against neo-liberal capitalism in Lebanon. An uprising is indeed called for in the face of a rampant neo-liberal state that has a remarkably resilient ideological apparatus supported by a highly militarized security force. This uprising is to be affirmed, supported, and pushed to reach its radical ...

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Quick Thoughts: Moe Ali Nayel on Lebanon’s Garbage Crisis and Protest Movement

[On 22 August 2015, what had in previous weeks been a small protest against the breakdown in garbage collection in Beirut turned into a major anti-corruption demonstration calling for fundamental political and economic change in Lebanon. The protesters have been met with escalating repressive violence, and the movement has thus far caught both coalitions of the severely polarized political establishment by surprise. Jadaliyya asked Moe Ali Nayel, a Beirut-based journalist, to explain the background and current dynamics of the protest movement and the reactions of various groups.] Jadaliyya ...

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Internships At ASI (& Internships for College Credit Program)

      General Internships At ASI Fall 2015/Spring 2016 CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR GENERAL INTERNSHIPS The Arab Studies Institute (ASI) is now offering new internship opportunities that involve training, research, and production at various levels in one of ASI’s five organizations: Arab Studies Journal, Jadaliyya, Forum on Arab and Muslim Affairs, Quilting Point, and Tadween Publishing. The internships offered are in several areas, but we are particularly looking for the following: A. Research Associates for a project on knowledge production within academia, think-tanks, ...

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Vangelis Kehriyotis anisina

Vangelis Kehriyotis anısına Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Tarih Bölümü öğretim üyesi ve Tarih Vakfı Başkan Yardımcısı olan Vangelis Kehriyotis hayatını kaybetti. Bugün kaybettiğimiz tarihçi Vangelis Kehriyotis'in Türkçe'de yayımlanan son makalelerinden biri Osmanlı Meclis-i Mebusan üyesi Pavlos Karolidis'in yaşamına ve farklı aidiyetlerine dairdi. Kehriyotis, "Atina'da Kapadokyalı, İzmir'de Atinalı, İstanbul'da Mebus" olarak görülen ve hayatını sürdüren Karolidis'in ve onun iç içe geçen, çoklu kimliklerinin hikayesini anlatıyor ve "kimlik laboratuvarı" olarak adlandırdığı ...

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STATUS/الوضع: Issue 2.2 is Live!

After some months of hard work and consolidation, we are more than pleased to announce the release of Issue 2.2 of Status. This issue, like previous issues, includes a remarkable variety of interviews, programs, and reviews related to some of the more exciting and substantive issues happening in the region. From politics, to history, art, media, and panels/lectures and more, all segmented to allow maximum listening flexibility, you will be able to indulge for hours at a time! Download the podcast from iTunes and listen anywhere, or go to to listen to bits and pieces here ...

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Lebanon, August 2015: Notes on Paralysis, Protests, and Hope

The past ten years in Lebanon have been a study in political paralysis and escalating anger and frustration among citizens and residents of the country. To recap only the most basic of facts, since 2005 the country divided and polarized into two “camps”—March 14 and March 8, led by the Future Movement and Hezbollah, respectively. In these ten years there has been a war with Israel, armed clashes between these two camps, and a series of political assassinations. These years have also brought the military destruction of a refugee camp (Nahr Al-Bared), armed clashes between the army and ...

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في تعاقب المنافي، ستحملنا الريح إلى الوطن

دمشق، الاغتراب المٌبكر ولدتُ وترعرت في دمشق، لم أعرف مدينةً سواها حتى انتصف عقدي الثاني. معرفتي بسوريا كانت كمعرفة سائر سكان دمشق، ممن لا يضطرون إلى الخروج منها إلا بقصد سياحةٍ مُحددة المقاصد، أو لرحلات عملٍ سريعة. لم يكن يحرك سكان العاصمة فضولٌ كبير للتعرف على بقية البلاد. سأفعل ذلك لاحقاً بفضل العمل، ومن ثم بفضل الثورة. قسمٌ من الوافدين إلى دمشق كانوا يذهبون لزيارة مدنهم وقراهم التي قدموا منها إما طلباً للعلم أو العمل، أو رغبةً في حياةٍ أفضل. أما «الشوام» أمثالي، فلم يكن لهم ضيعة ولا مدينة أخرى ليزوروها. دمشق كانت سوريتي بالكامل، قلما خرجت منها. ولأنها كانت كل ما هو متاحٌ لي، ولأنها كانت ...

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