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The Armenian Genocide and the Politics of Knowledge

Ronald Grigor Suny, “They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else": A History of the Armenian Genocide. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015. In this centennial year since the Armenian Genocide, countless conferences, meetings, and commemorations are underway across the globe. While they have all been peaceful so far, they come at the end of a century of violence. I refer not just to the events of 1915-17, but also the waves of violence spurred by memory, recognition, and denial ever since. First came the killings, at the hands of individual Armenians, of two of the leading ...

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ISIS in the News: Extensive Media Roundup (March-April 2015)

[Editorial Note: This is not a "Best of," only a roundup of significant pieces. See here for an introduction to this roundup series]  English Articles        ISIS Threatens Twitter Founder And Employees Over Blocked Accounts (1 March 2015) David Mack reports that ISIS supporters called on jihadis around the world "to kill Twitter employees because of the company’s frequent blocking of their social media accounts." ISIS releases several captured Christians: activists (1 March 2015) "The Islamic State of Iraq and ...

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Naema’s Office is Bleeding

Medrar for Contemporary Art started its new workshop program this year with a painting and collage workshop led by Cairo-based artist Hany Rashed. The workshop aimed to introduce participants to different practices and techniques in painting and collage and to train them in conceptualizing artworks, inspired by media and the internet. Guest artists Huda Lutfi, Mohammed Taman, Shady El Noshokaty, Mohamed Abla and Ahmed Sabry were also invited to share their personal and professional experience, as well as add to the historical and artistic content of the workshop. A selection of the workshop's ...

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Foreign Policies Media Roundup (April-May 2015)

[This is a monthly roundup of news articles and other materials related to other countries' foreign policies toward the Middle East. It does not reflect the views of the Foreign Polices Roundup Editors of Jadaliyya. You may send recommendations for inclusion in the Foreign Policies Media Roundup to, mentioning "Foreign Policies Roundup" in the subject line.] United States Ex-Blackwater Guards Given Long Terms for Killing Iraqis (13 April 2015) Years after the 16 September 2007 massacre at Nisour Square, four former Blackwater security ...

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We Are All Uncomfortable: On Academic Boycott & What Is Productive

On 10 May 2015 Israeli forces shot dead Saji Sayel Jarab’a, a nineteen-year-old student at Birzeit University—he is one out of twenty-six Birzeit University students killed. On the same day, the New York Times published a front-page article characterizing boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) debates taking place on college campuses nationwide as “divisive,” emotionally charged, and arguing that some Jewish students are made to feel uncomfortable as a result. In one context, academic freedom is the ability to go to school without being shot. In another context, academic freedom is the ...

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New Texts Out Now: Bedross Der Matossian, Shattered Dreams of Revolution: From Liberty to Violence in the Late Ottoman Empire

Bedross Der Matossian, Shattered Dreams of Revolution: From Liberty to Violence in the Late Ottoman Empire. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2014. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Bedross Der Matossian (BDM): I have always been interested in the history of the late Ottoman period, in particular the era of Abdülhamid II (1876-1909) and the Second Constitutional Period (1908-1918). Most of the scholarship about the period in the past has been written from the perspective of the dominant ruling elite/political center. It is only in the past decade that we see new studies that ...

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Memory and Forgetfulness in A Settler Colony

As we approach the sixty-seventh anniversary of al-nakba (The Catastrophe)–the term given to the 1948 ethnic cleansing, destruction, dispossession, and uprooting of eight-five percent of Palestinians as a result of the Zionist settler colonization of Palestine and the creation of the Israeli state–one cannot but reflect on the politics of memory and forgetfulness. The dynamics of memory and forgetfulness have common features in all types of states, but they take a different turn when it comes to a settler colony. In the settler colony, the individual’s memory is completely connected to the ...

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طائرة الجثامين الصباحية

كل صباح، العاشرة والنصف قبل أن تجد شمس المطار طريقها إليه، تصل الطائرة، صرنا نقول عنها الطائرة، صار الجميع يفهم أي جحيم معدني طائر نعني، صار الجميع يتحدث عنها بخفوت كأنها ذلك المرض الخبيث الذي لا نجرؤ على التلفظ باسمه، نهمسه همساً، نرسمه بأصابع خرقاء، طائرة الجثامين، لا حاجة لتعريف المعرّف أصلا بدم وأرواح ضائعة وأشلاء، لا حاجة لوضع رقم رحلة أو اسم لآلة بمحركين، صرنا نعرفها، الساحل السوري بأكمله يرقبها بقلب راجف وعينين دامعتين، طائرة الموتى، طائرة العبث، طائرة الموت التقني، كل صباح تهبط طائرة قادمة من شمال ما، عاصمة ما، ريف ما، دمار ما، والأغلب من برّاد حفظ جثث ما، تهبط خفيفة، رشيقة، بمهارة من ...

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