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Whitewashing Colonialism

Sharon Rotbard, White City, Black City: Architecture and War in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Translated from Hebrew by Orin Gat. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2015. As the “enlightened public” and guests from Dessau’s Bauhaus Institute celebrated UNESCO’s recognition of Tel Aviv’s “Bauhaus” White City as a World Heritage site in 2003, police brutally attacked the city's migrant workers. At the same time, the IDF executed Operation Rainbow in Rafah, destroying residential tower blocks, and causing fifty-eight Palestinian casualties. Sharon Rotbard, in White City, Black City: Architecture and War in Tel ...

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Foreign Policies Media Roundup (August-October)

  This is a monthly roundup of news articles and other materials related to other countries' foreign policies toward the Middle East. It does not reflect the views of the Foreign Polices Roundup Editors of Jadaliyya. You may send recommendations for inclusion in the Foreign Policies Media Roundup to, mentioning "Foreign Policies Roundup" in the subject line   United States:  Tests on Rounds Fired By ISIS Against Kurds in Iraq Have Tested Positive for Mustard Gas, Says Pentagon (24 August 2015) The Pentagon has reported ...

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Life in the Qandil Mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan

Photos and text by Linda Dorigo. The window is open and only the mice racing on the first floor interrupt the whistling of the cicadas. It's hot. Wiria and his daughter Par-Wa nap in the living room, under the air conditioning stream. The family lives in Wasan, a village in the mountains of Qandil, in Iraqi Kurdistan on the border with Iran. It's hard for visitors to get here because Wasan, like other villages in the area, is in a valley surrounded by high mountains. The PKK (the Kurdistan Workers Party) has been deployed here for about 15 years while they continue their fight in Turkey for ...

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Battlefield Syria: An Interview with Omar Dahi

Last week, Russian jets began carrying out airstrikes in Syria. With the military buildup in Bashar al-Assad's western coastal heartlands, Moscow’s military intervention has brought a new dimension to an already catastrophic civil war driven by internal and external state and non-state actors. This week, we talk to Omar Dahi about the latest military intervention by Russia and the future of what remains of the Syrian nation-state. Omar Dahi is an Associate Professor of Economics at New Hampshire College who serves on the editorial committee of the Middle East Report (MERIP) and is ...

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دعوة للمساهمة في دورية "اختيار" الثانية

دعوة للمساهمة في دورية "اختيار" الثانية نحن نسويات ونسويون، نعمل من خلال مجموعة "اختيار" لدراسات وأبحاث النوع الاجتماعي، على تقديم وتوفير الإنتاج المعرفي المعني بالنوع الاجتماعي والجنسانية باللغة العربية من سياق محلي، كي نتشارك به مع المهتمين والمهتمات. وتركز رؤيتنا عن الإنتاج المعرفي باللغة العربية على مجابهة الامتيازات المتعلقة بكون المعرفة عن النوع الاجتماعي والجنسانية متاحة فقط لقلة من الأفراد والمجموعات. في آذار\ مارس 2015، أصدرت مجموعتنا الدورية الأولى باسم (اختيار) وتم نشرها رقمياً بتمويل وجهود ذاتية؛ وهذه الدورية هي الخطوة الأولى ...

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New Texts Out Now: Najat Rahman, In the Wake of the Poetic: Palestinian Artists after Darwish

Najat Rahman, In the Wake of the Poetic: Palestinian Artists after Darwish. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2015.  Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Najat Rahman (NR): This book was conceived as a tribute to Mahmoud Darwish after his passing away. I found the most appropriate way for me to pay homage to the poet was to write about Palestinian artists in his wake who have proliferated on the international scene in the last two decades. Initially, I thought I would focus exclusively on a new generation of Palestinian poets, a work I had begun in 2000. There are so ...

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An Interview with Egyptian Novelist Sonallah Ibrahim

Renowned Egyptian novelist Sonallah Ibrahim first spoke to Jadaliyya in spring 2011, just a few months after the outbreak of the January 25 Revolution, and discussed the Egyptian people’s dreams of change after their ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak. Over the next two years, the leftist writer offered his thoughts in various venues regarding Egyptians’ experience with the rule of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and then of former President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2014, Ibrahim’s latest novel, Berlin 69, was published by Dar al-Thaqafa al-Jadida. Now, ...

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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (October 6)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]   Regional and International Relations Saudi Objections Halt U.N. Inquiry of Yemen War Nick Cumming-Bruce reports on Saudi Arabia’s efforts to halt a UN inquiry into the war on Yemen. Saudi Impunity Continues as UN Ditches Probe Into Yemen ...

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