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DARS Media Roundup (January 2015)

[This is a monthly roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Resistance and Subversion in the Arab world and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the DARS Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each monthly roundup to] News & Commentary Glimpse Into 2014 Struggles Draws Image of Upcoming Year, by Roqayah Chamseddine This year was a powerful amalgamation of torment, dissent, and small victories – a mixture of struggles, oftentimes intersecting, which will shape the new ...

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Gender and the Production of Islamic Urban Space in Iran

What does an Islamic urban space look like? This question has dogged intellectuals and authorities in Muslim-majority lands for centuries, but in recent decades has acquired a renewed sense of urgency amid the emergence of modernizing Islamist political movements. These groups have not only articulated new visions of the public sphere, mass politics, and economy, they have also increasingly found themselves in positions of authority to shape the cities, regions, and lands they work in. As these groups have found themselves in control, the revolutionary mandate (and widespread protest slogan) ...

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O.I.L. Media Roundup (29 January)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Occupation, Intervention and Law and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the O.I.L. Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each biweekly roundup to by Monday night of every other week.] Law From Inside Prison, a Terrorism Suspect Shares His Diary, Scott Shane The New York Times covers a recently published diary of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a detainee at Guantanamo, detailing the brutal daily life inside the detention ...

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The Guide for Using Life: A Graphic Novel and Exhibition

In late November 2014, Cairo based journalist and author Ahmed Naji and comic and storyboard artist Ayman Al-Zorkany launched their new novel, titled The Use of Life at Medrar in Cairo. The novel which develops over three time periods and is inspired by life in Cairo was published by Dar Al Tanweer. It follows a non traditional structure where a mixture of standard and colloquial Arabic as well as illustrations complete different parts of the story.  The book signing event was accompanied by a week-long exhibition of illustrations and sketches from the book, as well as an animated ...

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Cities Media Roundup (January 2015)

[This is a monthly roundup of news articles, and other materials related to urban issues in the region, and beyond. It does not reflect the views of the Cities Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send recommendations for inclusion in the Cities Media Roundup to, mentioning "Roundup" in the subject line. We also welcome your submissions to the Cities Page: please check details on] Urban and Real Estate Development  Redevelopment of Beirut Downtown Oliver Wainwright from The Guardian discusses how two decades after civil war ...

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Deadline for Applications: M.A. in Middle East and Islamic Studies at George Mason University

The Middle East Studies Program and the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University announce the deadline for applications for the Fall/Spring 2015-2016 academic year: 23 February 2015. The aim of this degree program is to reposition the study of the Middle East and Islam within a global context to help students better analyze particular issues in light of current events and shifting historical paradigms. The program’s core classes provide a solid background in both fields of study, however students can choose to focus their coursework on either Middle East ...

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Revolution and Despair

Things in the Middle East usually appear far worse than they really are when looked at from the outside. But  on my recent visit to Egypt—as I talked and listened to people, watched local television, read daily papers and made observations —it became clear that revolutionaries were going through painful times. A deep disenchantment seemed to color the sentiments of many who once held high hopes for their remarkable revolution, but now have to face the vulgar triumphalism of the counter-revolution airing from what looked, not long ago, like an independent media. Despair is neither ...

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Reconsidering the Rif Revolt (1958-59)

“The people of the North have previously known the violence of the crown prince; it will be best for them not to know that of the king’s.” It is in this way that Hassan II (1961-1999) addressed himself to the inhabitants of northwest Morocco—and to the rest of the population—in reaction to the riots of 1984. Adopting a scornful and serious tone, the monarch reminded his subjects that he is capable of anything for the sake of conserving power. To refresh their memory, he did not hesitate to make a brief and symbolic allusion to the ferocious repression he carried out against the same regions ...

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